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Afraid To Go Home


My son and I live alone in my grandmother's house. My grandmother passed away 6 years ago. Her house was a month old when she passed. I have always felt like someone has been with me in the house but never have I been afraid of it before. I guess I was convinced that it was my grandmother watching over me.

In the past, the TV has come on by itself, toys have come on by themselves and the light in the bedroom closet comes on by itself. These things have not scared me. My 3 year old son has always talked about seeing people in the house that I cannot see and he has not been afraid either. He has told me that an older man that he called his grandpa was a very nice man and an older lady told him that she loved him. These things only confirmed to me that if indeed someone was in the house, they were relatives and were watching over us.

Last night I couldn't go to sleep. I was tired but could not sleep. I remember before going to sleep thinking that my room looked really hazy and thinking that maybe I was just really tired. I finally went to sleep around 12:30 a.m. At about 4am I woke up because I heard a door opening. I tried to sit up in bed to see if the back door in the room was opening but I could not move my body, only barely lift my head. I saw the door open but could not see outside. I saw a very bright light. I was very scared and kept telling myself to tell whatever it is that it is not welcome. So I tried, but I could not talk. It was like I was screaming inside but nothing would come out.

Suddenly my body felt cold and I had chills and I felt like something had came into my body and then I saw the door shut and I was able to move and talk and was not cold any more. I started thinking to myself that it was all in my head and it didn't really happen. Just as I processed the thought, my 3 year old son who was sleeping beside me woke up and told me he had pee'd the bed (which he doesn't do very often) so I got up and cleaned him up and we went back to bed.

As we laid down he said "Who is saying my name?". I asked him who was saying his name and he said he didn't know and then he went back to sleep. I was terrified, so I called my fiancé who is 2 states away and made him talk to me until I feel asleep again.

When I woke up a few hours later my son was still sleeping, as he woke up he mumbled something about the door being open and when I asked him what he said, he woke up fully and didn't know what he had just said.

My son usually gets out of bed and goes to the bathroom by himself in the mornings and gets a drink by himself, but this morning he was scared to be anywhere in the house without me by his side. While I was getting dressed he was standing beside me and let out a big sigh, I asked him why he did that he and he said because of the bad people there. I asked what bad people and he just pointed to the corner of the room.

My sister lived in this house for a few years after my grandmother passed (before I did) and she told me that similar things happened to her with the lights and such. My sister has told me that she contacted my grandmother while living in the house with a psychic circle board and my grandmother had indicated to her "2 babies". So my sister thought she would have two more babies, but it turned out that we both got pregnant that year and had babies within 3 weeks of each other. I don't know if this has anything to do with what happened to me last night, but just wanted to give a little history.

Any help? Suggestions?

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-01)
Invite a greek or russian orthodox christian priest, to sprinkle your house and family with holy water, and TELL HIM YOUR PROBLEMS, he'll be glad to help you, because he CAN! You have nothing to lose. Visit website: 'real life angel and demon encounters'. God bless.
Mikeandeverything (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-26)
Hi, Jenny. Looks like it has been quite awhile since you posted this. I would be interested to know how it's going and I extend my sympathies. Have been there and done that! I did have a fascination with Ouija boards long ago and I expect that has something to do with some of my experiences.

