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Black Lady Entity Warns Me


This experience happened to me in January 2008. On the way, from the car lift, I smelled a ladies' perfume, I asked everyone in the car (my male colleagues as most of the time they use their wife's perfume) whether they have used such perfume and they said that they don't use scents. So I dismissed that and thought maybe some entity just happened to pass along.

When I got out of the car, when walking to home, I forgot everything about the scent and I was thinking about which food I should cook for dinner, is it Potato Omelet or Tuna Omelet. When I was nearing our building, I smelled the scent again, so I was thinking, maybe it's my guardian angel or my spirit friend wanted to make sure I'm safe going home. In the afternoons, usually I take the lift because it's hard to get into the stairs but in the morning, I take the stairs.

Nobody was in the lift when I got in that afternoon. I pressed 2nd floor. I used to have this habit that whenever I'm alone, I would face the mirror (inside the lift) just to lift my spirits after coming from work, I usually say to myself "you're such a pretty lady, Maria"! I did that then all of a sudden, I saw something moving slowly from my right side and I realized I was looking at a black lady (solid entity wearing black abaya, a garment like a long blazer being worn by middle-eastern women to cover their dresses inside. Part of the national dress is something that looks like a veil for the women's head). She was some kind of a hunchback and that's the reason why I didn't see her face. She didn't have a veil so I saw that her hair was glossy and long; the ceiling light from the lift even reflected on her hair then she disappeared on the wall (probably on the 1st floor). The lift is just small, only good for 3 people.

I did not scream, not even got scared because it was like I was watching a movie but then I rewinded everything in my mind before I got out of the lift and I was sure, it was a black lady entity... After I got inside my flat, that's when I got scared (delayed reaction from being a little shocked), then I called my sister (who is in another city in the UAE) and told her everything and I said that, usually whenever one sees a black lady entity, it means bad news or even death, "will I die soon"? My sister got so upset of me and she even said why I am entertaining bad thoughts. I said that's not a bad thought only, I saw the entity beside me but in the mirror. After putting down the phone, I smelled the scent again and it was under my nose for so long. After 3 days, I got a red thing on my left eye but not itchy, not painful.

I couldn't make out what's the meaning of that black lady entity until last month (April), I realized something... She was like a warning that something will happen to me... On the first week of April, I got sick, I had colds and cough and the body pains, much double than what I usually have daily. I couldn't take other paracetamols because of a chronic disease I have which was diagnosed 17 years ago. The only medicine I could take is panadol and it gave me terrible headache, when before, I didn't have that kind of side-effect. When I took my temperature, it was 39.5deg. Yes I know it's not that high but in my case and being 47 years old, that was quite risky.

I went to the nearby hospital, emergency unit, but they said the doctor was on leave and there was no other doctor for my disease that could attend to me but they asked me to go to 2nd floor where I was later on given to a wrong doctor. The wrong doctor (endocrinologist) asked me to go to a government hospital and instructed me not to ask for any particular doctor so that's what I did but when I reached there the following day (because I was too weak the night before because of the high fever), there's this doctor, looked like an "Embalmer" and being a grumpy one, who attended to me and instead of treating me or getting my blood for testing, he blamed me for not coming to the hospital immediately and when he asked for my health card, he said he cannot treat me because my card is expired.

I told him I am willing to pay in cash and I even have medical insurance but he refused. I was too frustrated so what I did I called my dear Mom... I was already too nervous because if my disease will flare up, I'm dead, I'm just alone and medical help here in the middle east is very bad. I was crying like a small child and too afraid (because I had my first attack of the disease in 1993 and I almost felt death very near), I was in Oman that time.

She said, just pray hard and I'll pray for you. That day, before I slept in the night, I checked my temperature, the fever's gone and joint pains had decreased a little bit. I still went to a semi-government hospital (after 2 days) but good one (they have SLE doctor there) for a check up but it turned out that that hospital was no longer a member of the medical insurance I have and I did not proceed for the laboratory tests because it's expensive. That day itself, I noticed that the red mark inside my left eye was gone.

I dismissed everything, I just told myself that I should be thankful, at least somebody is still giving me a warning that next time I see one again, I will be more observant and careful of everything. I know too that God will always be with me.

