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Semi Sleep Mode


I would like your opinion about certain event that have been happening during the course of my life.

I'm 25 now and I know and feel that I have a purpose as I have been involved in many incidents that should have taken me away from this life (axed in the head, almost stabbed in the throat etc) and have survived with almost any physical scars.

I believe that God is protecting me and that it wasn't my time because I have a purpose.

Though my whole life (since around 13) I have experience "supernatural" events that I still cannot explain. I remember once I saw a dark hooded (couldn't see any face) figure in a brown cloak when I was alone at home. I also remember a dream where I could fly and actually left my body and was floating in the air outside my window (9 floors in a flat!). You see if it wasn't so real shouldn't I have forgotten it by now?

As of lately as soon as I am about to go to sleep I get a sensation of something taking me over and paralyzing me and making me unable to wake up feel as if I am about to stop breathing.

3 days ago after struggling to wake up I saw a see-through jellyfish entity on top of my girlfriend head! I called her and said what is that?! She looked but couldn't see anything (for some reason I wasn't scared) I looked again and there was nothing there.

Yesterday the most amazing thing happened it seems that I fell to sleep but was still conscious. My eyes were closed and every thing was pitch black. After a while, I started to see little dots of light forming, thousand of them (eyes still shut) they made a shape of a circle with black spot in the middle. I felt myself drawn to the middle and entered as if was walking through a door. As soon as I did this I felt gravity disappear, starting from my legs and feeling something I have never experienced before. I was a little scared and woke my self up!

Out of curiosity and wanting to feel that sensation again I forced myself into the "semi sleep mode". This time, I saw myself laying on my sofa and my hands made a circular movement and formed a soapy bubble. I found myself in that bubble not in physical but in the mind as if the bubble was my sight and I was flying up my stairs but before I got too far I woke up.

What do you make of these incidents?


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Jadeaimee (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-06-28)
Oh you should look SLEEP PARALASIS they have good information on wikipedia xx
Jadeaimee (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-06-28)
Hi I'm 26 & I keep getting things that look like floating jellyfish in my room! It's weird because I was gettin them constantly for a few months every night & then it stopped completely. Today I went to see a psychic for my third time Ever in years this wasn't mentioned during my Reading I just wondered if it is a coincidence? Are they something to do with spirits? Does anyone know what they actually are? Thanx! Xx
aramasamara (22 stories) (577 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-14)
Some of it can have to do with astral

Though you can also be in many places... If that makes sense. Some see the astral realm with all of thesse 'monsters' 'angels' 'entities' lights and what not.

Then you can be awake while sleeping in dreaming and physically able to move 'yourself' or basically whatever person's body you are in. We are energy beings, so while the gravity does not 'own' us completely we can go anywhere we please.
Chadzehner (1 stories) (2 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-13)
Hello, I just seen your post...
I can relate to your story... Exp. When you say your awake but froze you can see
Everything hear and feel,,, But with everything you have you can't move... Sometimes you want to get up and run out of the room (but you cant) Also OOBE's
They are the most awsome thing in the world
Your able to fly with out wings, you can feel the rush (g-force) go where you want... I know I wish I could controle these things... I have many Issues. Again
I have no controle over them... I wish I knew where to turn for help...
Anywayzz Thanks
Chad Z

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