I have gotten to where a lot of the time when it seems like something is afoot, weird noises and the like, I am usually not as easily phased as I once was. I often talk to them or if I am trying to sleep sometimes tell them to shut up! =) And I used to be petrified which I am sure gives them power. On the other hand I do sleep with a light on. Some helpful things include salt. I have put plates of it around at different points in various rooms. Another is the black rock sold in New age and magic stores called hematite. You can hold onto it say when you are afraid and it absorbs negative energy. I hope you are well. Mike.
psycat (4 stories) (44 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-15)
Yeah I have a question. I've screamed lots of times even in the middle of class, but no one could hear me but myself. Why is that? 😕
mystical2 (16 stories) (483 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-14)
I never finished my question. Sorry. Did this happen day after your sister used the board or the day after you felt the spirit go through you?
mystical2 (16 stories) (483 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-14)
Hi. Did the pain come on the day after the board? Just making sure I'm reading this correctly. If it did, there may be a possibility something is attached to you causing the pain. Spirits can cause pain. I am also suffering with bad pain and the doctors cannot fiqure it all out. I have recently found people who are going to help me. If you don't want to contact anyone for help, there is a book called, "REliance on the LIGHT" By Diane Stein. It gives you the steps for cleansing and removing spirits, as well as attachments. I would still continue seeing the doctors. Like I always say what's there to lose. It's worth the try. Good Luck to you and I wish you well. God Bless.
jennykay7836 (1 stories) (2 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-14)
I never used the board... I am terrifed of those things. My sister used it when she lived there, before I moved in. I don't know if she closed it out or not. I don't know enough about those things. I guess I could ask her. I know she still had the board, because I saw the box in her closet where she lives now.
veron01 (2 stories) (24 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-14)
Hi, this sounds like a scary experience. I had something similar happen to me. I was told by a spirit to buy a crucifix necklace. So I did, and I wear it in bed everynight. I know the ghost in my home wanted to harm me, but the necklace was like a barrier. Honestly, nothing attacked me while I was wearing it. As for the board, are you truly sure it was your grandmother who was contacted?. I ask because these boards don't contact our spirit world, they contact very different places. Places your grandmother isn't. Did you close the board?. If you don't close the board, nasty entities will continue to come through, and they won't be easily gotten rid of. You may end up with a house full of entities posing as your relatives and trying to manipulate and harm you.
I would recommend you take the board into the garden and burn it while saying a prayer. I assume the board is no longer with you?.
Love and light, veron
jennykay7836 (1 stories) (2 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-14)
Thank you all for your suggestions! I now lay the bible beside me on the nightstand at night and I pray to God to banish all evil spirits. I have had my parents come stay with me ever since. My fiance told me later the day it happened that his grandmother passed away 4 years ago exactly around the time it happened. Not sure if that is coincidence or not.
My sister used the board before I lived there like 3 years ago.
Not sure if this is anything or not but two days after this happened I have become very ill. My back and stomach hurt and cramps so badly I had to go to the doc and get a shot to relieve the pain, they have me on some really high dosage pain killers but don't really know why I hurt. This is all so confusing to me... I didn't not ever expect something like this to happen to me.
Edmund (578 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-14)
jennykay7836... I would start out by having the house blessed. Then at night I would say some prayers for protection like the St. Michael prayer. It wouldn't hurt to have some religious articles around the house a bible in the bedroom and a cross. It also wouldn't hurt to ask in your prayers for G-ma to watch over you and your son. Make sure the psychic circle board is no longer in the house... I call all this the shotgun blast... Its usually what it takes to start getting back on the right track!
mystical2 (16 stories) (483 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-12)
HI. Never dismiss gut feelings. It sounds like you have one or more negative spirits in the house. Did your sister use this psychic board before or after the occurances? Using any type of spirit boards, including angel boards can pull in spirits you don't want and these spirits will stay unless you know how to close the boards out properly. Some even bury the boards after one experience. You can try cleansing the house yourself, however if you don't feel strong enough to battle these spirits yourself, I advise you to seek professionals. They can make your life even worse. Another recommendation is to buy black obsidian gem stones. These stones help with stopping spirit attachments. Keep one in your pocket or around your neck and give your son one as well. Protection prayers are also good to use every day. Surround yourself with white light and if you can teach your son that would be good as well. I hope you are able to find the help you need for cleansing. Like hales3 said, if you wait to long it may make it even harder to get rid of them. The idea is to get rid of them while they are weaker. When your son is scared try to find something to cheer him up. These spirits get stronger feeding off fear. Keep your lights on while you sleep if you can tolerate it. Some times it does help. God Bless
hales3 (9 stories) (115 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-12)
Try cleansing your house, if they haven't done any physical harm yet like scratches and things, you need to before it gets worse. I'm not saying they will, but if you feel they are threatening and your son fears them greatly, cleanse the house. Tell them they are not allowed there, and that they need to leave at that instant. Try saying some of the protective prayers, like the Saint Michael prayer, you can find it on the internet.

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