So for you my friends, always remember, not all entities (whether white or black) showing up are bad. Most of them just want to give warnings of upcoming sickness, accidents or anything bad that are destined to pass by.

By the way, I also stopped that habit of looking at the mirror whenever I'm inside the lift.

Thanks to all for reading. If you may have comments about this, please do not hesitate to share.

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lrkmedium101 (7 stories) (105 posts)
13 years ago (2008-12-15)
Not all the time does a black lady mean your going to die. But might I suggest you say a prayer, just incase the entity is evil.
Best of Luck
❤ Leah
constancy (2 stories) (64 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-19)
Hello, Maria, I am awaiting your responce to "the psychic experience" which isn't, for once, mainly a teaching session. I hope that you liked it. Burt Lancaster was one of the GREATS of Hollywood and, as far as I know, there wasn't anyone in North Amerika, and in Europe, who hadn't heard of him while he was still with us. His soul returned to me at one point not that long ago actually to let me know that it has incarnated again but doesn't want ITS former identity to be made know. IT'S keeping it a secret because of the publicity ITS former person had had. IT wants to lead a "normal" life for a change, without the attention of half of the world directed at ITS person.
Now to you: I wish you LOTS of good luck with your operation. I have prayed for you and will again until I know that you are "safe and sound"!

I was thinking that you and I could keep on chatting maybe under your story of Spirit Guides! What do you think?
Take care and much success with the knee operation.
constancy (2 stories) (64 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-19)
Hello, MysticMaria, we have to stop meeting on this site. I just checked and there is an immense trail!
Today shall be my last entry here, but I'll check your response!
I shall now let you know about a psychic experience which not only you but most probably others will like too. It has to do with "communication with the psychic world"
and its one of my MOST enjoyable moments of being in touch with the "other" world.
By the way, I tried to post this entry under "stories" but encountered enormous difficulties, because mainly my computer is making problems again. I had moved the whole story into position and was going to check it when I realized that only half of it could be found. I WAS UPSET! I don't post anything I don't have TOTAL overview of!
I re-typed the missing part and some of the retyped story disappeared also. I WAS EVEN MORE UPSET! Then a little notice appeared telling me that I should not "re-type" anything! At that time I was so upset that I cancelled the whole thing!
I am now posting the story here since so far, I could ALWAYS check the WHOLE!
So, let us begin:

Burt Lancaster's soul has been with me often since ITS man died (October 20th 1994) and has protected me steadily. At the notice of his death the psychic film world with me, and many, many, other admiring souls felt so-o-o-o sad! We all had admired him so much!
My son's soul had awoken me with a song not long ago to which I had added a few bars and called it "Andy's song"! It reminded me of all those who carry their CROSS every day! Psyches and I decided to listen to it (it has been taped) in "memory" of Burt Lancaster, who also carried HIS cross!

On November 29th I had a very interesting conversation with his psyche and Co. We were discussing his last will and testament and what it would entail to inherit. His psyche said to me that this person would have to think of his family in the following terms:

That GOD will always love them,
that HE will forgive them all of their sins,
that they will be as white as lambs,
that they will always do good onto others,
that the rains will soften their days,
that trees will shade their lives,
that the morning star will be seen by them,
that the sun will always shine on them,
that the firmament will be open to them,
that the oceans will only spew out that which is good for them,
that the sand underneath their feet will be manifold and cushion every step they take,

I had admired him since many years and though his soul had not been close to me while he lived (IT lived with him and in ITS own circle of psychic friends), since there are always souls of movie stars with us, it joined them after his death. Many souls of the film world stayed for a while because his soul stayed. (for a while) We engaged in many an interesting conversation, especially about ITS own future. What to do next? I wish IT much success in ITS next life! It is hard to live down Burt Lancaster.

Today, in the year of 2008, I think with joy and admiration of the many movie stars who have died in the meantime (and certainly also of the many who are still alive) who have brought us so much happiness, and who have opened our eyes to many a splendorous thing.
Much can be learned about the SOUL by watching movies like: Field of Dreams, with Burt Lancaster and the splendid performance of Kevin Costner, and also by watching: Defending your Life, with Lee Grant and Meryl Streep. Both films teach us that the SOUL is present and cannot be denied! One only has to look carefully enough and ONE FINDS IT! I am not the movie fanatic I used to be (except when movies see me through our long winters in the part of Canada where I live), and therefore I truly don't know what to advise the reader to watch in order to understand what the film world is telling us, but some years ago already I have been told by souls of film makers to be on the alert: They would bring the psyche/soul/spirit through even though people might at first not notice it much.

