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Astral Trip and Physical Communication


I have a dear person her name is Estela who is in coma with a severe cancer. Two years ago, after entering a stage of coma, I received a call, and at the beginning I could not hear her, I spoke but got only sounds. I knew it was Estela because she was the only person who new my number. At the time I was in Romania and she in Panama (I am still in Romania). I started by asking if she cannot talk make a sound. Like a small tick. And we develop a language of no and yes answers. One click or tick was Yes and two Clicks were NO. Estela has gone in and out of coma since then, but never again has been able to speak. She has also lost her sight. In my opinion this is in part due to the anesthesia applied in some periodical interventions that she has gone through.

Then I asked Estela, in a second communication, to make an effort to talk, so she forced herself and made strange sounds from her throat. Until finally she pronounced my name and started mumbling words and then talked.

Estela has also seen me writing in my computer where I have her photo posted. She leaves notes, sometimes of Love, sometimes to help her, on the MSN Messenger. One time she described a moment where I was crying looking at her photo in the computer, very sad for what was happening. My conclusion to this was that she could make Astral trips. I have spoken to her and then to her children, what she tells me, and they are astonished how I know certain things about them and her mother of specific incidents concerning them only, when I am so far away. Now they ask me frequently: "did you speak to my mother, how is she?"

Many times while chatting to her children through MSN messenger, we have had some strong arguments and Estela calls me, to please not to fight with them. Or makes me specific comments of what is being chatted. Her daughter was dating somebody she did not like, but Estela did not know she was dating this person. Her brother, Estela's son, made me the comment while chatting in MSN. Immediately she called me, and told me to tell him that this relationship must end, that is not healthy for her daughter. She was watching all the time while we chatted.

One time I was traveling in the car in a very dark slippery road and almost had an accident. The car slipped and we almost crashed. Minutes later, she calls me and tells me "I see you in a dark road, very humid. Please be careful". I was accompanied by my plant Engineer at the time. We were traveling from Romania to Hungary. I asked her "where are you?" She answered "near you". My Engineer almost freaked out. "How did she know we are in a dark road in a car?"

A few days ago, Estela called me, she had a severe crisis, practically a heart attack. She is connected with an artificial lung and other machines to prolong her life or maybe recuperate. She said "a nurse disconnected me and is trying to suffocate me, she is saying I am a human garbage that don't deserve to live more". This was happening simultaneously while talking to me with her astral body. I tried to communicate with her children and when they came to the room, indeed she was really disconnected and completely purple. Nobody at the Hospital could explained the disconnection. They opened an investigation.

Many times Estela calls me while things are happening around her with her. Like being taken to the operating room or watch how the doctors perform on her body while she is out of the physical body and watching. Sometimes it feels like listening a narration of a live event, like a ball game or launching of a rocket from Cape Kennedy. "They are massaging me, there are many doctors and nurses on top, it looks as if I have a sort of stroke, they look very worried"

Many times Estela has called to tell me of things she need or pains she has. I am the only person that can communicate with her through the means of a cellular that she has near her bed. But what is interesting is that she does not dial with her hands, she is dialing with her astral body or mind or whatever strange method.

Sometimes Estela calls me and tells me she is scared and is hiding in a small drawer. Or she travels to my place to hide under my bed, where nobody can find her. She feels very lonely in this state of coma and remind me often of past experiences when she was well and of the things she did not do, and regrets that. Continuously she enters in states of depression.

Estela is in a hospital, but travels where her grand child is with the astral body and plays with him. The boy is only three years, and he tells his mother "I was playing with Grandma, she was with me" and describes things that is difficult to believe that at such age he can make up.

Several times, her children have told me that they came to the house and their things were in perfect order, when in the morning everything was upside down. And after when I have spoken to Estela, she tell me "I was at the house and made some order, my children are very careless".

One of the last experiences is that Estela's doctor and friend was in her house, and she had a dream that Estela appeared and told her "My friend, I am going to be well, but now I need blood, please come and help me". I know after my experiences that this was not a dream, thet she visited her friend the doctor in one of those Astral trips. The fact is that the Doctor arose from bed very nervous and confused. And indeed when entering the hospital and going to Estela's room, she was told that the patient needed urgently some blood.

