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Strange Experience Today


I had an experience today and was wanting to gather some of your thoughts regarding it. It feels strange to write this down but would be even stranger to say it out loud to a loved one. As a bit of background, I am beginning to awaken my spirituality again as I've been shut off for some years (not much background but a snippet).

Today I was in a large shopping centre and walking towards the food court I stated to feel uneasy. Getting into the food court I felt so unnerved and felt like something was going on, but not sure what. I kept walking to my destination, centred myself and looked at the seated areas, trying to see what I felt I was meant too. I looked at about 10 people at different tables all within about 20 metres distance from me as I walked along and every one of them looked up or away from where they were looking and made direct eye contact within a split second. The last person I glanced at was within a few metre, directly in front of me and when he made eye contact, it was creepy, so was his little bit of a smile. I felt completely rattled.

I went into the store I was heading too and tried to calm myself. In the store I just felt like I wanted to leave. My eyes were drawn to a guy in the store. I watched him for a moment, looking at his back, he whistled a little tune and walked down an aisle. I followed from the other end trying to see him again, and after passing 4 aisles I did see him but there was nothing to see. What was drawing me was gone.

Does that sounds crazy. It feels crazy to be asking. When I left the store later and was heading out of the centre, I passed one of the guys I made eye contact with and it was nothing like what I felt before.

So, what's your thoughts?


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Matrix_Wolf_Spirit (2 stories) (60 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-12)
I agree with Vet they were spirits trying to scare you. I'm having this problem recently and they are not the nice playing type either. Protect yourself and don't be scared. Things are changing like what some peoples thought in ancient times would happen. Blessed be and stay strong, focus on your path! ^-^
USArmyVet2004 (2 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-11)
I am not 100% positive, but I believe that you, me and MANY others, are being awakened around the same time to do GOOD on this earth, to right the wrongs, to help the suffering people, and to fight evil.

If you read these types of message boards, more and more people are being "awakened" to finally fulfill their roles on this earth. I was asleep for way too long and finally woke up recently.

You must have a higher purpose here on this earth. These people were evil spirits that were trying to FREAK you out and scare you back into slumber in my humble opinion... Again I am not 100% sure, but that is my take on what happened to you. They then left those bodies afterwards and that is why you felt nothing after the first incidents.

That is the only thing I can think of because similar incidents just like that have happened to me within the past 1-2 months. I dunno

Anyone feeling this way or having these types of incidents: you are here for a higher purpose to change the world through POSITIVE energy and thoughts. You are a lightworker/angel/helper/ whatever the term you want to use; you were asleep, like I was, but they are trying to wake us up to realize who we REALLy are.

Again I reiterate, I FAILED miserably for about 3 years, but finally got my act together and know this is true. I was so overwhelmed that I could not believe this was real or true, so I just ignored it and went into a tailspin.

Believe in yourself and trust in your heart... You know what is real. Good luck and best in the future. The world does not have to end next year... We CAN and WILL save this world by awakening and UNITING against evil... POSITIVE energy is contagious!

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