I hope that you like this story, MysticalMaria and those, who are also reading it, like it as well. I have taken it directly out of "the manuscript". You can find many, many, more interesting stories there!
Stay well and may GOD bless you,
MysticMaria (4 stories) (40 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-18)
oh Erika, thanks for the comments.

The hospital nurse called me up last monday (16 June) and informed me that the insurance company approved the surgery so tonight I have appointment at hospital, to sign some documents and perhaps they'll give me the sick leave certificate so I can file the leave from the office tomorrow. I will tell them to schedule the surgery by Saturday...i'm getting nervous, this is the first surgery in my life... But I know, God will be at my side as well as the beings from the light...

I'll look forward to your sharing of your psychic experience...
constancy (2 stories) (64 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-16)
Hello, MysticMaria, I wouldn't mind going to Mount Banahaw with you! I don't see this ever happening though since I'll never be able to visit the Philippines! I KNOW THIS!
You might be right: You and I are talking about THE SOUL, and there are those who have other interests, but we certainly could discuss HOW we experience the SOUL in more detail! Others might be more inclined to participate. Of course I could only talk about MY psychic experiences, but I often ask myself: Who is actually interested in these? They are pretty much what everyone else also experiences!
Soon I shall let you (AND THE OTHERS) in on what pretty much happens in my daily life which is ALWAYS a "psychic experience"!
I seem to live in both worlds, the psychic and the earthly world, simultaneously, but make sure that I stay GROUNDED! Our world is NOT the psychic world! Our world is the one we MUST live in. We are human beings and NOT souls!
Hope all goes well in your "daily" life!
I now understand WHY the delay with your operation. It must be frustrating!
Stay COOL!
Best Regards,
MysticMaria (4 stories) (40 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-16)
thanks for the comments Erika. I guessed the reason why it's us only who are exchanging comments is because we're just talking about 1 topic (souls) and different people got different beliefs too.

Anyway, my schedule for surgery still not coming, perhaps it's because I'm using medical insurance and it will take time.

When I go home for good, I would visit the Mystical Mountain, it's huge and it has mystical powers on it. It's called Mount Banahaw, somewhere in the south. I haven't visited that yet but I will do it one day. I think they're calling my attention. I heard a lot of good things about that mountain, and this time, I don't want to miss it.
constancy (2 stories) (64 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-15)
Hello, MysticMaria, it seems that you and I are the only ones conversing on this "Black Entity warns me" site, but if no-one minds we can just continue here!
I thank you for your answer to my explanation about GOOD and EVIL! It shows me that you understand everything well!
With regard to the information about Christian souls, and also the Jewish souls I talked about: I have been with Christian souls who are totally unlike their PERSONS whom I KNOW well, and I have also been with Jewish souls who are not like their persons at all! Religion has nothing to do with these any longer though they call themselves Christian souls, or Jewish souls. Closest to their persons in thinking and also, with regard to thinking in terms of
their RELIGION are actually Muslim souls, I find. I usually am visited by these THREE groups of souls - souls, whose persons belong to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The most removed from their persons religion are the souls of Christians! Since I am a Christian, these visit most!
When I became a psychic, many souls of my family came to be with me, souls of friends arrived, etc. And ALL was well. After a while though there were those souls who were on powertrips (as people are) and the psychic molestation began. In each group of souls you find the GOOD and the EVIL and
that applies to souls of family members also. Some wanted to rule over others, and I was often in the middle of these psychic family fights. As long as I don't have to deal with too much molestation (that I am being moved into these psychic wars) I can manage pretty well. We are living in the endtimes though and Shaitan has been set lose to tempt the souls of man strongly and therefore we, and our souls, are often in psychic trouble!
I am glad that you want to study the manuscript. You should look at "Mother" the decline of a soul: Family molestation - and you will learn a lot there. In general, you can learn something in all of the chapters. I kept the manuscript simple, so that everyone can understand it. I believe that if you want to explain something as complicated as "THE PSYCHE" you must
keep the vocabulary simple, otherwise people will put the book aside and say: "Never mind, I don't understand this..." Why write something no-one understands?

