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Am I crazy or is it real? Time to time people would ask my opinion on something and almost always what I related back to them came true. 8 years ago I opened myself up believing that I may have a gift after the woman I was in a relationship with at the time was very much into spiritualism. At first I did not think much of this until I started seeing things in the home that I shared with her; the only way to describe what I saw was energy in the form of. If you where looking down a road on a hot day and saw the heat therms rising from the road. Then that is what I saw the difference being is that the waves had form and shape to them sometimes in the shape of a person other times in the shape of an animal usually a dog. Then I started having a dream it was the same dream over and over again. In the dream I was a puzzle master all I did was solve puzzles, my partner at the time was always there and I would not leave the dream until she knew how to solve puzzles. Always the same one, it was a puzzle of interlocking bricks all made of mercury and this went on for weeks. Shortly after my partner started having problems with asthma, it got so bad that after many visits to the a&e that I had to call the paramedics while waiting for them her heart stopped and I had to resuscitate her. After she came home and I asked if she remembered anything from her experience. She went on to tell me that she was falling down a well like structure and the walls where closing in on her at the bottom there was a puzzle full of bricks and she knew that if she did not complete it that she would not be able to get back, on hearing this I finished the rest of what she could recall off for her describing the bricks and the form that they took. Obviously we where blown away with this experience. We moved away from there shortly after but the people who moved in after us where related to me and I told them of what I had saw in the house and not to be afraid if anything unexplained ever happened. So why after all this time am I writing this years after splitting up from the person I was with at the time and now being happily married to my wife for over 3 years and totally shutting myself down from any sort of feelings? One of the people who moved into the house after me went to a psychic night in a pub near to her home there she was told of the energies that are present in her home. After being told this I have spoken to her and she has related many of the things that I told them about happening to them in there home. What do yourselves think was it real what happened with me or is there some other explanation? Many Thanks Drew.

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MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
8 years ago (2014-03-06)
If everyone moving into that house is having many of the same experiences, seems there's something up with the house.
Hard to say what it is, but it's either very experienced, or very powerful if it's manifesting in your dreams and everyone elses the same way.

Whatever it is, if your ex-partner got asthma there, and almost died, it is taking energy, or so it seems to me.

You were lucky it was localized to where you lived and did not follow you.

Off hand, the fact that you were fine hints that it would be easy enough to overcome, so long as yu were pure enough of heart, or calm enough to figure out the energy, how it flowed, and took steps to take care of and maintain yourself.

Wether it's good or evil is hard to say... Even saints had to eat food to live on this earth. Who is to say that the mercurial brick construct isn't the same.

As far as the heat wavey energy things... Woudl you say it would be a decent description to say it looks like the cloacked predator from the movie "Predator"?

I have seen them before, during a period I hadn't slept for a week or two, and I had a massive amount of psychic stress being forced on me.

Here are a few theories as to what they could be...
1) Residue of people that had lived previously, or will be living in the future (psychic residue can travel both ways... A big event in the future, can vibrate backwards and forward)
2) Dimensional overlap
3) Hallucinations/ illusions imposed upon your mind by outside forces. With this theory, it would be a sort of attack, with the ultimate goal of breaking down your defenses for whatever reason the person or thing trying to break down your defenses has in mind.

In any case, that's what I have. Good luck to your friend that lives there, and God bless.

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