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Is not as much a capital of Georgia as it is the paranormal/supernatural. It's Locust Grove, Georgia. Anyway, countless times I have had dreams of minor points of conversation and they happen, and more things like people breaking up with each other, or of minor bike accidents or something. But last year, around this time in fall, I had one where I was driving a white Ford Ranger during winter, and I crashed into a tree and died. I wanted to try to stop it from happening, so I tried warning my friend Nash Beever, since he drove the exact same truck as I saw and he didn't believe me, so I tried to warn his friends. I eventually gave up on warning them, but told them to at least wear their seat belt. Next thing I know, it's early January and it is my junior year winter break. In the Wednesday of the second week, I checked face book and became aware that Nash, and four of his friends, slammed into a tree on Coan road, due to ice and snow on the road. Nash died after slamming into the tree after going through the windshield. I have noticed that a lot of the small points of conversation deal with people who I love, mostly in the brotherly or sisterly sense of the word. I have had some recent ones that deal with the one girl who I love love, that deal with my acquaintances making fun of her, and then immediately after they leave, she tells me that she's going to end it, and not to be mad at her. I want to try to stop them from happening, but apparently I am the only one who does. Back to the top sentence, everyone anyone talks to has had them, or seen things or felt like something was off. Right before something happens. What is worse, is apparently I have an ultimatum. My mom had a premonition before I was born, that she was standing over a tombstone it a graveyard that had my name, along with my sisters, but tells me that she doesn't remember the death date. All of my friends have had them, and that girl told me that she had the same one as my mom's, which is why I am putting this on here for if anyone could try to help or offer information?

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Joni-luv (2 stories) (39 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-24)
Hi sweet vicarious, first I learned why it happens, so now being older, I can help you... First of all don't accept anything you hear as death of someone, actually try to go see them and talk to them about if something is going on in their life, maybe to be careful, to avoid certain actions, etc. Hug them, love them, and speak life into their life, such as 'awww man you are going to live to be at least a hundred, happy & healthy' far as if you see things, like white replicas see through of people... Just know every time that indicates they will be passing soon, but you do not have to accept that fate for them... At the very least go visit them, again love them, encourage them and speak life to them... Also for you my dear friend, I speak life over you & your sister, you will live to a hundred years of age, healthy, and so will she, full of wonderful happy years, grateful for the gift of life. You see when you look at someone, I think that you see them as yourself, so give them what you would want for yourself, think very best, give encouragement. And one more thing, imagine that there is a predisposed barrier around others, created by whatever or whoever and that its your knowing to replace it with the best barrier... 😊 ❤

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