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Bleeding Eye And Psychic Abilities


To begin with, I have no psychic abilities, although I wish I did. My friend though does, let's just call him Jim. I'm not sure exactly what he would be classified as. He has the involuntary ability to know anything bad that a person has done without them telling him. I don't know if this is clairvoyance or telepathy or whatever, but either way it is a psychic ability.

So this is pretty cool that he has this ability. But recently the "side-effects" have gotten out of control. At least its my theory that they are side effects from his psychic abilities. I didn't know if anyone else has experienced this.

First off he has been having migraines since forever. Recently though they have been so bad that he hasn't been able to eat, he throws everything up. One of his eyes has also recently started bleeding. No doctor that he's been to can explain this. I didn't know if anyone else has experienced this, has any advice, or knows how he can control his psychic abilities. Thank you so much.

Also I haven't really been able to ask him if his psychic abilities have become stronger, hence the stronger side effects, because his girlfriend is around a lot and she does not know about his abilities. I do know that he feels bad about knowing things about other people that they don't tell him, and I'm all for him developing his psychic powers but I think he would want to control them better so if anyone can give advice on that it would be greatly appreciated!

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bsuttles3922 (2 stories) (165 posts)
5 years ago (2015-06-05)
If you can't learn how to heal him, a healer or a guardian may be able to help. Also if you don't naturally have gifts don't press it. All of us have potential, but they only manifest if your body, soul and mind can handle them.
bsuttles3922 (2 stories) (165 posts)
5 years ago (2015-06-05)
Do you know how your friend obtains the information? If he has dreams its premonitions and eye bleeding from powerful premonitions are heard of. If its visions he could be a seer or precognitive. If he obtains it by looking into their eyes he could be a sibil and unfortunately I don't know if that's common for them, I've only heard of those. If he's obtaining the information by touching or uses any of his other senses he could have psychometry. Any of these abilities are prone to migraines because they are potent gifts.
HalfMoonX5 (42 posts)
12 years ago (2008-09-14)
Have you noticed if your friend has a red ring around the pupils of his eyes? My friend, who has psychic abilities, does and he has pointed this out to me, but he doens't if the ring has anything to do with his abilities.
DarkZant (2 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2008-07-03)
well, he has no need for rushing, once I tried to see a third layer of an aura, (I was seeing two, which never happened before) and my eyes got sore, they hurted and were red, when he is ok again tell him about not rushing

And about you... What vampire_angel said is completely true, everybody has psychic ailities, only you have to untap them
Vampire_Angel (8 stories) (123 posts)
12 years ago (2008-07-03)
Maybe if he meditated, he could control them more, and he'd be relaxed. That might help him a little.
Now, you said that you wish you had psychic abilities. Everyone has them, you just have to open them up. You can buy books, or go online, and you can find exersizes to help you open them up. Also, meditating helps. You can do this, but you have to believe that you are going to get results... You can't ever say "I can't do it..." or something like that. Don't doubt yourself. Everytime you meditate or do an exersize it helps. Also, try not to be afraid. Trust in yourself, and your abilities, oh and protect yourself. You can picture yourself in a white light, someone said something about a salt circle, just poor salt around you. Or, if you're religous (sp?) you can use a cross, or some symbol of your religon.
Good luck... To the both of you!
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
12 years ago (2008-07-02)
Part of being sensitive maybe is to grow into ourselves. I've done things that I didn't feel ready to do again and would have bothered me. So, I refuse them. If I wanted to search for every missing person in a brutal crime or focus on other stuff, I'd probably have a migraine. Never had one. I have had poison ivy. Seems every few years, 5 or 6, we get something. Last time got a spider bite on my eyelid and ended up in the hospital a week. I think your friend has talent and needs to back off and let it happen slower. Not rushing will be a good thing in the end hopefully.
GLS (7 posts)
12 years ago (2008-07-02)
Ask your friend if he went through something, seen something or picked up on something (that he knew something about a person), that he's held inside and hasn't shared it with anyone to let it out. I know when I hold something in my blood pressure goes up and I have headaches. And if I had a strong negative experience psychic or not, I'll get physcially ill, then it goes away and my medical reports are if nothing ever happened.
sams (2 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2008-07-02)
Hi I am Sam I can give you some advice for your friend I am still discovering what I am. But on my path I have found meditation really helps you can get books DVD's on this I try to stick to one kind I fell Buddhist meditation is the best there are many types you can try. The thing with having a psychic ability is it drains you; you need to find a way to let the stress and the pain you feel from knowing peoples darkest secrets talking to a friend can help along side of meditation. I use calming music healing Crystals there are many to try here are some I use dioptase, lapis and topaz these are for migraines. You should check out website then click on Healing use these tell you what each crystal has which properties they sell healing Crystals to.
I am not a doctor so this may only help if it is to do with his psychic ability. He may want to see someone to do with his eye. The migraines and bleeding eye could be from something else. I hope your friend is ok if you need anymore advice let me know I will check this page in a few days.

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