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Trying To Control


I've had precognition, clairvoyance, Aura reading, etc. Since I was a child.

But lately it's been getting stronger.

I mistakenly started practicing what I automatically did when I was a kid, sitting there, meditating, (but not really for long because I cannot sit still)

And then I would see something. As little of a few moments would pass and it would happen.

This one time when I was about 3, I called my grandmother on the cell phone and told her to watch out for the hole in the road and not to lose her papers. Seconds later I heard a thunk and her license plate fell off the car after hitting a speed bump. She told me she had to go, and ended the call. Afterwards, she climbed out with her papers, and dropped them in a puddle by accident.

Another time (this was recently) I was laying in bed, and I couldn't sleep. I my senses were off the charts and it was horrifying. I looked around, thinking that someone was there, until a black shadow walked into my room. The shadow would not leave, just stood by my bed. A few moments passed, and I realized that it was one of my relatives who had recently died I did not speak, as I felt bad for forgetting that this spirit was always called by my mother (another medium) to watch over me.

When I fell asleep, I had a vision that my guinea pig got stuck in her hiding house, and I woke up to a squeal. I checked on her and low behold, her haunches were stuck in the door.

Sometimes these lead me to mental breakdowns as I see things that scare me badly. I need a mentor/book/free course to help handle my abilities. If you can reference me to anything that would greatly help:)

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Joni-luv (2 stories) (39 posts)
6 years ago (2014-10-02)
yes, glad to help you sweetie,
I posted the same to 2 others tonite, and it will help you too:
Eat a vegetation diet, drink plenty of filtered water, be positive & happy, remove anything dark from your life, all negative or frightening things... Remove fear... Associate with happy people, positive people, great way to do this is to be around children, animals, nature... Then start focusing on meditations to keep you feeling happy. Imagine the white light from the top of your head of about 300 feet above you bringing it down, washing over your head, your eyes, your ears, nose, mouth, shoulders, back, chest, abdomen, pelvic area, etc... Out of feet anchoring to center of earth, where mother earth is there to hug you, nurture you, keep you safe and protected... Then send this white light back up through you to your heart center and even say it all aloud while doing these intentions for love filling all of you... Practice no judgment on anything alive, none at all... Accepting others unconditionally... Like the song 'Unconditionally' by Katie Perry. There is much to learn from it. Then focus on eating vegetation, light foods, mostly every day & make a routine of asking source of light to open up your heart chakra... There is a mediation for it somewhere if you can find it where you can call upon your guardian angel & ask what gift he/she has for you... Some have said they received the white spinning energy flower coming into their heart region, thus causing them to become psychic later... You want your heart full of light..."love is the greatest gift" we are taught... Love

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