Take care and let me know when they are going to operate on your knee?
Best Wishes, and look out for your "Mama"!
MysticMaria (4 stories) (40 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-14)
hello Erika, thanks for the comment, it's really long one...yes, I will check on your website soon about what you said... Even i, was harmed by people before and not only harmed by words but through bewitching as well and I know who was the person because I saw her in the candle x-ray. I will explain the Candle X-ray on my next story. In the meantime, I didn't realize there are evil spirits around me, I mean in my house. What I know that it's the evil spirits who create the horrible sounds I hear.

I'm sorry for what was done to you by other christians...well, for one, people's behavior is not based on religion but on how they were raised by their parents in particular. That's why we should always be careful with our dealings with everyone.

Thanks again and have a good weekend. I shall wait for your other comments soon. God bless.
constancy (2 stories) (64 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-13)
Hello, MysticMaria, I hope that you are well. I have been thinking a lot about you and know that you are into GOOD and EVIL spirits, sorting things out. I mean by this that you are checking who is with you, trying to move out EVIL, staying with GOOD!
I don't remember whether I have mentioned my manuscript on psychic molestation to
you. Its on the internet, free of charge, you may down-load it or just read it if you wish and can get to it via --agonyofpsychism. It will answer many more questions for you than I could possibly answer here. I'll give you one example here which might be of great interest to you.
My daughter Tanya's soul dictated the following to me in 1996 (and you will find it on page 291 of the manuscript):
There is a huge group of highly elevated souls/psyches/spirits which reside on exalted planes and watch over the Jewish people. These souls do NOT incarnate any longer but stay with the Jewish people and always will! There was a question with regard to further development from souls near me. "If these souls just remained with the Jewish people though they had completed their earthly journey, how could they evolve further?" Tanya's Soul explained, and my Soul agreed, that so many souls of this group moved up, so to speak, to even HIGHER planes (closer to GOD) and a few more levels higher they would belong to the ELOHIM. So many souls of Judaism move into the free positions, so that there is always, with regard to numbers, the same number of highly evolved souls, "THE ELOHIM", as we call these exalted BEINGS, with the Jewish people, to GUIDE them and their souls.
I was asked who the Christian world's HIGHERS were and replied that there don't seem to be any "Highers" right now mainly, because the Christian Churches are on the decline! The Christian Church is not practicing Jesus' teachings any longer and no matter how much their leaders preach, not many are listening. Souls of Christians molest indiscriminately, for no specific reason sometimes but to get attention, to be SOMEBODY!
Whole groups of souls of Christians set out to destroy my physical system each day for instance, (and they have HARMED me terribly at times) for the sheer pleasure of being part of the greater WHOLE of the Demonic (the DEVIL), yet, they hope that maybe tomorrow our LORD will listen to their pleas for forgiveness, and then hope to join the Christian GOOD again!
As stated, Jesus' teachings are not applied around me any more, and if one checks across the globe one asks oneself WHERE they are applied! My German family souls, for instance, are a group of souls of Christians, and their molesting ways are known to many. They haven't applied Jesus' teachings in a long, long, time! Therefore, the thinking of the soul world goes right back to pre-Jesus' times, to old Jewish standards: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth! Our Lord Jesus had changed these precepts to: LOVE ONE ANOTHER!
HE was a JEW and addressed HIS OWN! When HE returns HE will address the survivors of World War III, but HIS vocabulary will be of our times though the teachings will be the same. LOVE ONE ANOTHER! AND WE WILL ALL UNDERSTAND HIM!

