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Starting from when I was a tiny girl, I knew I was different. The first time I had an episode where I realized I was special was when me and my family were heading home. We were in the car and all of a sudden an image came in to my head of my favorite pets escaping from their cage and running all around the house. I started screaming and cryiny, begging my parents to go home. Sure enough, they were out and about running around the room. It just got worse from that point on.

At school, I could predict people's futures and see most of ther personal lives. I was called a witch, and lost many friends and respect because people were afraid of what I could do. I knew I was different. Sadly, most of what I said became true.

Some say it's a gift, others a curse. I would say a curse.

By then, I didn't want the ability anymore. I prayed and prayed it would go away, and for awhile now it has. Then one fatal day I was walking, continuing my normal lfe as I would, and I had a vision. I don't get them in the night, but when I'm up and active, or trying to relax. I saw a death of someone I loved, and a guy I loved a long time ago with someone new. I cried like I had never cried before that night.

I don't believe in set futures, everyone's future can change. But what a curse this is. I can't control the visions, as hard as I try they tend to control me. I can only describe it as losing touch of reality, entering a state of dreaming, and watching a movie play in front of my eyes. As I stated before its a curse, something's are better left not knowing. I want to learn to control it or radicade it for good. It wasn't a choice to have this abilty, and I wish it was. Being around others just makes it that much worse. Seeing what the future holds for them, yet never knowing them or being able to tell them... What should I do? I'm in a state of denial. I've coming looking for help, I'm so confused and lost on what is going on. What ability do I have? Can I shut it off? How can I control the visions?

Thank you guys!

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Drakoreo (2 stories) (37 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-30)
Something I think just might help relieve some of the pain accosiated with knowing the future:

-everything happens for a reason: all things that occur teach us something new. Example, Someone's death may teach us to appriciate our life, seeing the guy you like with someone else, teaches you he is not the one.

-when you see bad things happen, try to think of the good those things may cause. Maybe because someone loses something, they will apriciate what they have, maybe become someone gets hurt, they become much stronger. Maybe someone who gets abandoned decides to be there for someone else.

Bad things are sometimes the best things that happen, because they teach us the most beautiful lessons, like getting back up, keep going, no matter what strikes us down. The phoenix from the ashes.

We all die some day, we die when it is our time. Death is nothing to worry about, it is as natural as birth, and it is certainly not the end of our story.

I hope this helps you atleast alittle.
fromspace (1 stories) (24 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-30)
Example of how I "stumble upon" after dreaming and doing mischiefs with IT news site:
Http:// "one world" "the imagination machine"
Http:// "largest store of children's toys"
Http:// (colorful) "angel eyes"
(happened just now)
One of mine tonight dreams was sleeping upon minivans backseat and waking up inside large store of something colorful.
You can also easily rhyme this with my yesterday's post. (

Do anyone have similar ability?
MindfulOfTheEye (guest)
9 years ago (2015-04-29)
I've been through the same thing with similar situations. For me it was always death of someone or how long someone's relationship would last and why they separated. For me the deaths came in twos (as in if a pet dog died then several years/days later another dog would be dead as well... Hope this explanation on that makes sense).
I still deny my ability. I always thought seeing peoples deaths and such was a curse I mean why do I have to know or be shown this?
Recently I'm slowly learning to accept myself and my abilities. I've learned that I'm shown these things for a reason. Also the future is undecided. Some things may seem set in stone but there is always the option to opt out of that future. Whether that's good or bad for you in the long run is the question.
For me the visions of death or seeing people currently dating break up in several years and seeing the general reason why they break up is shown to me for a reason to benefit me.
These visions or sensing what is to come is either to warn you that there is still time to influence a chance in the outcome or to let you know of how much time is left before things change/someone passes from your life that you deeply love and care about.

