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Strange Dream


I hope this meets requirements. Problem is, A) it is a dream, and B), I don't know if it has anything to do with the paranormal or if it was just my mind being weird. This has just been bugging me for a while now, and I thought I might put it up here and see if I can figure it out some more. Even if I only find out it's just in my head.

A while ago, I was having a dream, the beginning of which is pretty normal, so I'll skip it, only saying that for some reason I was talking about reincarnation, and I was watching an older version of myself. Also, the car in the dream that I described apparently was very similar to the car my friend will be getting. However, it soon felt like I was pulled out of that dream to... Well, whatever this was. I was now looking at of my own eyes, not watching the older version of myself.

There was a guy, tall, pale, with black eyes and wings. For some reason I could only focus on parts of him, like his eyes and the tops of his shoulders. The landscape was just this swirling, thick gray fog, though there was a little clearing kind of, though it also seemed made of the grey stuff the fog was made of, just not moving. The man was standing a few feet away from me, and told me that if I didn't find him I would die again. The main reason this freaks me out is I'm pretty sure I was awake and staring at the ceiling while still seeing him and hearing him say this.

I know the house I lived in at the time was haunted (not getting into that), though I don't know what it would have to do with this dream. So...yeah. Any advice? Even someone clearing this up and showing that it isn't paranormal would be helpful.

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