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Psychic Or Something Else ?


I am just like any other ordinary girl. But its strange enough for me too that I have felt like there's somebody inside or around me something that wants to guide me through my life ad it's been from the past 2 and a half years.

Whenever there is something about to happen in the near future I just got to know it through signs like through any specific texts coming my way or some thoughts just took over me heavily. I had strange dreams and some of them become true though they are not bad.

I like to be alone & quiet as I feel so restless inside me like there are many things which needs to be known but not coming out anyhow. I feel so stressed out at times and have lost my way in life I don't know what to do. And sometimes I feel like crazy like its something that I can't understand. Its many a times like that I am doing something different from what is supposed to be for me or what I should be doing.

I think it wants to guide me but I want to know more on how to communicate with it. I can even talk to this spiritual thing without uttering any words and can get the answers in yes or no forms.

I am so confused about what this thing want from me or maybe I don't understand it at all. If there's anyone who know about these things or experience the same things Please help me out.

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alberto (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-09)
ok I didn't the all thing but I moved once a domino chip with my mind the lights flickr when I change my mood over all when I realice that I'm not seeing things with my eyes I need help cause I don't want to be crazzy but let's face it I do sound like a crazzy person so reply please tell more of what you know

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