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A Premonition In A Dream


I have always been interested in things like the paranormal and mediums and things, but I never believed that anything like that would really happen to me. However, when I was about 11-12 years old, I had a premonition. The premonition came in the form of a dream so at the time I didn't actually know it was a premonition.

In my premonition, I was walking down my road on my way to school. Then I came to a churchyard that I always used to walk through whenever I went to school, and I saw that it was taped off with police tape and there were police men dotted all over the place stopping anyone from going through. The premonition was so real; I could feel, touch, hear, and see everything around me. It was almost as if I had actually lived it.

I woke up and I was panting as if I was slightly out of breath, but I didn't think anything more of it. I just thought it was a weird dream. I got up and got ready for school as usual. After I had got my schoolbooks ready and changed into my uniform I said goodbye to mum and started on my journey to school.

When I came to the road that I had seen in my premonition, I could see in the distance what appeared to be police tape. I started to get a bit anxious but as I was such a long way off at that point I reasoned that it might be something else. However, as I got closer, I realized that there was actually police tape stopping anyone from going through the churchyard and there were police men dotted everywhere. Every single detail about the scene in front of me was exactly the same as I had seen it in my premonition

I stood still and then started to panic. The first thought that came to me was that I had seen this only the night before, I had known that it was going to happen. Then I realized that I had no way to get to school, I only knew one route to school and I couldn't use it because of the police tape, but luckily my friend was coming up the road at that time and so I ended up walking to school with her. To this day I still think that the premonition was a warning of what was to come, and since then I have had other experiences where I have just known things about people or events without anyone saying anything to me.

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