As you can see, my experiences are a mixed of Astral trips, with chats and telephone calls, that until now, I did not hear about. Estela tells me of things that I am doing alone in my apartment, that only I can know of. According to Estela, she has developed this power of traveling out of the body mainly to avoid the physical pain she endures, and to communicate with me in her loneliness. As was said before, I am the only one she communicates with. She loves me very much. I must say that the force of love is unbelievable.

It would be very long to relate in detail this long experience that has lasted already two years. At present Estela, is very sick her weight is 45 lbs. Her possibilities of survival are very thin, but a lot of things in life is a complete mystery for us. Her doctors cannot understand, from the medical point of view, how she has endured so long with so many crisis, and still lives.

I would like some comments from somebody that can explain me better about these experiences and also how I can develop the possibility of making Astral Trips. No Bla Bla Bla please.

What I have stated is a very true experience

A. Szapiro

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constancy (2 stories) (64 posts)
14 years ago (2008-03-27)
Hello, Ari, I have been reading of your relationship with your friend Estelle with great interest and much compassion, and I wish you both well.
I read some of the other comments also and you have been given good advise, especially by Athena, therefore, I don't think that I have to add my two cents.
I hope that you understand that Estelle's SOUL travels to you to inform you about her life, and what is happening to her. It is a very vigilant being, so it seems, and cares very much about its poor, suffering person.
Also, you two have a very interesting way of communicating without her soul, which seems to be helpful to her !
I wish you both happiness, if one may say this, and I certainly wish you peace !
With regard to astral traveling, or as it is also called "out-of-body-experiences" I have one very interesting story to tell you, and those who are reading this, of course:
On December 18th 1981 I had left my body (so I believed then, when in reality I went "inward" to another realm of beingness
and zoomed along the countryside until I came to a clearing in the woods. There was a road, and people were lining the sides of the road as if waiting for something. I joined them, looking to the left. Soldiers
were marching toward us, sort of guarding a
male with their guns and other weapons. He was walking in the middle of the road and they were on the sides of it.

They made us believe that they were there for his protection, but it was quite clear to me that he was being guarded, either because they were afraid of him or they were worried that people might help him escape. Some few feet behind him was a contraption that carried the craft he came in, which looked like a SPACE craft. Not too large ! It was securely tied to the contraption and also guarded by soldiers.

As the parade neared I looked at the captured man and was filled with JOY (!) for I knew him ! I didn't know how, nor did
I know who he was, but I knew him !
I knew that no-one could see me and I ran past the soldiers to walk next to him. We
held hands and walked together. Only HE was aware of my presence, and we looked at each other with much love. I felt very light and wore a peasant dress and was bare-footed.
We kept on walking until we came to a place which looked like some kind of official building. There were a number of wide steps, leading up to a platform -- there were big pillars.
We walked up the stairs and I begged him not to go ahead with it (whatever that was), he would get hurt. He gave me the most reassuring smile and told me that everything would be fine.
He reached the platform and turned around as if to address the people with us. It seemed to be expected of him, all very subtly guarded by hidden machine guns pointed at him. He stood all ALONE and looked SO beautiful and pure, and I ran to him and hugged him, begging him not to do it. He told me that it would have to be done, and that the outcome would be good !

