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Death Precognition? Death Sense?


This is my first post. Anyone with similar experiences/problems please comment!

Starting very young, I had horrible nightmares. I would wake up in a sweat, paralyzed, with a bitter taste of iron in my mouth, but I could never remember what the dreams were about.

These continued every night, when I slept. Surprisingly, though I felt VERY tired, I never suffered in school or was affected bodily by the dreams.

Over the years, I started to remember more of my dreams, and I slowly realized that all of them contained death or near-death experiences. Car crashes, plane wrecks, suicides, etc.

One night, I awoke from my sleep with the image of a girl from my school in my mind with slow falling pieces of glass around her.

The next day in school it was announced that she had died in a car crash.

Since then, I have started to have flashes of "visions", as I call them, in the day. Almost like my day dreams have been overridden with death now too. I know long ones are coming on when a dull pounding headache starts, but sometimes if I touch something, a vision comes suddenly. And sometimes, if I touch someone, a vision will come on.

I see flashes of things I don't understand; like a key, ring, or a face. And the iron taste returns.

The last two years, I have been able to somewhat control the length of the visions, and very rarely, I can zero in on who my visions are about.

I hate going into hospitals, graveyards, anywhere where there is death. Even ordinary places aren't 100% safe. One time, I walked into a Walmart and almost fell at the vision that attacked my mind of a girl and a pool of blood.

This is just a part of the weird occurrences that take place in my life, that I accept because, for whatever reason, the Maker wanted me to have this.

I would just really like to talk to someone with the same dilemma, to hear their take. Thanks.



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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-21)
It can only be defined by meditation and working a process of mind fullness, positive affirmations a life
We process which centers us with peace. Despite situations of all kinds of stress, or problems.
By these disciplines, we can program our subconscious and aid our spirit helpers to work more closely.

You could create a list of asking your spirit helpers to give you proof to things you believe the situation is saying. Working with guides is a process of learning not just for you but for the guides as well.

There are no short cuts with drugs. I only add this for all readers.

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