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I just going to explain what happen during my life until now. Since I remember strange things have happen to me. The first thing that I remember is one afternoon playing with my doll I got distracted and when I returned to played with it she was looking at me I got scared and scream I went to find my father and when we return the doll was normal again. In the same house one night I was sleeping and I don't know why but I woke up in the middle of the night I went to find my brothers but when I enter to their room there where nobody so I went to find my parents but they weren't there either so I return to my room then I saw A large man standing in my door but the man was just a dark figure I hide in a closet then the last thing that I remember was waking up in the closet going out and find my family having breakfast. I was so scared that night that until 11 I couldn't sleep alone I was 5 they never believe me.

We moved from that house and in the next one I was alone having breakfast when I saw a man but it was the same figure. He run in front of my door I scream and told my mom she scared told my dad and he went searching for an intruder in my house but he could't find anyone.

Then when I was 6 we moved to another city since then I have seen persons that the others can't see but just for seconds and not always. When I was alone I just to heard things and sometimes I heard that they call my name always the same voice of a man that I didn't know. I also see how they touch the shoulder of persons that are with me like my brother or my father but when I ask them they always say that they didn't feel anything. Sometimes I wake up with little scratches and the most recent thing that happened to me with that man is that one night I was sleeping, and I wake up just to see that man again in front of my bed then he pounce on me and he start strangle me I start crying and couldn't say any word I was struggling and I don't know how but I shout in seconds my father enter in my room with a face of horror I just look at him with the tears in my face and then I just pass out. In the morning my father went to wake me up I told him what have happen and when I ask him how was possible that he enter in my room in that second he told me that he wake up in the middle of the night and he feel that something happen in my room the second that he was just going to open the door was the second that I scream since then I haven't see the man again and my father believe me but there are times that I feel that there are someone with me.

The last thing that happen to me was that I was in my grandmother's house and in the afternoon I went to sleep and when I wake up the tv got my attention and I saw an older lady looking at me and she move so I turned around but she wasn't there the next thing that I know is that the following nights I listen to steps outside my room and before enter in there I listen how they were moving things inside.

You think that you get use to it but the truth is that sometimes you get so scared as the first time that something happened to you.

Here is the thing I don't know what to do or what this happened to me and if is the same man and why he appears in my life from nowhere. Please help.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-04)
The reality is some people are sensitive in their Aura which is their energy field. My husband experienced being scratched when a child. Once he was slapped by a man who seemed to be the head worker over a farm. It seemed he thought my husband was one of the workers. We both heard the door knob turn. Since then I have a ways spiritually cleared buildings. We do not have unwanted visitors.

I you are a catholic you can get a metal of St Benedict/St Gertrude or St Michael. Choose one and have it blessed.
Choose a Novena for souls in purgatory.
Also ask if St Michael or other Angels or another Saint can help you to get this man to cross over.

You may wish to read about Maria Simms.

I had a friend who was prone to depression.
I dreamed about him and saw him crying.
Consequently he took his life.
I had a visit from him. And a book that was given to me by a co worker about souls in purgatory actually was thrown.
I could feel my friend following me.
So I prayed and moved energy.
I attend his wake at the Church.
And tapped into the prayers to help him cross over.
There are different ways to help.

Once you have your protection and help in place the fear will be replaced by knowledge.
If you get very adapt in the year ahead. When you are ready. I know this sounds strange. But you can then help souls who are in Shoel.

Let us know how it goes. Please post your experiences again.

Nightingale (145 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-01)
Hello laura_20,
You have the ability to see spirits. I am sorry that your first experiences with them have been so terrifying. Please know that you may encounter ghosts who do not wish you harm. Meditation done regularly can help you learn to perceive which is which. Try to feel the essence of who is around you as well as your own mind. You may be able to drive spirits away whose intentions are bad.
It is good that yout father was there and believes you. His protective presence may have driven the man away. I recommend making sure he is near should you need to drive anyone away.
Mental communication is easiest with spirits.
Be safe and be strong,

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