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Psychic? Possession? Schizo? Help!


I'm eighteen and I've been seeing ghosts almost for as long as I can remember. About two years ago, when I was 15-16 is when my "psychic abilities" had increased, to the point where I started to have epileptic seizures (although I've never been diagnosed with epilepsy.) I would wake up to shadow figures standing over me, by the end of my bed, or the other side of it. I told my grandmother and she told she saw a ghost at this time, too. (we live in the same house.) At one point, I was trying to take a nap and I couldn't wake up, move my body, etc. I was completely paralyzed! It was like my spirit had awoken before my body. Later on, we found out that the old man behind us had died. Once my grandmother and I was informed on this, all the seizures/sleep paralysis went away. The only other person who knows about these 'abilities' is my sister. She told me she experienced something similar. I definitely feel like the old mans spirit was trying to inform us he passed away, but I don't know what for.

Well I've moved out last year and I still have the strong feeling that I'm being watched or that there's a ghost in my house. Actually, that feeling has happened quite frequently but all of sudden and out of nowhere it's getting stronger. I have to slee with the lights on just to feel like I'm not being watched. Also, this only happens when I'm in the shower and I feel like it's because running bath water sounds like white noise or I'm just losing my mind, but I started hearing voices through the water. I can't make out what they're saying but it gets to the point where I have to turn the water off for a few minutes to make sure no one is in my house. But sure enough, once I turn the water back on, there's the voices again. I know I sound crazy, but I don't think I have some type of schizophrenia or any other mental illness. For the longest time I've always felt like I was psychic but I didn't think so because I can't just turn it on and off. It happens whether I want it to or not.

So, I guess what I'm basically trying to ask is. What is the correct term for this? I don't meditate so I don't think I'm a medium. And also, do you guys have similar abilities?

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Hunter337 (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-11)
If you want you can go read my story, basically the same thing.

I suggest to not get scared and think more positive because if you are negative you will attract negative spirits, but go check out my first experience, its sort of the same.

I also see auras, and I tend to practice and meditate to make them stronger.

Good luck!

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