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Premonitions Of Past And Future


I never thought all of my scary or unexplainable dreams or sittings of spirits or even feelings of energies would lead me to be the person I am. Sometimes I feel really scared And misunderstand what I'm seeing. For example, I was in a old jail and had seen horrible things and could actually feel things being done to me, pinched poked, drafts or even energies. The people "spirits" that are on the other side of our mortal realm seem to want to use me or scare me for some reason. I haven't learned how to shut out the scary ones. I think there may even be one spirit that has attached it's self to me. It's a constant feeling at night, it wakes me up, and this has happened ever since I was a little girl, I felt so scared at night it started when I was five from what I remember? I didn't feel afraid after I seen a bright bluefish grayish oval light on my wall. I prayed then seen that light and I didn't have night terrors until around 8 years old. Now as an adult I have experienced sleep paralysis and also unexplained dreams that have lead to events. I wish I understood it completely, sometimes, not all of times I can also see colors over people and just sense things. Others call it gut feelings, I call it my unknown capability. If someone can give me advise on one thing though, I seen something that was so horrible and heard them say we are scared that you know... I don't know if it was a spirit or maybe telepath. How can I stop these things from happening because omg some of these things are just. Really creepy and inhumane. It really scares me sometimes.

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Boson (179 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-04)
Hello Angeliclove,

Some people are like magnets to spirits both of the good and not-so-good kind. So what will make a huge difference for these people, and that would probably be the case for you too, is to realize that there shouldn't be a reason to fear a spirit of any kind. You have the innate power to ward off spirits you don't want around you. Once you learn this, it will more feel like a gift than a curse about the ability you have. It doesn't have to be that complicate to learn. I would like to suggest that you practice the method of a bubble of divine protection. It's easy to learn and you it can be done anywhere you are and at anytime, since it's all about mental focus and visualization.

I hope this helps a little.


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