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Is It Psychic Energy Or Something Else?


I am Empathic. Through out my life I have been overly sensitive to the feelings of others, my intuition is extremely strong, and I'm in tune with energy currents in the environment that affect my emotional stability and comfort.

Recently I have been opening up with my senses and my meditation to explore further into the realm of psychic awareness. I've had experiences where I've visited places and had overwhelming emotional reactions to sites where something has happened, but do not visibly see said events. Through out my life I have been visited by the shadow figures, have learned to shut them out and tell them to leave me alone, and have heard voices, noises, and can sense energy (especially negative) within a given space. Lately some of these feelings have become physical in nature and I'm wondering if I am inadvertently going too fast or too far.

The sensations range from being subtle to feeling poked or pushed, like an electrical current makes a muscle twitch. They are usually centered around my back, the back of my neck, and or my head. I do sometimes feel as if someone is holding my hand, like a guardian, for comfort, and I have had experiences where I have stepped out of myself in a lucid dreaming state to see a figure of light laying beside my body as I fall off to sleep.

I'm not scared of these experiences, more curious then anything, but I do want to protect myself from something that may be damaging or draining. I had a psychic friend tell me once that I have a very bright light and I tend to attract those who would feed off of it. I have encountered this in the physical world, where energy draining has left me so tired I've almost become sick. There are a few people in my life who could do this to me, but I try very hard to keep distant and keep barriers up to protect myself.

I suppose I'm looking for answers. Some of the things I've read suggest that a person knows they are gifted from a very early stage in their life... With me that is not true. I know I have gifts, I'm just trying to figure out what they are, how to access them, and how to use them in a safe and productive manner.

There is always more that cannot be fit into a short bio such as this, but I feel I've given enough to explain my story at this time. Thank you for reading.

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whtwolf192 (guest)
9 years ago (2015-05-18)
Thank you PathR. I've been focusing on my breath. Recently I have thought about starting a yoga program to help me focus and find balance with my meditations. I used to do it everyday, but with life getting busy it fell to the wayside. It would probably help with the focus of my energy.:)
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-15)
Electric or a pinch feeling and muscle twitching can be reactions from the nervous system.
As Meditation purifies the nervous system along the spine up the root chakra moves energy upward.
Sometimes this can be a lot for the body.

So breath work as the 3 golden stoves or Spinal Breath.
Also clearing and balancing chakras help distribute energy evenly.

So once the Energy hits its height of maturity at the 3rd eye. We can see with eyes of Spirit in a 3 dimensionally say.

Your guides would be there to encourage you on in your journey to assure you all is well.

Good journey
whtwolf192 (guest)
9 years ago (2015-05-14)
Thank you Anne that is most helpful. I will check out the site and the article that you mentioned. With the goings on in life it is hard to remember that we attract what we project, especially if we are having a difficult time at any given moment in life. I will reflect on the routines in my life as well and see where I can add filters to keep the negative at bay and to purify the "stream".
I'll keep updating as I work on this to let you know if I have anymore questions, or need help. Thank you for your comment.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-05-14)
You are wise to keep boundaries with those that would take your energy. I wrote an article under the Articles section called Coping With Being An Empath. That aside, acessing your abilities is the same for all of us; we are a filter and the more pure the filter, the more information can stream through. To create an open filter (and a postive one) is done through meditation, eating and drinking light (avoiding meat, too much alcohol, junk food, etc.) and staying loving, even in an unloving world. Using them in a safe manner is all up to you. You're the one chosing how you use your gifts. Always remember that like attracts like so be aware of your moods, your friends, what you watch as all those things either elevate us or drag us down.

We can put locks on our doors but we cannot lock out the spirits. Both positive and negative will seek us out and because the earth plane is very low in frequency, we're "closer" to the negative before reaching the higher planes. There is no way to completely avoid the negative, just like you cannot completely avoid the negative in this physical life. But you can pick how you spend your spiritual currency. Sounds to me like you are on the right track. Keep reading too. There are lots of articles on this site and feel free to jump over to my astral projection website (free too) that has some articles that I think you will be able to relate to. It's

Best to you!

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