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I Can't Control What I Know


I don't know what to call my gifts. Whether or not they are gifts or coincidence is up to the true psychics that read this. I'll start from my family. During the 40's or 50's my family blood line was severed at birth. The great san francisco earthquake has struck only leaving my grandfather alive who also has the ability of insight or so I'm told. He could see or know what was going to happen before it happened. Skip ahead to my father who is a major user of LSD and tells me if you use it right you can train your abilities. But heres where it gets weird, after years of his youth homing his abilities while tripping he plays this game where he takes a entire standard deck and can predict each card 99% accurately multiple times in a row without even trying. One more thing is that my family specifically only the males of my family have the ability to read each others minds. My father and his father and me can all know what each other are thinking about and we end up saying something about it after a hour or so and we both know exactly what the other is going to say. And the last thing is my birth, I can remember nearly every detail of my early life after about age 1 from glimpses from places I shouldn't remember to memories that where long forgotten. I was born into my severed blood line as the 3rd son on the 3rd day of the 3rd month. I have no idea if this has to do with anything but I blame my luck on it.

But enough about the parts that don't relate to me completely. I should start with my dreams, ever since I was 5 I can remember seeing places in my dreams that I have never been to. I'm not sure if its astro projecting but I can't control it at all. It happens by chance that I may visit these places in my dreams without realising its a dream but the details of the places are so vivid and when I do actually visit them later on which most of the time I do I know things about these places that I shouldn't know after seeing them for my first time. But recently they have stopped for a while and its been about a year since the last.

Recently I have been losing touch with is a sense of energies. I can't see auroras like other people but I can hear them. Like a single tone that is one straight tone with no climb or decline and it only happens when something that either uses a lot of electricity is turned on or some one I don't know about is also near by. I also liked to play in the woods at my grandmothers house and walking in the woods I would catch frogs because I thought they where really cool. But all I had to do to find on was look in any direction and I could see them instantly no matter how small or buried under brush and grass I could find them in seconds effortlessly.

While ever at my grandmothers house animals would act strange around me and this would happen where ever I go too. Dogs that are aggressive wouldn't be aggressive to me but would turn on any other person after me. Insects like bees would land on my hands when I held them flat to the sky. Dragon flies would also land on my head and shoulders or arms for no reason what so ever, I even started to collect them and release them and make pets from the dragon flies that would follow me for hours. Recently I had a encounter with sea creatures in the virgin islands where strange blue streaks that had tracers in the water and would glow neon blue but appeared to have the head of a praying mantis and would disappear and reappear without warning and I couldn't have feared something so unique and strange like never before and from then on I don't swim in bays off the oceans or seas any more.

Another thing is the sense some one is always around me. Every couple hours every other day I feel a strong energy pass through me throwing my body into spasms making people question if i'm Ok or not. I have no idea what this is but I can feel this energy pierce through my chest and out my back like a stream and it makes me twist in weird ways that humans shouldn't do regularly. I haven't "sensed" energy recently though i'm not sure why if its a spiritual or a insight to something. I also now have amythyst around my home now only because of the spiritual properties they hold but I don't think this is a direct connection entirely.

This one I have no idea about what i'm seeing but ever since a couple years ago back in 2009 I started seeing these white waves in the air when its pitch black and I get dizzy and begin to spin out but if I remain calm and try to stare into darkness I begin to see outlines of objects and walls and I also see these bright white waves in the bottom of my eyes, they look almost as if there is wind blowing down into my feet. I haven't been able to find anything on this any my family does not know either. I have no idea what I see when this happens often but they bend and twist my vision in the dark and they blur outlines I see in the dark. I don't know what to make of it or how to stop it and nothing spiritual or psych has done anything to change it.

I have a unconscious ability of the mind but I can't control what is does or when it happens but recently I started waking up late in the afternoons while I set a alarm clock the previous day it ends up turned off or changed the next morning. The only person capable if this is me and I don't have a serious history of sleep activities. Once though when I was 9 or 10 I had a strange dream of my home being attacked by intruders but in my dream I couldn't see them and after hiding in my bathroom I woke up except it was 2 in the morning and I was outside my house with my house doors closed but unlocked. I was also sitting up when I woke up randomly sitting outside my apartment in the hallway a entire floor down. I have also been told to be ordering some one in my sleep, I would walk to my glass sliding door and begin to yell at the door ordering some one to leave but I personally haven't witnessed it before and continue to wonder if it still happens. Even though its not truly a ability but like the title I cannot control it or stop it from happening. And its almost like some one in my mind is trying to sabotage my mornings or trying to prevent something.

But even though my abilities are weak I still see them present such as my insight to the future. I can predict within a time range of a hour or within a week. I can't accurately predict but I can generally see something or get a glimpse of a though in my mind of what's going to happen next. I am also surrounded by the presence of shadow people. In my home I have seen dark shadows that have no reason for being there but disappear instantly when I turn to look at them. Other times I have had black flies appear and fly directly into my face with loud buzzing sounds and are very distinct looking, instead of a normal green fly these ones are solid black with no outlines almost like a black hole. They are also about the size of a yellow jacket bee but they don't make any noise until they are about 1 foot away from my face. I've only encountered them a couple times so far but I have no idea what to make of it let alone if any one else knows about them.

Another shadow figure specifically called the "fast man" by my family at their home, they claim to see a thin medium height man running from room to room of their house and he wears a all black suit with a hood but no one ever sees him for more than a few moments. If you where to stand out side the house and stare into all the windows on the back you would see him downstairs in the living room run down the hallway and appear in the upstairs bathroom. Its not clear if its malicious or not but all I know he is watching every one and makes noise when he walks around in the dead of night. It also seems that toddlers and younger can see him but they glare at the wall for a moment at absolutely nothing then their sight darts off to the stairs or a empty hallway. I've personally only seen him few times but I would not chance using a ouija board but I don't want to entice the demonic into my homes. My father has also claimed to see the figure but I can't tell if he's ever serious because I have a good insight to people's true self being and I can tell by looking at people things about their life flashes through my mind or I know something personal about some one if I try hard enough but it only works on people other than my family. And I haven't been able to use my insight very well

So far over the past 22 years I have been having all these occurrences and wish to know more about them either to enhance or to abolish them if they pose danger or if they can be used to train my sense, I have no idea what to make of any of it only knowing I have a family history with these things and every now and then I will take lsd and read intensively on psychic abilities or how to home them but nothing has been what I aim to make it. If any one could help with these strange occurrences and tell me how I could improve on my abilities that would be helpful and every one else would think I'm insane.- ECLP

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Boson (179 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-21)
Hello ECLP,

I mostly write because I would like to thank you for sharing your story. It's interesting to read about paranormal stories that others have experience - because I can relate to that myself from my own life (but that's another story). I know you asked about how to control your abilities. I think the most important point is to have proper protection because you don't want to deal with negative energies and you don't want to use your own energy because that will deplete yourself. You may also want to think about how you would like to use your ability. That's all your choice.


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