Hope I was of some service to you
- MindfulOfTheEye
Hecate0 (152 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-29)
Hi LunesMight, you are not alone! Many here know future for themselves or others. Meditation can open or close it. One way to help yourself is to learn to control your focus of attention. Meditation is one way. But also protect yourself. I pick up/feel the emotions of others, as well as if there is something bad about to happen to them. I do not usually get specifics. Because I usually get a very nervous feeling, I have learned, over many years, to focus to get more information. If I cannot pick up anything, I then ask for help. I feel guides around me. People call them many things. But they help filter things for me. I ask, "please only let through energies that I can help. If I cannot help, please direct them toward help." It doesn't make everything go away, but I feel more empowered that I am getting these feelings so I can help. I have avoided several car accidents myself from these feelings I get. So, I see this as a great gift. But it CAN feel aversive sometimes, especially when it feels out of our control. We just don't have enough places that teach us how to use these gifts. We were having a funny chat, either on this website or the Your Ghost Stories one, that we should open a Hogwarts/XMen type school for all of us with special talents and gifts...

Best to you. I hope this helps.

fromspace (1 stories) (24 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-29)
Just "stumbled upon" another random collection of my dreams:
Predestination 2014
Film about time travel and predestination.
Sorry film not that bright because I have my mood swings. Since world from my eyes looks like a dream quite often.
Remove guns and bombs.
The rest is 60% collection of my thoughts from last 2 days. Almost every image have its meaning. However most of it doesn't mean much.
Film was born because I was thinking about you as a witch and myself as a witcher, so contains doubles and sex change.
00:26 "queenslands"
29:32 "you are witch" "that what I am trying to tell you"
17:15 baby watching over a world;)
21:58 "i hear you interested in space travel" (almost my nickname;) )
25:15 contains "they gave me contact lenses, I've never seen the world so clearly before" (there are no "they", it means
You can also find "we were born into this job" and "its all about love".
fromspace (1 stories) (24 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-28)
Have taste of my dreams:
(listen to trailer, contains "we can control fate";) )
(as always stumbled upon it "on demand" just now)
pa_empath (3 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-28)
I can't even imagine what that's like. When I have visions, it's always in a dream and I forget about it in a few days until it comes true. I'm an empath, and I'll admit sometimes it's aggravating. Sometimes I'll be in a big crowd and I can barely even focus on what's going on around me because of all of the emotions. But I've always looked at it as a gift. I'm sorry this has all happened to you. I hope you find a way to be "normal" again, or control it.
fromspace (1 stories) (24 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-28)
Just 8 hours ago I was wishing to see peoples similar to me.
Among other things I was shown a young witch lit by the moon. (I am using computers as a divination tool)
I can actually change future and drawn my signs but only in Internet.
(at time comes with pain/pleasure feeling in the heart)
Also I have my share of uncontrollable "tips" (I am able to block daydreaming as of now).
Lets share examples. But only positive ones. Your turn.
My biggest problems are:
* Having too much fun
* Chuunibyou syndrome;)
* Searching for others like me
Nightingale (145 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-28)
Hello LunesMight,
I am sorry to hear of your lost friends. This is a story I relate to on a personal level. For years I have hidden my gift from everyone, telling very few people a little about it. It's not something that is recognized as real or accepted seriously in everyday conversation.
You are not alone and you are not a freak.
Those are the first two things to understand.
Meditation daily can help you feel more in control and accept this as a part of who you are. You can learn if you practice to mentally block some of the feelings or thoughts, personal flow of information.
You are a psychic. You have clarivoyant abilities, probably some empathy, and the ability to read minds.
Visions are hard to deal with. They may increase at first with meditation, but with time and patience it can get easier. If you are able to talk to this person about the vision, maybe describing it as a terrible dream (which is not technically a lie-it was a waking dream). If not, perhaps there is a way to give advice anonymously.
If you are open to the idea of embracing these abilities, and learning to govern them as best you can, you may find it is a gift. My mind was changed and I hope this post will bring you some hope.
Explore this website and check out the glossary at
You have value and so does your gift.
Trust yourself,

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