I felt such compassion for him and such
This man was my SOUL !
IT let me experience the aforegone about a year before I became a psychic. IT wanted to prepare me for the time that I would become a psychic to let me know that IT was ALWAYS fighting EVIL, often through ITS persons, and that IT would use me too to fight the DEMONIC, and not to be afraid !
The American soldiers which were "guarding" IT (the man) were symbolizing American psyches, who steadily pretended that they were protecting IT when in fact they were threatening IT.
I now know, many years later that my SOUL has brought a number of very relevant messages to souls of the American government which were well received at the time (the strange craft which looked like a UFO depicted thoughts (messages) from HIGH PLANES, concerning the future of this globe !), but a number of the souls of American officials became greedy and wanted my SOUL all for themselves (the hidden machine guns).
My SOUL may aid, but may not be threatened ! IT is always protected by High Planes and IT steadily assures me that "the outcome will be GOOD !"
I was given a look at what the future would hold for me but in the year 1981 I didn't truly understand what my SOUL was all about !
This I only learnt through the years and I am glad that I was told that "the outcome would be good" or I would have been quite afraid. I have been fighting the Demonic through the many years since, often along-side my SOUL but many times also alone, when my SOUL was fighting the larger souls of the Devil ! What I can do, others can do ! Too many people are afraid to fight back when they are confronted by the Demonic and give in, often selling their souls out of fear of being molested, and that just leads to much more molestation, than confronting Evil and fighting back.
PRAYER helps. An exorcism can only be conducting, having GOD on your side, otherwise a person could be in a lot of trouble ! Through PRAYER comes help and protection !
To you, Ari, I would also like to say that you LOOK for your OWN soul ! Since you are in touch with Estelle's soul, I am sure that your own soul is also present! You have to ASK for it, so that IT knows you would like to meet IT.
May God bless you and take care of both of you !
TheLastGrandDutchess (2 posts)
15 years ago (2007-07-27)
this is really sad. But it is preaty easy to Astral Travel. Just don't be afraid. If you are afraid than you will never be abell to Astral Travel. I am a psychic and I Astral Travel, but all I ever see is a ghost walking the earth. Hope that your friend will get better!

(Sorry for my spelling for I am from Russia).
Ari (guest)
15 years ago (2007-04-20)
Thanks for your comments. I will try some of your advices. Thank You
Athena (99 posts)
15 years ago (2007-04-14)
Dear angel, Very good, yes you know that is how you begin. The trick is to practice, practice and practice, as well as to not be afraid. Each person has their own energy response before climbing out of their physical body... Like whooshing, vibration, shaking, tonal frequency sounds, and so forth. I do this to calm down before heading to dreamland or if I am relaxing and balancing the body after a hard day. The trick is patience and to keep trying. Make notes in a journal about it and about your fears. Find what works best for you.
angel.. (guest)
15 years ago (2007-04-13)
There are different ways you can relax prior to attempting astral projection. Cleansing baths and creating sacred space are always helpful, but not necessary. Something you can try for now (method obtained from crystallinks):

Find a quiet place . . . Free of distractions. . .

Adjust the lighting and room temperature. . .

Adjust clothing . . . Footwear . . . Eyeglasses.

Sit down or lie down . . .

Find a position that is comfortable for you . . .

Quiet your mind . . . Still your thoughts . . .

Relax your body. . .

Your face . . . Your jaw . . . Relaxing . . .

Your shoulders . . . Your neck . . . Relaxed

Your arms . . . Your hands . . . Feel at peace . . .

Your torso . . . Your hips . . . Letting go . . .

Your legs . . . Your feet . . . Totally relaxed . . .

Focus on your breathing . . .

Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose . . .

Retain the breath as long as is comfortable . . .

Exhale through the mouth slowly and completely . . .

Repeat for two more breaths . . . Or as is comfortable.

Let go of the fear of leaving your physical body.

Remember you astral project when you sleep.

See yourself floating away from your physical body.

You may feel as release or perhaps hear a sound as you leave.

I find the above method to be very helpful and effective.

If you are comfortable with this process, then you are ready to astral project. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, you can stop. Please know that your physical body is ultimately in control.
Athena (99 posts)
15 years ago (2007-04-13)
Dear Ari and psychic13,

As psychic13 states there are many books, tapes, and websites for those who wish to learn and try to do astral travel. Robert Monroe and his institute are helpful, as they are forerunners to obe.

I am not a astral traveler, so I am sorry I cannot help you there. I am a sensitive and a prolific dreamer and dream traveler. The astral traveler is awake, as well as a remote viewer is and is one who has a target.

I do know how to go into the state one does before they leave their body, but I generally almost always go in my deep dream state. I rely on my other waking senses to sense my physical and paranormal reality around me.

