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I also have some questions at the end of the story.

Okay, so I started getting into Astral projection around the beginning of this year. I laid down and focused on the center of my head until I fell asleep and awoke to a giant vibration on my ear. It was an unusual pain so I reached for my ear, my hand was stiff and hard to move. Once I clasped my hand around my ear I suddenly sat up straight like waking up from a bad dream. I looked out the window and noticed that the moon looked more bigger and beautiful. And then I woke up. I had astral projected without realizing it.

Due to drama I only got back into it a month or two later. I tried using astral beats but it only helped induce the vibration stage and nothing more. I also noticed that every time I got into a deep meditation I would hear something move. I did this about 30times so when I say every time I mean it.

Eventually without getting any results and my life getting more drama filled I completely stopped trying. I was in a hotel and fell asleep intoxicated and woke up paralyzed. I remembered reading in my research that it's a good time to leave your body and as soon as the thought crossed my mind the way I was looking at things suddenly changed. I remembered watching a see through figure with possible wings fly out of my body and suddenly I was being lifted out of my bed.

I heard a friendly voice in the room. Like a man having a lively conversation with someone. This sadly scared me so I closed my eyes and only peeked on occasion. I saw myself being lifted out of the roof and I could feel the cold air on my face like I was sticking my head out of the window. I remember looking to see only black and what seemed like stars rushing passed me. I had no control over my travel and I was flying higher and higher. I also remember one instance where I heard someone whisper the name Pam which isn't my name.

Eventually I stopped and felt a really strange presence. I was still closing my eyes and was getting uncomfortable so I never looked to see what it was. I thought of my body and after a few moments I felt a tug and was dragged back to my body (I felt the entire ride back) and woke up. After that I've been able to astral travel much easier but I still have problems doing it.

I tried it again but it wasn't as Lucid sense my sense of reality is pretty messed up. When I tried it myself I woke up and instinctively looked at my hands (for no reason). When I did they looked glitchy and were breaking apart in front of me. I didn't think "Hey, this might be a dream" or "something is weird" I just didn't think and got up to walk around. I called for my sister but she didn't wake up and that's when I fell back to sleep.

It was awhile that I tried again. Well on purpose. Sometimes when I sleep I wake up in the vibration stage. Because it catches me off guard and I hear a ton of whispers I usually force myself out of it and go back to sleep like it didn't happen.

I was homeless at the time so I fell asleep in an abandon building and woke up in the vibration stage. I went with it this time telling myself that I didn't care about the whispers until I left my body. Then suddenly something started screaming at me and I was pushed. It didn't hurt but I felt like all my energy fell to the ground. The only thing I could think of was saying Jesus and returned to my body. I saw an image of something like a candle being lit before waking up.

Fast forward too recently: I recently got myself out of ANOTHER emotionless depression and was in high spirits. I saw the beauty of life by looking outside again and everything was good. I was reading stories on Astral projection and was started to get curious again. I aligned myself with the universe so that I was 100% certain that I was going to do it that night.

I was playing a game on my phone when I dozed off and awoke feeling like my body was slipping out of my body and through the floor. I rode out the feeling not thinking too much of and waited to leave my body. When I did it was really dark. So dark I'm not quite sure it was my room. I tried moving but I felt more like I was being dragged on the floor. Being myself I pretty much ignored that I was being dragged. I heard a voice saying. Let.Me. Out. But I ignored it because I was thinking of a pretty lake as a journey lol. I woke back up in my body.

I remembering hearing that you can do it again instantly so I tried again with success. I woke back up in the dark room and tried ways of flying but couldn't get anywhere. I thought maybe it was a mind thing but instead of thinking of flying I was trying to jump instead. I remember seeing a bright light before waking up. And that's pretty much it now I'm writing to you guys today.

My questions. Does it mean anything when you keep flying up with no control? How do I fly? Why was I being dragged?

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PathR (4 stories) (1247 posts)
5 years ago (2015-12-15)
Type in Search:AnneV (www.electric-store, I believe. She owns this site and has been Astral projecting for loads of years. She takes the unknown and questionable out.
TheNurseInBlack (1 stories) (1 posts)
5 years ago (2015-12-14)
Thank you for replying! I have been looking into but I haven't really found a clear reason. The only reason why I think this could happen is because I desperately tried going to the moon during other unsuccessful travels. But I don't know if that means I should loose control and be taken there.
And it wasn't screaming. More like a background noise but i'll try to be careful. I'll look into tips on how to keep anything negative away. Do you have any tips?
gstories (6 stories) (27 posts)
5 years ago (2015-12-14)
I don't know what it means when you can fly but have no control, but I would be extremely careful and look more into it and do more research just to be safe, it sounds kind of scary.

And being dragged and you hearing someone screaming and saying let me out does not sound good to me, like maybe it's a dark spirit/energy. So be extra careful.

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