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Demon And My Third Eye


When I was about three something would visit me. I called him the jello man because his body was see through, red and had long black nails. I would always wake up in the middle of the night and he would be sitting at the edge of my bed. He never said anything to me, never touched me until the last night when he placed his finger on my forehead. That was the last night I saw him. But since then I just know things. Months later after that occurred a woke again like I had done with jello man, but instead it was a man with a uniform on waving me to him, in my pink footy pjs I walked through him and he pointed to the room where my brother was in. There were a lady and two girls at the foot of the bed pointing to the closet. The closet looked like it was breathing. I ran to my parents bedroom and woke them up. The heater was on fire in the closet. Back then we lived in the south I described to my mother what those people were wearing. She looked up the history of the land of where we were living and found that during the civil war a solider and his wife and two daughters burned in the house where our house sat. My mother thought I had the abilities to move objects because slippers would dance around the floor or things would move around us but I kept telling her they were small dark creatures. I would draw pictures of people who were going to die, draw the gravestones. While my mother was pregnant I drew one, she was hysterical because it was of her baby and her name was on it with no ending date. My mother list that baby at 9 mths preg and she died but they brought her back. I have the ability to know things before they happen, death and life. I can feel people, I can feel their intentions. I can see the " shiny" people as I like to call them. True Christians. They can see me too. I have dreams now they are global, someday I will tell you about those. I read tarots and I have learned over the years to ball up this energy and push it out through my hands while shuffling. I can only tell you the bad things that are coming your way. I have three things that follow me, from house to house. I can also decipher dead languages with ease, I'm attracted to know all religions, the history of them. I have an impeccable memory and learn things quickly. I wear the seven bracelets, so does my mother and her mother etc but so does my son. His gift is to see the dead. He has seen them since he was very young and would answer questions, he would look at them then look back at me and tell me he said blah blah. Things beyond this child's knowledge about the world. He is older now and we play a game of spinning the paper, with the energy that we push through our hands. Learn to use what you have for the purpose of good. Tarots are not meant to gain money, it is against our practice to do so. Your job is to foresee paths and warn people. Next time I will share the global dreams because it is my job to tell you when the time comes.

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PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-05)
What do you mean by shiny people I really need to know because children will say I glow a goldish color
(My auras blue)
Zin (guest)
10 years ago (2013-10-27)
I must ask with a general curiosity that I hope you may be able to fill, what do these dreams, that you do not mention entail.

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