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What Is It That I'm Experiencing?!


I am seventeen and some very weird stuff has been happening to me lately. I am going to start from the beginning. Growing up I was always the shy child that was odd but I wasn't ever too odd. My mom said as a child I talked to myself a lot And I actually remember talking to myself up until the age of 12. I never thought too much of it because it's kind of common among kids. Growing up I always was wiser and more mature than my peers and I still am to this day. My mom once told me that my first grade teacher told her I was an "evil spirited child" I don't get what she meant by that because I've always been a good person but I found that interesting. As a child I remember predicting my grandfather's death but again I never thought too much of it because he was literally 103 years old and was bound to pass soon. I have always felt very spiritual and I've always felt that I was being protected by a higher power. I also was one of those kids who asked a lot of questions and I loved going to church and often I got very emotional at churches. My mom recently told me that my great grandmother was someone who lived in a town known for witches in El Salvador (whom I've never met) and my aunt is known for doing small spells like the ones that involve ingredients for healings and that type of stuff but she lives in New York while I live in Los Angeles so I've never asked her about it. So recently I've encountered two really odd things that got me thinking and realizing some small things that have happened. A man that I know (not too well) had once told me he had contacted evil spirits. I had seen him again just yesterday and it was so odd for me because this man could not stop staring at me and telling me stuff about how I had so much potential (about school and career options) but I just thought it was really odd. He told me that I was special too. And keep in mind I have always thought this guy was cookoo so I really just didn't pay him any mind. That night he slept over our family home and he could not sleep (he has done this before) and he just sits up and stares at nothing in the dark. Rewind a couple of months ago my mom had caught him starring at me and my mom sleeping (or so he thought) at 3 in the morning. Again, really weird, very creepy. He was always just the laughing stock for me and my mom (I know it sounds mean but I'm trying to be honest) Yesterday when this was happening I felt a very bad feeling and I felt fearful. I feel like this man is very evil and not who he claims to be (he claims to be very Christian and spiritual) but he's told me that he's had an evil host in his body (again I ask a lot of questions and yes this was something I asked about two years ago) I felt that I knew his true entity. Something happened to me tonight also very odd. A women that is a friend of mines family member has talked about three witches haunting her (I heard this story and just thought this woman was crazy) she once went on about three witches and spirits and stuff that honestly sounded very crazy to me. The time I seen her before she didn't make eye contact with me once while she was talking (in a group setting) and she was irritable. Tonight I seen her (at a store near my house) she lives in the same neighborhood as me and she stops while I'm with her family members and starts chatting with them AGAIN she ignores I'm there while she's in her car and were like at her car window. Keep in mind I'm not being rude I'm smiling and I'm really trying to be friendly. Then towards the end of the convo I notice her staring at me like in a weird way. Like in a way that I felt like she thought I was powerful or she sensed something of me. I get home guys and my nose starts bleeding which is really scary and I am scared even talking about this and I am kind of paranoid. Lately I have been staying up until late hours of the night and I get heaps of headaches. Things I have noticed are me feeling really scared at night almost as if I'm being watched and I feel like I'm going nuts sometimes. I am defiantly someone who picks up on spirits and vibes of people and places. I have had deja vu countless times, And All my life I've been told I'm special and I wonder if it's true. Let me know if anyone's has answers this is just so new and scary for me.

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Luna_star1016 (33 posts)
8 years ago (2015-10-14)
Jfoss7. Hey seems like you are becoming more aware of spiritual stuff around you.

Also don't worry many of the things you talked about I have experienced them myself at a young age as well.

There are many things that could have a role in what is happening. There are also specific reason for those things to happen. It varies with every person of course. Also you speak about how this scares you a great thing to do when feeling scred (fear) is to pray because bad beings can take advantage of your fear. Fill yourself with happines and love.

I'd like to guide you to the TRUTH of what things mean, you can email me at Lunastar1016 [at]

Hope to hear back from you

With hope and love, Luna star 😊.

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