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Hi, my real name is Nico.

It is hard to find a good place to start. Normally the beginning serves as a good starting point but I would like to keep this short as it is my first submission to this website.

I suppose a brief history would help explain who I am.

When I was very young I was involved in an accident. This was my first out-of-body experience and because I was too young to realize that this was not the norm, I accepted it. Throughout my childhood I continued to see various things, (sorry to be so vague but It is not relevant at this point) and was soon ostracized upon explaining my experiences to others. I became very inward and after one vision that later turned out to be accurate I became an insomniac and it stayed that way for many years.

I developed 'gifts' at an early age but always considered them to be 'wrong' and 'bad' because of what I was told and the way that I was treated. I was placed on anti-psychotics and anti depressants, etc.

I was twelve years old when I ran away from my abusive parents (this is my first time here and this is a lengthy story). I am now thirty years old. I had spent a long time trying to suppress and deny who and I guess 'what' I am. I found that even speaking to people regarding pre-cognition, channeling or visions would cause the flood gates to open and I would again be slave to the 'gifts'.

It has seemed over the years that the more I have tried to ignore these 'gifts' the more violently they have taken a hold of me. I finally gave in and began searching for better ways to enter the various states, methods that don't cause severe headaches and black outs. I also wanted to learn how to control what had already become so vivid.

After much practice and various experiments I have succeeded in obtaining the attention of those that Call themselves 'friends' and explained that they are energy beings as are we but at a higher vibrational level. I guess that if you splash around in the ocean for long enough someone will arrive in a boat and ask you if you want a ride. They have offered me much advice and are constantly relaying information that is way above my current intellectual capacity. Mostly in regard to energy, light, physics, quantum physics, super conductors, etc. They have explained to me many things.

I would very much like to converse with anyone who has experienced the same things that I have or have similar or better understanding. I know that at this point I have been very vague and I ask you to be patient. I would like for this to be the beginning of a conversation with friends.

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anomalous (1 stories) (12 posts)
13 years ago (2008-08-19)
sorry that I have been away so long.


They are not negative. As I see it actually nothing is negative it just is.

If we were to raise our vibrational frequency then we too would appear as they do and communicate the same also.

If you raise the vibrational frequency of light energy then eventual it holds no matter value. It no longer exists, but it is still visible. We talk and interact but on an individual level. Eventually we should get to a point where we share a collective thought and we too go beyond matter. Once beyond matter we are also beyond time as time cannot exist without matter. Time is a concept that applies only to us.

I was told to imagine that my life was a book and that I was one of them looking through its pages. This is just a sliver of existence, an event in the matter reality.

They talk about super conductors and electrical energy and anti matter. They talk about suspended precipitation and quantum physics theories.

When there is no time and matter everything that can be and was and will be 'happens' at the same 'time'. All that can be known is known and we operate on the collective.

A thought is electrical energy without matter. So are they. And so we will be one day, or are if you remove the concept of time, we are just a sliver of existence and it is our duty to evolve but in our nature to destroy.

Listen to them and you will begin to notice nature embrace you, sounds weird I know but trust me. I have no reason to lie or any wish to make myself seem crazy in any way.

They are us and we will be them.

Their goal is to advance our species and in turn become themselves.

Super conductors, to conduct electrical activity between one brain and another, science aided telepathy.

Ask them questions.

But know that time or matter questions or material wants are not within their care.

They will treat you as a child. Innocent and young as we are before we become infinite. Again weird choice of words but take from it what you will.

I have to go now but please if you have questions then feel free to ask.

HiddenMind (2 posts)
13 years ago (2008-08-16)

Very recently, after I have developed some abilities, I have been visited on a daily bases of energy beings. They make noise whenever they are around, like when they go through electronics, it makes a little crack noise.

I was told to just confront them and tell them that I don't need their help. I was told they are negative energies. This has caused some fear towards them for me. But for some reason, something tells me not to be afraid.

As I am writing this, an experience that I had just came to my thoughts. This was the first time I ever asked for advice to higher beings. I asked before I went to sleep and during a nightmare I had, I felt something possess me. Then my dream turned into almost like a show. Flashes of images and mental explainations where being communicated with me. One that I remember quite well is an orb on top of an skinny alter type stand and the message I got from that was "I have met Jesus..."

Any insight or input would be appreciated.

Also, Anomalous, can you describe how they communicate with you exactly and any wise words that they have taught you?

-Peace & Truth
blue_fire (1 stories) (39 posts)
13 years ago (2008-08-03)
Hello Nico. My real name is Jolene but friends call me Laney.

I was diagnosed with Bi-polar Disorder when I was 16, everybody thought I was crazy, told me it was just my mind things like what was happening to me could never happen; so from a very young age 6-7 I blocked everything out, I became very disappointed with the world others were forcing me into and their disbelief in things I knew to be true. From 16-26 I stayed with the belief that I was crazy and I was on every bi-polar med out there cause non of them worked. I finally found guidance from others who were like me and I have never been better, things I blocked have come back to me at an alarming pace and new things are popping out around every corner.

I also had things come through no matter how much I wanted to block them in the years that I thought I was crazy, and now that I am not blocking anymore I am going through a sort of replay where I see the things that I was blocking for such a long time.

I'm glad that things are better for you now.

I like what you say about the new word and hearing a lot after you learn it, that comparison is so true!

