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Is This The Start Of A Psychic Ability?


I'm 13 and ever since I was young I would have some dreams that I felt I knew but just couldn't remember. After these dreams I would have small dejavu moments and then I would remember my dream. So I only remember them when they come true.

But I'm confused. Is this just my imaginatin? Or is this a psychic ability and if it is how can I develop it further?

For example one of my dreams a couple weeks back I couldn't remember and today I was writing a newsletter report about Nelson Mandela's death, then I remembered my dream which was of that exact moment.

Oh and I was wondering is there anyway I can help to remember my dreams?

I'm not sure if this would help, but I was born on aprils fools day and I'm an aries.

Oh and another thing, I've always been attracted to fire and its just so alluring to the point where I almost put my hand in. When I'm angry fire always pops in my mind. But water also makes me feel calm and time has stopped for me. I just can't explain these feelings and I know the fire thing is probably to do with me being aries, but I'm confused on the water thing. When I'm around people I don't know why but I become all hyper active and crazy, but with my family I'm moody, fiery and short temered. Is this normal?

Is this also a ability of some sort?

I would love for some help and advice on this because as you can tell I'm not an expert when it comes to this stuff. Thanks anyway. I heard meditating helps and imprpving your chakra does to? But I don't know how to?

Thank you for your time.

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Lilmomma24 (6 stories) (18 posts)
11 years ago (2013-12-15)
Mediation is a very helpful tool. Doing so connects you with your high self and thus enables you to connect with information you may be seeking. The best thing to do is research and try meditation practices. Meditation is very helpful but it is not something you master over night. It requires practice and patience. As far as the dreams, the suggestions in the previous comment are definitely worth a try but also try writing them down as soon as you wake up or recall the most. Keep a record of everything that feel is strange or abnormal and you will find that there is meaning to them.
Just keep positive about it all and remember that everything happens for a reason, whether we understand the meaning right then or not. Talk to people that you know deal with similar situations. You are not alone of your journey and you will find that the more your practice and have patience, the more people who are on the same journey with find your or vice versa and the stronger your intuition will be.
Good Luck on your journey.
dirt (8 posts)
11 years ago (2013-12-15)

The method I found simplest in recalling dreams was becoming mindful of that desire throughout my day. The more you become focused on the thought, the more likely you are to awake with it. The idea is to remember it upon awakening, before the dreams drift away. As soon as you wake, it is best not to move around. It also helps to lay back in the original position in which you awoke from if you forget to do the aforementioned. Slowly immerse in and out of a doze, slightly drifting whilst observing. The point is to stay conscious of your waking state and not nod off in the process of regaining lost dreams. Relax and they will come to you. This is the key to developing higher skill sets in abilities such as lucid dreaming, astral projection, and precognition, or the déjà vu that you describe.

We all identify differently with the various aspects of the Universe like we do with one another. We are affected by the Universe as it is affected by us. There is cause for friction as there is for attraction. Elements, just as with colors, senses, etc., are a part of our make-up. When I am drawn to fire, it is because there is a shortcoming or a need for fulfillment within me. When I am drawn to water, it signifies a steady flow of emotion, whether it be negative or positive. This is what these elements indicate for me, it is not necessary that it is the same for you. Identify yourself amongst your emotions and you will be able to see clearly. When one is able to understand their individual response to an element, they may intentionally bind to it. This will cause the element to react to the intensity of the emotion that fuels it within you. I, personally, do not condone an ego satisfied by means of control for the purpose of pleasure. It is pleasure enough to become one with the elements already within our self. Meditation is observation, not false manipulation and destruction of that which is already ours. Look up grounding techniques, it will assist you in aligning and opening your chakras. As you begin gazing internally, you will find that the more control you gain over those emotions that spurn like storms within, the more control you will desire in your material life. And you will certainly gain that which you are mindful of.

Continue your path in a peaceful state of mind. You will surely find all that you seek.

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