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Premonitions Or Coincidence?


I'm not one who really believes in psychic abilities, the paranormal or any other supernatural phenomena. I'm not religious, and I consider myself a staunch skeptic. I try to approach everything pretty analytically and chalk most occurrences up to coincidence. Just because I can't explain something doesn't mean I need to thumb it as a divine happening. There's usually a solid explanation to be found if you're just willing to delve a little deeper past surface perceptions.

That said, however, over the last few years, since at least 2011, I have been having vivid dreams that may or may not be more than mere coincidence. The dreams are usually much more detailed than other experiences and I usually wake up terrified from them. The more I've had them, the more specific they seem to get.

The first dream occurred in early 2011. In it, I was in a city driving on an overpass. There were several large tornadoes all around and I was trying to drive to safety. Before one of them crossed the overpass directly in front of me, I woke up. Around two weeks later in April, we had the largest outbreak of tornadoes ever recorded in history.

Not long after, I dreamt I was on a public bus full of people, in a coastal area. I happened to glance behind me through the back window of the bus, and saw a massive wave rushing inland. I tried to warn the people and tell them we needed to get to higher ground, but everyone was panicking and trampling one another. I woke as the wave hit. Coincidentally, about two weeks later, a 9.0 earthquake struck Japan and caused a massive tsunami.

About a year ago, I had a dream about my grandfather. He was standing very close to me, so that all I could see was his mouth. He was trying to tell me something very important, but I couldn't understand him. He suddenly disappeared and in the dream, I knew that he'd passed away. In my waking life, he's thankfully still here, but his health has deteriorated and I wonder if the dream meant that he would soon be gone, and I need to spend more time with him. Or, perhaps I'm just subconsciously aware of his decline and the dream was a projection of that.

Eight months or so ago, I dreamt of my grandmother. She was alive, but standing very still with her face submerged in her kitchen sink. I knew that she was drowning. A week later, I found out that she was in the hospital with pneumonia. I don't keep in touch with my family as often as I'd like, and I had no idea that she'd been sick.

The final dream I've had so far bothered me the most. This one occurred a few months ago. I was with my family on a tour in our area seeing some of the natural sights. Suddenly, a large bomb was dropped over the major industrial portion of the city. My family and I had just enough time to seek refuge in a cave, something our area is well known for. I remember trying to calm my family and lead them far enough out of the city so that we could regroup. Obviously this one has not come to pass, but the vividness still bothers me.

Again...I'm not certain that any of these have anything substantial to them. Perhaps much of it was influenced by things in my waking life in some way? But I'm still most certainly up for discussion.

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gstories (6 stories) (27 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-16)
What state or city did your last dream take place in?
Cassie_1008 (3 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-11)
I believe what you had is what we call premonitions, or warnings. I understand you're a skeptic. So there will be a lot of discussion. LOLS. Anyways, if my memory is correct, such occurrences in a dream can be substantial to your recent memory or experiences or feeling/emotions. Dreams are create by the subconscious mind <obviously you know this, lols>

In the esoteric sense, dreams are in the astral dimension. It's a state where your "sleeping self" <many called it astral body> travel through this dimension. In the Astral Dimension, there are levels and the time difference in that dimension is sort of ahead of reality. You had them as detailed and vivid, it can be that you had a level of seeing what is to come.

With your grandparents, there weren't direct, rather symbolical.

Dreams may be direct and symbolical... It just a matter of research on how to interpret them.

You can, try to check on esoteric science. This might help you out. I'm not even sure if I had explained it well. LOLS.

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