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My Spirit Guide Saved My Life


I am 17 years old and I have a 15 month old son. Last night I was so stressed out and just felt broken. The father of my son left me, I do it alone he hardly sees him and my world felt so lost and incomplete with out him. I was to the point where I felt I couldn't even take care of my pride and joy as well as someone else could. I wanted to end my life. I cried and I am not a religious person but I was mad, I asked god why he hasn't sent anyone to help me, to love me, to be there for me. Finally I fell asleep but I dreamt that there was a woman I had to kill. I don't know what she had done but I needed to kill her. I took a knife but she ended up stabbing me in the mid back on my right side. I knew I was going to die and I was okay and content with it. But all of a sudden a man appeared. In his late 20s or early thirties. He was dressed in ragged clothes but I was drawn to him. He to laid on the floor beside me to die with me. I felt like he was there to cross me over. As we lay on the floor he held my hand and I kissed him on the check. The emotion I feel for this man not a relationship love but something much more powerful then that. He told me something, make your way up to the counter and concentrate on all of the pain she has caused you, what she has done and see what happens. I knew this would never work but I went to the counter and I began to write her a note. Then a song started playing it had no words but was a very angry loud song. All of a sudden I was putting all of my hate and anger and pain into a ball of energy. I felt my body glow and fill with this energy then it got all cloudy and I couldn't see anything and then it was like something out of a movie. I exploded with negative energy. Killing the woman in the making of it. The spirit guide then told me I could do anything. I decided this woman was bad but I loved her like I loved anyone else. I did the same thing but with my positive energy and brought her back to life. Still dying I laid back on the floor. All of these people I've never seen before showed up, one saying he was my grandfather. They told me they knew me and they were stuck in-between heaven and earth. As I looked down at my wound I realized I was no longer bleeding and it was nearly just a scar now. As my wound healed my spirit guide drew closer to death. He then took my hand and led me down a beautiful path. I still thought I was going to die. We went through a door and there were children and elders I knew non of them. There was a man with a book, full of names. My spirit guide looked at me and pointed to a door where I could choose to cross over and die if id like. But he had given me much more then my life, he had given me strength, will to live, love, ambition, hope. I opened the door and let him go through instead. When I awoke I bawled not because I was sad but because I know that man saved my life. I woke up a new person and I hope to see him again tonight and thank him. I don't know his name but I know when I die he will be waiting to take my hand and lead me to the door together. I just feel this strong connection with him and its driving me insane. I have never felt so loving towards someone in my life. Is this a spirit guide? An angel? Who is this man...

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-05)
The death of a love is tragic it has an ability to kill the human will necessary for survival. During its path way are wounds of pain and hurt leaving the individual as the walking dead. Your guide was as an Angel allowing you to see through eyes and Heart of Spirit. But as human Free Will goes you were given the choice to be whole or be affected by the loss. You in fact chose to move on, forgiving letting go and be whole. To keep that knowledge in the fore front will still the mind when it wishes to deviate. 😉 😉
Love1st (guest)
10 years ago (2014-04-04)
Perhaps he was simply someone sent to help you. I wouldn't dwell too much on what to call him for you know who he is. Just send some thoughts of gratitude towards him, and he'll know.

I'm sorry you have to be a mother at a young age, but it's obvious you care and I'm sure you'll do a great job! Just keep your chin up and do your best. My mother was 18 when she had me, and I'm so glad she decided to keep me, "oops!" baby that I was.

Remember to also make sure your own needs are getting met as well as your child's. Get a good education if you can. Take advantage of all government resources out there for college. There are so many resources out there for single mothers! Research them and take advantage of them. You can do it! Take it one day at a time. Let me know if I can be of help in any way. I've never been a mother, but I have a lot of friends who became parents at a young age.
PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-02)
Dont worry pray to god he was probaly showing you what little god can do pray and listen for an answer and know if you want to see him again be pure with very little sin (thier is always a sin but don't have a lot)
Hope you dind out soin and if you figure out can you please tell me

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