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Tingling Sensation in Wollaton Castle


In Nottingham where I live there's a castle called wollaton hall which is said to be haunted. At least once a week I go there when there's nothing to do.

Well this one Sunday, me and a friend decided to go. We were the first ones in the castle at 11:00am, the castle opening time.

In the castle there's a room called the room 19 where hundreds of years ago, when the castle wasn't open for the public, it was actually somebody's home, there was a women who lived there who broke her back and was paralyzed from the shoulders downwards and was stuck in a bed for 20 years until she died.

We were sitting in the room 19, just the 2 of us and unexpectedly the door to the room shut on its own and there was no windows open, or any breezes flowing through the room, besides the door was really thick and heavy so no wind or breeze could have made the door shut. As the door was shutting, I ran over and opened it again. Whilst I was standing in the area of the door I felt a really strong tingling sensation all down my legs and around my head, it felt like I was being bathed in gold magic and wearing a crown made of pure gold and having magic relaxation being poured into my head, and it was all pouring down to my legs, it was such a great feeling. I read that some people get really strong tingling when a spirit or ghost is in there aura, generally psychics get the sensations, which would make perfect sense as am a developing psychic.

Soon after the room 19 episode me and my friend told the staff who worked at the castle what had happened and it happen to be that the room 19 is the most haunted room in the castle and is where mainly all the ghostly happenings happen.

There was something that day that tried to make its self known to me and my friend but why?

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Monie (1 posts)
15 years ago (2008-05-21)
I live in BC but when I was in Scotland my Husband and I visited Edinburough Castle, we were in a room where victims of execution had their last supper, my husband left the area and I got an overwhelming feeling like a thickness surrounding me, I panicked and ran out of this area. The next place we went to was the Sterling Monument, I was perfectly fine that day but the further we went up the more I became almost paralytic I could not breathe I was sweating and I felt like I was embodied by something, I managed to get up (by crawling) 1 1/2 flights before almost collapsing, my Husband had to protect me while we went back down so that I didn't fall. I can't even say in words the feelings I experienced. I will go again to see if I feel this again.

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