Hope to see come by and post again.
anomalous (1 stories) (12 posts)
13 years ago (2008-07-26)
It is strange how when you learn a new word that you are convinced you have never heard before, you hear it all the time from then on.

Ok where to start...

I was born in england, hit by a car at five years old, had visions and truly believed that I was living in two worlds simultaneously. I had friends on the other side, some stayed with me and others came and went. Both worlds existed much like a double exposed photo but one would always come more into focus depending on what was going on.

I had dreams about things of seeming insignificance that would prove themselves accurate with a couple of days or weeks. I was offered cryptic messages from some of the figures that followed me and by others nothing. Three demential shadows would stand and watch me throughout my childhood. After trying to explain this to my parents I became the subject of psychiatrists, neurologists and multiple other doctors. I was put on anti depressants and anti psychotic drugs which I could describe as like giving thick glasses to a child that didn't need them. I quickly realized that there was nobody to talk to about this and that for the most part people see this as wrong or bad. It is a shame but I was young. I learned to suppress everything. This back fired during my teen years as I could not control my emotions and could not control my 'gift'. I began to see horrible scenes of murder and fires, floods. I saw a girl get raped by her teacher, I saw it from her point of view and felt what she felt, then from his and felt what he felt and then as a third 'person' observer.

I thought of this as a waking nightmare and tried to put it out of my mind. About two weeks later I saw the girl from my vision. She had her school folder tight to her chest and her hair pulled down in front of her face. As I past her she looked up and we both knew. I had never seen her before that point and this became one of the reasons for the insomnia that followed.

The less I would sleep the less I could differentiate between the two worlds. It was around this time that my father began to drink heavily and beat me, my mother watched and did nothing. I took it for a while and then joined him in his addiction I became an alcoholic at just twelve years old, it numbed the pain and helped me deal with it. I became very dark. This ended with me defending myself against my father by pushing him through a glass door. I then ran away from 'home' at the age of twelve.

This may all seem a little surreal right now, it gets worse.

I managed to suppress the 'gifts', if for nothing else then as a survival mechanism. I could not have got through that point in my life if I had had to deal with this also.

After my life settled down, I began to get visions again but this time it was like an old friend had returned.

I moved to Canada around nine years ago, Vancouver to be exact and one of the visions helped me escape a fire that burned down my house, I was in there for nine minutes, it pretty much burned to the ground right after I got out.

I still get visions but they are usually trivial. I had one recently that my tire blew out on the sea to sky highway, it then changed to a friend of mine and then the wreckage of a car almost over the railing. It turned out that I had a slow leak and my friend had a nail in his tire. He wanted to drive to the garage and I got a flash of the vision. I replaced the nail with a big screw and fixed it in tight and then I followed him to the garage. When we got there a man outside the garage turned to my friend and said I have four tires that would fit from my old truck, Good tires too, you can have them for a case of beer. I then had to to travel to Squamish later that week which is halfway between whistler and Vancouver. As I drove there was a truck to one side of the road with his hazards on, as I drove past I turned my head to see the car, its front wheels up over the railing. There was already a lot of people gathered round so I didn't stop.

I decided to try and control 'it' a little better and so I began researching and experimenting, I have managed to get to a point now where I can induce certain states (with regular refreshers and maintenance) without it being followed with nose bleeds and head aches.

I know that this is a little disjointed but it's hard to condense a life time into one story.

Recently I have managed to channel the light beings or should I say they have decided to grace me with their overwhelming beauty. I know that sounds a little weird but trust me, every time they come I am overwhelmed with either tears or laughter. They look upon me as a child and have welcomed me.

All of these years I have felt either that this was forced upon me or that I was trespassing in another realm. Now it seems that I have been invited.

Sorry this is a little long and as I said, a little disjointed but hopefully this will at least give us a starting point. At the moment, I just do. There doesn't seem to be rhyme or reason to my actions but I have received guidance that has been pretty specific.

(this is actually a lot clearer than the article I

anomalous (1 stories) (12 posts)
13 years ago (2008-07-26)
I was born in England, moved to Canada nine years ago. Am also working on a book fiction and fact mixed. Will leave it to the reader to decide which is which. Those who understand will know which is true.

I also used to see 'events' that I would later see on the news or with my own eyes a short while later. I have learned to resist that particular gift as I found that there was nothing that I could do to change anything.

I am still trying to understand some of the information that is given to me via channeling. I have had to research constantly but am finding less time to do so. I write, I am an artist - I paint, I sing in a rock band that is now on it's third album and I also own a construction company... I am short on 'time'

I am forever chasing the sliver of existence that is now.

Thank you for your comment Glenda
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
13 years ago (2008-07-22)
I'm lazy and don't try to "see" people on the net (who would want to), but some info is good, a little guiding, a country or state at least. Nothing personal though. Your explanation of the ocean is a little funny - working on a fictional book and just finished that scene. I also "gave in" in a way. At some point, you either have to accept it or get weirded out. Unlike you, I had a very happy, supportive childhood but perhaps that makes it harder in way when we go out in the real world and realize we're different, I don't know. I don't really have advice. I'm looking for it more. Perhaps just understanding that it's real and we still live here is enough. Eating and having a house are good things. That other world, I'm still trying to figure out, but probably won't any time soon. I use to think it was imagination or just fun stuff, then other people brought it to my attention. When you see things that happen later on the news, odd things, that can get your attention. A sense of humor isn't a bad thing.

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