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Visions While Awake & Strange Dreams


I think all these events started as far back when I was about 7 or 8 I'm now 42. Back then I had seen and talked to my grandmother and uncle after they had passed away. Both appeared at the bottom of my bed didn't feel scared at all.

In more recent times I have had strange visions where I'm hit with an odd feeling almost like a disconnected feeling, and then for a few seconds I see something, mostly its random with people or places I don't know. But this one time the vision actually interacted with me asking for help (I couldn't hear him but I understood what he was asking) I was kind of freaked out a bit and a few seconds later he had gone. Fast forward 2wks and the local news reported that a local man who I didn't know and never met was murdered! They posted a pic and low and behold it was the guy from the vision. These visions are usually followed by extreme tiredness.

Only once have I had a dream and a vision overlap. I dreamt I was in a carpark at the end of the golden gate bridge in SF, with a guy with curly black hair and we both heard an explosion. It was really vivid and I could remember the carpark, the conrete rails even the little bushes that were there. Strange thing is I have never ever been to SF and later that next day I google mapped the bridge and it was exactly as I had dreamt... On a different occasion I also had a vision what felt like I was seeing inside a strange apartment with 4 or 5 people in it and the same black haired guy was in it.

My other vivid dream was when I dreamt my father told me he had cancer and that he hadn't got long (bear in mind I hadn't spoke to him I years) in the dream we met in a white corridor which I can only explain as clinical - hugged each other apologized for stuff and cried. And he told me he had cancer and that he hadn't long. The dream was at the start of Dec and I just passed it of as some crazy dream. At sometime in march a relative came and told us that dad had cancer, I phoned him and made arrangements to visit him in the local hospital, now this is where it gets even freakier. I met him halfway down the corridor of the hospital wing and the way we walked back down it was the exact same way we did in the dream (even to the very spot beside the window) both hugged and cried and apologized (word for word what was said in the dream) and it was only when I was leaving did I realize we were wearing the same clothes as in the dream! 7 weeks later he passed away.

No one I know has a clue what I mean, probs think I'm mental lol. Hpefully somebody here has xperienced something similar

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Nightingale (145 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-08)
Hello big_g,
First, I am glad you've shared your story. These things can be hard to discuss, but please know you aren't alone.
I have experienced similar things on many occasions. Know that you are not at fault for what happens, such as with the murder victim you saw. The guilt can be difficult to handle, but I find it helpful to keep a record. This way, you can find patterns and gain some control. Meditation also helps, and can assist you in developing strength. Energy is drained when you receive visions, but the more you meditate the easier it will get. Sometimes gemstones can help you restore a little energy.
Over time, I've learned some degree of control. I cannot ask for a vision, normally, but often can put them off until later, control when they come.
Meditation may bring on more visions, but it will help you.
Also, if you can communicate with familiar spirits, continue to embrace this gift. Some have helped me greatly.
I wish you the best,

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