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A Ghost, Demon, Spirit Or Witch?


Ever since I could remember, I have had a weird presence lingering over me. Its not just me its all around me. In some way or form this spirit or entity or demon, ghost, or possibly even witch won't go away. There has been countless incidents of me knowing their around me, I feel like they are purposely now doing things to target me and make me mad. I have sensed them since I was 2. When I was 2 I was on a balcony and I wanted to play with the kids below me and so I slid under the balcony some how fell 2 stories, the weird thing is the presence was encouraging me to go play with the kids below. Through out my life there had been incidents like they would tell me to steal a piece of candy from the store. Being a kid you don't know any better, days later my favorite aunt passed away. I remember this distinctly because they said they enjoyed making me hurt and cry. I would always feel there presence around me or hear someone call my name sometimes. They are very jealous and selfish what ever is toying with me. They never want me to be happy which is difficult because I am a very happy being. I remember one time being at a friends house and they told me everyone jumps off the roof, so I jumped off the roof and I broke my foot because I landed incorrectly. The weird thing is now That I am 27 years of age they are telling me things like they broke my foot that time or they killed my relative to see me unhappy. They emotionally torture, mentally abuse me and physically hurt me How is that possible? They keep wishing negative energy on me. I have had so many close calls to death its weird. Which they think is funny, but I have been dealing with them for so long I am used to it. 4 years ago they started communicating with me verbally. So everyday for the last 4 year's they have been trying to make me think I was insane by speaking evil things to me. I ignore and try and wish them away. I have even cleansed with sage and done all the things you do to rid negative energy. I am somewhat psychic and I have a strong ESP sense. I can predict something and it will happen in the next minute, sometimes hour, possibly even a day or two later. (Even months). When they speak to me its like I recognize the voice's I can put a face to it, but than the next second they will change their voice and trick me and throw me off. Its like one person is trying to be all these people and manipulated me somehow, I'm confused because its like when I talk to a medium or something they are hoping into the person so I can never know who is doing this. Its like they have a blocker up, so I can never find them. I could understand if the person was being positive and trying to guide me and help me. This is the total opposite though. I will wake up and have cut's on me, or scratches. The say things to me like they enjoy hurting me. I think its a little pathetic because if you hate someone so much than you wouldn't sit there stalking them? You know. That 's obsession in my book. Now there is a mediator here who is positive and helps me expand my horizon which I think is the only reason I am able to for see accurate visions. Now the Negative entity sits over me, making me forget things, trying to make me feel stupid, slow or weak. They want me in my house all the time. When I leave they follow me. Its too the point where they make me feel dizzy or try and make me throw up if I am not sitting in one place listening to them. I am a super loving, very energetic happy person and its like since this thing had latched on to me. I have no energy, drive and I don't really feel like doing much. They won't stop making me super hungry. Like un controllable hunger.

I am over the personal attacks from what ever this might be and I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced any kind of weird activity such as voice's, negativity latching on to you or what ever have you... It has gotten worse because what ever this is is starting to kill/hurt people close to me. How can Accurately find out what is causing this? In my mind I think someone is somewhere sitting worshiping and doing weird rituals to I guess inflict certain things on me. Now I hear demon's and spirits can be this powerful but I'm not sure what I'm dealing with. To top it all off the person tries to make me think they are literally around me. I will leave my room and they try to make me feel like they come in when I'm not here which is weird because I will find something is missing and than he will appear again. They are trying to make me totally paranoid. It is very childish and annoying. I was told witchcraft can be this powerful as to where you think something is real like your daily life but people around you are just using methods and blockers to trick you. Its like I can't get them away.

They are trying to over whelm me and I sometimes feel they are trying to close me in. Its weird. The voices talk from the time I awake to when I am asleep. They even try and communicate while I am asleep. They are making me miserable. I'm not sure what I am dealing with. What do you guys think?

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UtterlyConfused (1 stories) (9 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-23)
If God was asking me to draw closer to him than why is he punishing a person who has walked with him their whole life?
Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-23)
If you ask me, it might be father God letting this evil happen to you, so that you can get closer to God, by praying to Him and fasting. To read his bible and psalms, which make evil flee from you. And to PRACTICE the bible. You might ask me: "why would God want to make us frightened and worried?" Well, it's like a mother telling her child: "you better listen to me, or else the boogy man is going to get you!". We are like rebelious children some times, and father Jesus let's evil, sickness and misfortune get into our lives, to get us a little scared, so that we can run to His open arms, and get His protection! LOLOL! But we just think that God hates us, by giving us these things, and wants to control us... We think like immature teenagers!... But God only wants to get our ATTENTION, He wants to shock us, wake us up from a deadly coma: "WAKE UP CHILD!"... Just like the doctors shock people with an electro shock (defibulator?), to get their heart started again! See my point? How could father God, make His beautiful Son die on a cross for us all, if He HATED US?!? NO! He loves us, and sends His powerful holy angels and saints to guide and protect us... But we have to ASK! (even though he sometimes sends us His help, without us even asking LOL!). I hope you understood a little bit of what's going on with you, (and with all of us)... Stay safe. God bless!

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