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My Take On Sleep Paralysis


My first sleep paralysis happened when I was 13 after watching "The Ring" about two weeks before. In my room, unfortunately for me, there was a TV in front of my bed. As we all know what happened in the movie, the ghost comes out from the TV and kills the victim with terror...

That's what exactly happened in my sleep paralysis.

The TV turned on. A deafening static sound echoed in the room. Samara came out from the TV. She hovered on top of my body, taunting me.

As my first encounter, this was scary as hell. But with the connection of watching a horror movie with the same motif as with my sleep paralysis, I deduced that the encounter was not of a paranormal nature. Since then, I never encountered another sleep paralysis...

But 4 years later when I moved to New York to live with my brother and sister, all hell broke loose. Every 2 or 3 months, I would have sleep paralysis. I'd just wake up feeling that there is a presence or a thing that was watching me. I would snap out of it by either "moving my pinky or toe..."

There were times where I would sleep on my side. I did research and found that sleeping face up could increase the likelihood of sleep paralysis. However, there were moments where I would sleep on my side and get about 2 to 3 encounters in a row. It was irritating but it never crossed my mind if it were demons or not...

I'm 22 right now and I've somehow found a way to overcome my sleep paralysis. The encounter I'm about tell is one of my most memorable, coolest and perhaps scariest encounter I've had so far - but it was cool though.

There was one night where I felt that I was engulfed by my own blanket. My blanket wrapped itself around me and tried to suffocate me. It felt like I was being wrapped by a boa constrictor. The scary part was that the blanket turned into a demon or an evil spirit. Not liking the experience anymore, I decided to fight back. I think this where "astral projection" comes in. I remember myself breaking free from the hold and turning the tables around. I was on top of the blanket and clenched my fist against it as if I was the one suffocating the thing. At the point where I thought I've won the bout... I woke up.

I woke up strong, relieved, somehow proud that I fought my "demons" and to top it off, it was morning. It may sound cheesy but it did happen and I bet my soul if I lied.

Now, the latest I had was when I visited a friend in Philadelphia and stayed over their place 3 weeks ago. In the room, there were four of us and we were in close proximity. If there were any hauntings or whatsoever, it would've been unlikely. However, the sleep paralysis happened and, as you know, I fought back once again. This time it was in a form of a minotaur that came out from one of my friend's bed and took hold of my legs. In my mind, I fought with my feet, trying to kick back as it grabbed my legs. Soon, the struggle ended and I woke up back in the room, in the same position I was before sleeping. This time I didn't feel scared going back to sleep since I knew how to fight back...

So what's bothering me right now is that;

(a): Is this a psychic/paranormal thing or does science have an explanation to it... I'm leaning more to the scientific side but the paranormal could explain some things that science does not have.

(b): I have a theory (and please do not berate me since it is a theory of paranormal) that fending off demons/evil spirits in sleep paralysis is a way of exorcism, may it be towards the wellness of individual spirituality. May it be psychological or paranormal, the very action or deed of struggling against the "demon" could give a sense of triumph over evil...

I'm a very laid back and happy person and I don't like being sad or negative. I think my personality does help me overcome the sleep paralysis and give me strength in "fighting back..."

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revsilverson (guest)
15 years ago (2009-05-26)
for me sleep paralysis is when you are dreaming that you are awake. What you describe here are your dreams not astral projection or anything psychic in my opinion. Blankets, minotaurs, demons etc all have meaning. Our consciousness is out partying while the bond to the flesh is weakened during sleep. So many fantastic images occur. My advice is for you to get a copy of The Element Encyclopedia of 20, 000 Dreams. It covers the meanings of many many dream images.

