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Knowing Before It Happens


I originally was just interested in things like this. Though it seems I am able with out wanting to, I am able to tell if people are passing in the family, its happened once ages ago and now its been happening more, I find I some how just know, I don't know how but I feel closer to the other side and its as if I'm seeing that people or animals time has come to the end, I seem to sense it and some how I can know what's coming.

I have found I can sense other things too such as the love of an animal like I sense the real them. And with people sometimes I just know not to say things because it will course a problem as if I can see what will happen if I do and I often find myself saying I new that would happen or I new you were going to say that, also I find I am able to sense peoples mood they may say they are fine but they sure are not fine.

I feel things some before they happen such as I go for a bus and I feel I will miss it I feel I'll see it go past when I get near to the stop, then I get to the end of the road sure enough there it goes.

I have found for some reason it is always the bad in things such as missing buses or people and animals passing, things that id rather not know before it happens.

My female hamster has 15 babies and I feel the run isn't right, either depressed or poorly just something not right with him, I hope I'm wrong I hope I can get mum to just nurse him to get him stronger.

But it always seems to be the negative things, which I don't understand why, at first I thought it was something trying to prepare me so its not a shock but its happening more. I don't really understand what it is, but at times I find it is very strong.

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Malckey (1 posts)
8 years ago (2014-03-07)
its happening more frequently... I'm scared... Dreams and concious visions#

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