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Well I'm not really sure what to call this or how to explain it without everyone thinking I'm crazy, because at the moment I think I'm crazy!

It was about late February just after I had turned 16. I was feeling fine just having a day in watching TV and such and I felt really dizzy. I usually get it a lot when I stand up but this time it was quite bad so I thought I would just sit down and it would pass as it always does, but the next minute I woke up lying down on the floor. I thought it was a bit weird and thought nothing of it.

Then two days ago it happened again but this time I was out longer and I could have sworn while I was out I could hear about two or three really clear voices; one male, the other female talking about 'she' and 'her', but I can't remember what they were saying. The TV wasn't on in the room there was no one else in the house so I have no idea what these voices were and I didn't recognize them as anyone I knew.

I told my mum about it and we went to the doctors and he said he couldn't find anything wrong with me and I was fine. It was maybe just low blood pressure but I have a strong feeling it was something else. Plus my dad has always been interested in the whole psychic thing and his mum (my Grandma) has always been said to be quite psychic like predicting things that will happen and have.

But I'd like to get someone else's advice and if something similar has happened to them



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SunderMic (3 stories) (123 posts)
15 years ago (2008-07-11)
the reason why the doctor couldn't find anything wrong wih you is cause there is nothing wrong with you.
Some people with psychic abilties get dizzy, sleeping problems, mood swings and may suffer from depression. So which you get dizzy and that because you have a psychic talent which for you is to see spirits and ghosts.

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