I shall let you know more next time
but I wanted for you to know that no matter how much the Demonic is trying to win this round, GOOD IS STRONGER.
The new ORDER will begin on the PSYCHIC PLANE before it can begin with us, human beings, and I am sure it has begun. Whole soul groups which molested me before, have NEVER been heard of again. They have been moved to a part of the universe from which they will NOT return. Its a HUGE universe! The single soul, unless it is very well developed, is hardly ever felt. What we humans experience with regard to psychic molestation is usually "group molestation"! Many, many, souls are grouped by unscrupulous beings, are led to us, their victims, and are often PUSHED into us. Right now my left ancle, for instance, is swollen, because souls have moved into it and are steadily asserting pressure, AND THERE IS NO REASON FOR DOING THIS TO ME! I just refuse to let them have my SOUL!
So, if life becomes tough, remember that GOOD exists and in the end, is STRONGER than EVIL!
I shall continue soon, unless you want to read the manuscript. It is NOT book-edited!
I regret that very much, but it had to be moved out because it is important that as many people as possible read it, or parts of it, since time is "of the essence"!
Take care, and may GOD bless you always!
MysticMaria (4 stories) (40 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-12)
thanks, Erika. My soul is like a Mama to me... Like last night, by the time I finished preparing the meatballs for friday's spaghetti, it was already almost 8pm so while having a sandwich for dinner, I was thinking if I will still pray which is taking 20minutes or will I settle to read my novel so it's like the angel and devil were with me then suddenly on my left arm, I felt someone touched me... I looked up but did not see anybody, I hope I could one day...anyway, I spoke and ask if he/she wants food. Then it touched me again then I said, wait I'm still eating... Then on the 3rd touch, I realized, it wants me to pray so when I said, ok come on now, let's pray and hurry up because I want to read my novel so the touching stopped... In my house, they all protect me, how many they are, I don't know and last night, no noise at the ceiling at all... I slept well... To tell you honestly, I prefer to have spirits around me than the living ones... Because spirits take care of me all the time.

i don't know what's instore for me back home but I can feel something about my spiritual life will be fulfilled... Not to worry, when I go home to Philippines, I will still continue to be on this website.
constancy (2 stories) (64 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-11)
Hi, MysticMaria, so, you are from the Philippines? Sometimes it seem as if your SOUL is speaking directly through you as it felt when I read your last note, telling me that you want to go home.

My daughter Tanya's soul often speaks directly through her and I must remind her:"Your soul just spoke!" She then smiles, since in retrospect it all seems so normal. She is not a psychic but I have explained so much of the PSYCHE to her that she understands everything perfectly well!
She just doesn't experience her soul. Her soul finds it best to keep her closed for now, as much as possible (she is quite intuitive) since there are still too many disturbances around me, and her brother too! The understanding here is that what you can open you can keep closed, and her soul knows how to keep quite a number of psychic "openings" closed, for now!
My daughter Natalie's soul is thinking in these same terms!

I believe with you, that it is time to go home. Once you are there your soul will find it easier to contact you.

It seems to me that your soul has been around too, has lived in many a place, and feels that IT can contact you more easily in your home country!
Now then, again: Good luck with your operation!
MysticMaria (4 stories) (40 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-11)
Hello Erika, good morning. Well, my homecountry is Philippines. The climate there is tropical and I would say, it's good there... I miss my home country very much. Though I've been going on vacations once a year, but 1 month is not enough for me. Before this year ends, I would definitely go home for good. Middle East is not good for me, it makes me weak. 6 years in Oman, 10 years in the Emirates, don't you think it's time to retire? I work here in the UAE only but my life belongs to my homecountry. I don't know what's instore for me in the Philippines but I can sense something good is coming my way there.

I hope my psychic world will be much better when I go home. Maybe it's not yet my time to fully know my soul here; lack of time to really get into it.

Thanks for the information.

