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Deja Vu, Visions, And Experiences


I'm wondering if I'm psychic. One of my stories is right before my grandmother had a stroke I had a dream that she was dying. The dream was basically about her fighting death then all of my relatives that have passed on came and took her away. Then it got freaky, the dream shifted into where my grandmother used to live. Once their I was carried up to heaven by a flying pig. Once in heaven I saw people, mainly someone made of all light who gave me a medallion with Jesus on the cross. The man made of light then said to me welcome home my child. Another of my experiences is that I have deja vu a lot. Sometimes when I'm just doing stuff, I see a glimpse of something then the next day or sometime in the near future it happens in real life. One of my experiences is I was playing my PS2 when I saw a girl dressed in red with blonde hair and a red sparkly headband she was leaning over to talk to her friends. The next day I went to the movie 42 and I saw her leaning over to talk to her other friends. Sometimes I have premonitions like with what people are going to say, when my school is summoned for an assembly I know what its going to be about even though no one tells me we even had an assembly. Lately my deja vu's have been fading away I haven't had one in a while. My family has had a history of things that can't be explained like with my mom she also has dreams that come true. While my dad has dreams that come true every night. His mother also has these and her mother and so forth. Basically I want to know if I'm psychic and if so how to strengthen my abilities and keep my deja VI's coming.

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