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Memorable Premonition


I had never had a premonition before (maybe I have but never paid too much attention to it because of belief systems I grew to believe) and the way this one made me feel, made it much more recognizable that it was a premonition. My spirituality began manifesting in different ways than I thought would happen to me. This happened back in September 2014. One night I was dreaming something rather unusual about someone I hadn't seen in like 8-9 years, back when the school I went to closed down. She was a teacher there for the kindergarteners and such, we were close in age but we weren't close. We were just "there" around each other. Anyway, we became social media friends and that was our only form of communication. We never hung out together or spoke to each other, we just "liked" each others stuff. She was always posting and so was I. So, she became regular on my news feed. The night I had a dream about her, it was a sudden dream. Like, out of nowhere. Maybe I was subconsciously thinking about her? I don't know what made me dream of her because she wasn't significant in my life (now she is for this reason). In this dream, I remember seeing an accident. A motorcycle accident. I wasn't sure what to make of it until the news in my dream showed a photo of this acquaintance of mine. A photo I had never seen before from her, at least. It was a quick dream, it didn't last very long to me. I woke up uneasy and my heart was pounding so fast. I was SO scared that, that dream had been real. And the first thing I did when I woke up was go on my phone to check one of the sites we are friends on. She was still posting and completely okay. I breathed a sigh of relief seeing that and didn't think much about it. Except, for about a week I kept making sure she was still posting and she was having a fun time from what I saw (motorcycles were a thing for her too), so I brushed what I had as nothing more than a dream. One odd thing I did find "deja vu" about, was she ended up posting the photo I had seen in my dream AFTER I had it but since she was still posting on social media for weeks, I didn't think much of it either. I didn't tell her about the dream because I know her belief systems and they don't align with mine so I wasn't sure how she'd react to it. Anyway, flash-forward a few weeks after the dream first happened, I go through my social media while at a friend's house (commercial was on so I figured, what the heck?!) and people on my feed (connected to her and not) began sharing a news story about this person. I recognized the photo. She had died in a motorcycle accident. I clicked open the story shared by the news and the photos were almost exactly what I had seen in my dream, including the photo they shared of her. And she had died during a drunken night, she was the only one to die, the other guy was alive in a coma. Being at my friend's home while reading this story, I immediately said, "holy sh*t" and walked outside. This was a first for me. I had never really experienced something so blatant in a psychic experience as that. People ask me why I didn't tell her about the dream because maybe then she would have made better choices but her belief system didn't exactly welcome these experiences so I kept my mouth shut. I also wasn't sure because I had never had an experience like this before. I mean, I believe in certain things and use certain tools to help me better in my spirituality but otherwise, nothing as obvious. This was the basic start of my increased interest in spirituality and science mixed together). It's just grown from there.

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