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I Experienced A Connection With A Past Loved One


My best friend died suddenly at the age of forty. Before she died, I had a sudden urgency to telephone her. I advised her I didn't like the sound of her cough, and she sloughed it off. That night, she was admitted to the hospital. She died 2 weeks later. I did not know that she was even in the hospital.

I drove by her brother's workplace and felt an urgency to stop by. I didn't and worked later that evening. I was at a new job, however felt an urgency to call her brother, right in the middle of training. I called, and he told me that she had died at 3am that morning. I felt tremendous guilt over not being able to tell her goodbye. I was advised to write a letter to her as if I was talking to her.

In the middle of my writing, faces and places like a movie came into my head. It made no sense at the time, however after following my gut, I was lead to her Therapist, whom I met with that night who told me that she loved me and only wanted me to be happy. This was a tremendous weight lifted from me. He told me I was very gifted. I have left out particulars, however the information I received that night led me in the direction to the person I felt she wanted me to.


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