I'm still waiting for my schedule as of now, nothing is clear yet. The doctor needs to ask approval from the medical insurance so that keeps me pending for the surgery. Anyway, God will always make my situation lighter, I know.
constancy (2 stories) (64 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-10)
Hello, PsychicMaria:
I hope that you are coping well with your climate! I didn't know that it was getting that hot in the Emirates, but of course, you are at the Middle East! I understand that you are originally from somewhere else? Then the climate MUST be tough on you!
I wish you good luck with your knee operation and shall pray for you!
With regard to your "Psychic World" I still believe that it is your very own SOUL which is desperately trying to contact you but is most probably STRONGLY hindered to really come through. You think that the "main" contact comes from the Russian Lady, and that most probably is your SOUL, letting you know about its Russian life!
The souls which are trying to prevent IT from TRULY coming through, are those, if my theory holds, who would ALSO want to be your souls! They would, with all of their might want to stop YOUR soul from being acknowledged by you! Remember, when you heard "jeshish or jashish" and your boyfriend said, its a Russian word? It means something like "sit down and rest" (I don't remember his exact words) and I said to you that this word was to comfort you? All that you have been letting me and others know points to your OWN SOUL wanting to be in touch with you. The many times this soul has been trying to warn you of upcoming events point to IT being your own soul! Even if others try to move in to take over, you would now have ITS psychic voice in your memory, ITS psychic touch, how IT shows to you (the anima and the animus) and no-one can actually fool you for long, pretending that it is the Russian Lady.
All of this knowledge of course doesn't free you from the others.
I have been thinking that your SOUL, if IT is the Russian lady, might have gone to this incarnation in Russia because IT has had a number of very GOOD psychic friends then, has contacted some of them (some psyches stay in touch with some of their past-lives-friends) to give IT a hand in
staying with you! You seem to be a much-wanted lady!
I am awaiting your reply. In the meantime I'll pray for you and hope to receive more answers in explaining what all else must be thought about to aid you!
Take care and may GOD keep on blessing you!
MysticMaria (4 stories) (40 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-09)
Hi Erika, thanks for the insight. About these beings, you're right, they couldn't really let me know who they are, in as much as I tried to reach them even before, but I always fail. They let me feel their presence all the time by touch, sound and scent especially the mainstay being in my flat. All I know, the nationality is a Russian because I heard her before behind my back when I just got back from purchasing my grocery items one day. Also, I've been hearing that same voice but in low tone all the time. This entity that I saw in the lift was probably that lady who died last year, on the 1st floor and the watchman could not tell me the reason of her death, the same thing as the others who died in our building, she was found dead inside her flat.

I think, it's really a sort of warning but I'm not sure if my present health situation is related. I'm waiting for a schedule from my Doctor here for surgery. I have Meniscus Tear Grade II on my left knee and it needs surgery soon. I just hope it turns out well after the operation. I know I will have a hard time recuperating after surgery as I am just alone... I only depend on God's promises that He will not leave me... For sure, the spirits from the Light will take care of me too...

Well our climate here in Dubai is worst. It's summer and the regular temperature here is 45deg Centigrade. You won't even enjoy going out, it's hot + humid and so even you're inside your house, you'll sweat a lot. This climate is good for people who likes to sweat, they don't need to go to the gym or sauna to have excessive sweating.
constancy (2 stories) (64 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-08)
Hello, MysticMaria, I seem to have my computer problems pretty much under control but since it is an old computer, you never know what happens next. I just wanted for you to know that I think as Boldylocks sees it:
It most probably was a warning. You certainly remember details well and that is important, being a psychic. Also, your state of health is precarious and its helpful to have as accurate a memory as you have. The psychic world is helpful, I can tell and you do not have any problems with the reception of thought, pictures, sound, etc. The only problem I can see is that those who contact you aren't truly able to identify themselves. OR THEY DON'T WANT TO! Since you pray much, I would add a prayer, asking God to aid those who are contacting you to concentrate on letting you know WHO they are.
Once you have received more information about this, you can handle the whole situation better. You can have great conversations with the psychic world! But to know of the "presences", to receive information from them, and not knowing WHO they are, is not helpful to you!
I hope that your summer is beautiful and that you can enjoy the season. In my case, it ALWAYS helps when the sun is shining, but then, I am looking at 5 months of WINTER each year with ice and snow, AND the psychic world is often much busier during these months because people are housebound much more than during summertime. The psychic world just LOVES for us to be there for it IN OUR HOMES! I usually just leave each day for hours on end sometimes, just so that "undesirables" are not making my home theirs!
Take care and stay WELL!
Best Regards,
MysticMaria (4 stories) (40 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-08)
hi Boldylocks, thanks... I would be grateful.

Yes, your feelings may be right, perhaps your grandma just want to assure everybody that she's alright.
Boldylocks (2 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-07)
Hi MysticMaria! That makes sense... She was probably warning you.

I smelled my grandmother's perfume in my bedroom the day of my father's birthday. She had died a few years beforehand. My father and her were very close.

She was probably letting me know she was there in spirit, to be there for my father who misses her.

I will add you in my prayers for your health condition.


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