It is my opinion that when you are ready the information and teacher will arrive. Each one of us has unique gifts and sometimes what we wish for is not necessarily meant for us at the time, but may change in the future. Fear also may be for some a reason they cannot go past this realm and travel to the other side. I have gone with what works for me, and that is sometimes the best as you continue to search, research and await your next lesson and teacher.

Blessings, Athena
psychic13 (3 stories) (29 posts)
15 years ago (2007-04-13)
i too am completely confused on how to do astral travel but if you go to amazon. Com and look up the book: astral travel for beginners by richard webster. I have that and I learned a lot but I have not been able to astral travel. A lot of it involves visualization and I have a lot of trouble with that so let me know if you come up with other techniques. I hope I helped
Ari (guest)
15 years ago (2007-04-13)
Dear Athena
Thanks for the comment. I want to learn more about Astral trips, because I have allways wanted. My experience with Estela has only increase my will. The fact that I comunicate with Estela has nothing to do with my wanted to learn more on the Subject, Even though I am communicating with her for the last two years (She is in bed four years in a hospital with in and out of comas.) I would like to experience out of the body experiences. Any Light in this subject will be apreciated
Athena (99 posts)
15 years ago (2007-04-12)
Dear Ari,

This is but my own opinion. Ari why do you need to learn how to astral travel? Your two way communication seems to be working. Why don't you ask her what she intends to do? She is always free to ask for guidance from the other side. Is she avoiding pain or avoiding making her final decision to live life or not to live life? It is up to her and the life plan or contract she designed. It is my belief that she already knows the answer. You may suggest to her that you will be a messenger for her, like a channel to connect to others within her life, but you will not be a part of the dramas in her life. If she wants to lead life she must choose. She has her own vessel (body) and you have yours, as well as your own life to lead. This is a good opportunity for her and for anyone living or about to cross over and still a bit earth bound to get their affairs in order. She is lucky, as there are many who did not do so and many who are alive who have not tied up their loose ends when they are still in the physical living state to do so. She or anyone may take this time to communicate their final wishes, dictate a will and living will, assign and distibute personal belongings, make amends, say thank yous, and tell everyone how much they are loved. Now, is always the best time for all. You may want to get a spiritual person based on her belief sytem to come in and speak to her out loud. Those who are physically with her can help her transition by being there and talking to her, touching her, playing her favorite music, reading from favorite books, pulling the window curtains open for sunlight during the days, bringing her favorite flowers, putting out some of her favorite things and just plain sending her prayers and love. In the end, the choice, responsibility and life contract are as always,...hers.
angie (3 stories) (23 posts)
15 years ago (2007-04-10)
hi ari, your story moved me to tears, reminds me when my mum was ill and I couldn't be with her, so bless her, she came to me and stayed constanly until she passed, I also had a gentleman come to me one night ,he was in a coma, asked me to tell his daughter to stop crying as he was ok and enjoying traveling, not sure how long he was with us before he passed properly, but I do believe people can leave there body at will when they are so ill and in such pain, I find it very comforting to know this. I am sending love and healing to your dear freind, I do feel she will leave when she has done everything she needs to do here,
blessings to you all xx
aramasamara (22 stories) (577 posts)
15 years ago (2007-04-09)

I cannot begin to express in words the pain she feels, though as I have mentioned before people that have such unbelieveable pain on a daily basis can see things, make people do things...ect. Estela has been suffering for a long time, you both probably know that... But something some hope some odd restraint always keeps us here. You mean so much to her, as you know, or more beyond belief. If she has or ever does consult you about death terms or whatever I hope you both can be at ease about it. I tell you though somedays I am confused just as much probably as she is why I am alive.*she might not be confused I don't know ha-ha* I hope I am not sounding rude or anything. I was never good at talking "normally" to others ha-ha. So, sorry if I am in any way offense. I am glad that you two have a wonderful bond, I really hope everything goes well either way. That you two can talk about life in general as well, that's always nice. Anywho, both of you the best of luck. ^^

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