Love and Light
jeffaf (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-26)
Please don't get decieved which is what a demon would cause you to do. Man alone cannot fight off demons but through god. If it is demons, They have shifted your faith in god for protection to no protection and on yourself causing you to be very vulnerable, making you think you can take on a demon. They have even made you feel good about it causing you to think you have a spiritual strength and ability to think you can defeat demons which is vanity.
If it is demons you need to pray and know with faith that god will protect you and not become fearfull at all because a real test of faith is what ever comes your way you should not be afraid because you are under the protection of almighty god. Who can defeat the devil and his demons. NOT YOUSELF OR ANY MAN ON THIS EARTH. This is only if you believe. It is not psychological or paranormal. I believe it is the struggle of the principalities of darkness which you and me cannot comprehend.
They are the unseen forces of good and evil of gods angels and the devils angels fighting in a battle with us in the middle who are the ones who have to choose which side to be on.
XtjrX (7 stories) (300 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-29)
I have some hunches about sleep paralysis. I must preface that I deduce what "might" be happening in sleep paralysis based on my most fruitfull meditations-and degree in psychology. I seem to be able to lower my brainwaves to a state beyond relaxed. Example: my eyes move like REM sleep when I'm completely awake going astral. I felt energy rushing through my body-it was pure bliss. But I had to cut it short, becasause while I was fully awake, I really couldn't move. I got up, was clumblsy and bumping into things for several hours. There is a way for your mind to be awake while your body is "sleeping". I can catch the transition now when I'm meditating very well. I'm asleep, but I'm still meditating. My theory: it's being consious while you are technically asleep. Ine can't move their body, because it's asleep. It must be terribly frightening to feel like you woke up but can't move. It's another state of consiousness. I'm sure it's not a perfect theory, but as I prefaced, it's just a hunch based on my new ability to trance very very deeply. I hope it helps, it's just my hunch nothing more.
Cocodreams (2 stories) (66 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-29)
Berrygoodgirl - My dad used to come and sleep on the floor next to my bed when I refused to sleep in my room. I couldn't sleep next to my mom because she snores too much! See - this was before my dad told me what was going on. He just said I was having nightmares so he would sleep in the room with me in case I got scared again. You yelled out Jesus. I said the Lord's prayer and the lady let go. Sylvia Brown (the psychic) was on Montell Williams and she said when that happens to just tell them to go away because you don't like it. I tried that and they never came back. Maybe once or twice but never that lady that was holding me.
Cocodreams (2 stories) (66 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-29)
If I am learning anything from this site, it is the terminolgy for everything I've been experiencing for years. I clicked on this post because you said sleep paralysis. I know that sometimes when I'm right about to go to sleep someone holds me down by my shoulders and I can't move. I feel paralyzed. The person then begins to whisper in my ear. You know how you said you would move your pinky toe? That is hilarious because the only thing I can move is the tip of my index finger! My boyfriend holds my hand when I sleep (when I ask him too. I can feel when they are coming before I go to sleep) He holds my hand when I sleep and if he feels me move my index finger then he will turn around and wake me up. He'll shake me and ask if I'm ok. I usually just thank him and go back to sleep. I have a friend that told me she is held by her ankles and she can feel an old lady sit down on her bed next to her feet. Weird. Who am I to call anyone else weird? Ha ha... Oh well. I know what you're going through!
houseofglass21 (1 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-12)
I've had similar experiences. I've had about 6 or 7 sleep paralysis experiences since my first one last year.

My mother had experienced sleep paralysis one night, and asked me about it. She said she felt like someone was pulling the covers off of her and closing in on her. She said she tried to call out my name for help, but no words would come out and she couldn't move. So I started researching it a bit, and explained to her what it was after reading about it.

The strange thing was that that same night I experienced my first instance of sleep paralysis. I went to sleep, woke up at around 9am and could see that it was daylight, looked at the clock and went back to sleep. I had a dream that I was in my room and in my bed but that it was very very dark. I thought to myself in the dream "that's funny, I thought I woke up already and it was morning". I felt a creepy presence or feeling in the room, started to pull the covers up over my head, and then felt as if someone was closing in on me. At that moment I heard a strange voice say my name, I struggled to wake up and scream, but couldn't move at all and the words coming out of my mouth were muffled. Finally a few moments later I could move and was awake. I was quite disturbed by the whole experience and was wary of going to sleep for the next week or so.

My next experience was also kind of scary. I dreamt that I was walking across this field that leads to a pond/lake around here and that I came to the edge of it and was standing there, then somebody pushed me in. Upon that happening I heard an awful sounding voice like an old horrible lady say my name. I tried to wake up, but was briefly paralyzed.

I've had a couple somewhat pleasant dreams involving sleep paralysis. In one dream I was talking to a priest and then saw an image of the Virgin Mary, but was momentarily paralyzed upon waking from the dream.

The past couple of times I've had it I've fought back. One time I found myself in a dream where I was standing in my room across from my bed and I saw something sitting on my bed. I lunged across my room and onto whatever it was that I saw and started flailing and punching it. I said "I'm not scared of you" and then awoke after being momentarily paralyzed.

The last encounter was some random dream about some scary movie I had seen. I dreamt that I was part of the movie. Some strange voice said my name, and I said "f*** you, I'm not scared of you" and then awoke.

I always find that when these episodes happen it's usually after I've been very tired and not had much sleep the night before. I also find that when I awake I'm always on my left side/almost on my back so I always sleep on my stomach. Before waking up from one of these dreams I almost always hear a strange voice (hypnogogia).
Berrygoodgirl (2 posts)
16 years ago (2008-06-29)
I was asleep one night when I woke up and couldn't move. I felt paralyzed and felt hands holding my ankles and wrists down on the bed. My eyes were open but saw no one there.
I was so very scared and tried repeatedly to move but couldn't. I took the deepest breath I could and yelled out, "Jesus!" Whatever bound my feet and legs let go. I raised my back off the bed only see a big black hand sliver under my bed. OMG, I freaked!
I stood on top of my bed, jumped off in a running sprint to my parent's room screaming the whole way. Of course my father thought I was nuts after hearing my story but I insisted I was NOT going back into that room. So, my dad slept in my bed and I slept with my mom and the very same thing happened not only once but twice more that night.
I have not had the same experience as that night but close to it. I can feel when the sleep paralysis is coming and I rebuke it promptly. Sometimes I feel my blankets depress and other times I just feel fear.
I have read about sleep paralysis and some say to completly relax, don't resist it and you'll have an out of body experience that sleep paralysis comes before an out of body experience.
Personally, I want nothing to do with whatever went under my bed that night, if that means giving up out of body!
I hope this helps you, you have 2 choices concerning everything in life, reject it or accept it.
Carrotred (1 stories) (17 posts)
16 years ago (2008-06-28)
Sounds scary, I would hate to be in your shoes!

But your sleep paralysis seems to be more super natural to me. Although watching "The Ring" as a child could have started it off.

All the best - Carrotred

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