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I was about nine (9) or ten (10) years old when I felt a sense of being watched. It was constant and all the time. By the time I was eighteen (18) I knew I was psychic. Why? Because after my great-grandmother passed away she constantly came to see me. I could always feel her presence. Hear her, feel her, sense her, see her. Even when my dad's mom passed away in 1995, I could always feel her presence. She would always visit and I could see her too. Also I could predict things would happen.

For instance, six (6) months before my great-grandmother passed away I felt like something was wrong with her and also felt that she was sick. I called my grandmother and she assured me that my G G (great grandmother) was okay. Six months last she died from alcoholism and emphysema. I didn't have the heart to tell anyone my prediction of my G G.

Another example was a few months ago when someone asked me on Facebook if his wife was going to return to him, I told him yes, but in about three (3) months. Two (2) weeks ago I got a message from this stranger telling me that his wife came back and they are working on their marriage.

When I was 20 or 21 years old I was sound asleep and woke up to see a dark figure in my bedroom. No one else could see it but me.

For over fifteen (15) years I have had all these abilities. I also help people in communicating with a passed on loved one. I often give tarot reading to those who need clarity in their life. I am a psychic medium. I can hear, see, feel and sense all things around me, especially spirits.

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candabear3 (1 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-20)
I have feelings and my passed ones come to me in dreams. I have had things happen since I was young. I always see spirits and feel things. I can dislike someone and I am not sure why. Lately I have been seeing shadows and I feel like there is someone around me. I have woke up out of a deep sleep and have a black haze, mist what ever you call it. I have seen a girl in my house. When I have been done going to the bathroom my door will just open, and its like I know someone was there, For some reason I get a picture in my head of a old woman when this happens. I will not go up stairs in my house at night it feels over whelming and won't go upstairs in my barn for the same reason. In fact I won't go outside near the barn at night unless the lights are on and my husband is out there it is overwhelming to me I feel fear. I have had the feeling of falling in my dreams then wake myself up with a jerk. Can you help me understand these feelings. And its not just this house that I have felt things it has been everywhere I have lived. But for some reason this house feels like I am suppose to be here. Can you help me understand this and if I do have some abilities teach me how to use them or understand them more? My oldest daughter has the same thing.

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