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A Nightmare Come True


It all started with a dream. About a year ago I was on the mission field for a week or so when I had a horrible dream that my aunt had died, the dream was so unreal it was very scary. I immediately called my parents the next morning to tell them of my nightmare and they reassured me that everything was fine and that it was just a dream. I thought to myself that maybe it was just a dream but I continued to think otherwise. A total of 4 days had past after I arrived home from my mission trip and the dream had not left my mind one time since that night.

Later that evening, I had received a phone call from my Aunt (the woman in my dream) who I hardly ever talked to on the phone. She called to see how things were doing and to remind me that she loved me and to always be a great person. After the phone call ended I had so many questions in my head. I wanted to tell her that I had a dream that she was going to die but I still doubted myself.

That evening I had slept well for the first couple of hours until I received a phone call from my Aunts neighbor saying that my aunt's house blew up! My dad rushed to the hospital leaving me at home in shock. Later that day we received the news that she had passed away. The funeral was closed casket due to the burns. The fire was caused by a leak in their propane tank, it blew the roof off the house.

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The_Guardian_Angel (4 stories) (53 posts)
11 years ago (2010-07-27)
I'm very sorry for you loss. Though this nightmare you had I think it was a message for you about your aunt. You didn't understand the dream before it was to late and it's horrible yes, but don't beat yourself, because I had something similar happen to me. My friends dad was a fireman and I had dreams of him dying in a fire explosion. I thought it was just a dream, until my friend came crying to me about his dad being dead. I felt so bad and hated myself for a long time. I exile myself from everyone and not wanting to have experiment like that again. My mom told me what I told you. It's not your fault, you didn't know it was message. All you can do is move one and when you see a dream like this, just do what you can to help the person with out freaking them out.

I know it will be hard to move on from that, but just remember it wasn't your fault and that if you have similar nightmares about someone else, just talk to them and just help them out as much as you can. Let me know if you have any questions =]
Texan17 (2 stories) (66 posts)
11 years ago (2010-07-18)
im sorry for your loss, it was likely just her time to move on. Remember when a person passes on they go to a place where they are free of struggle and are at total peace. Then the rest happens and shel move on to where she needs to go next, in another life some time from now. As for your dream and how you forsaw the event. You wer likely shown the dream so you could prepare yourself for the event. She left you her last message for you, live up to that. You do have ability however when you have an experience like yours this whole side may make it all seem scary to forsee the future, however you should learn to harness your ability and pay attention to your dreams. The more you pay atttention the more they can be of help to you in the furutr, again I'm sorry your going through this, il pray for you even though I don't know you, il ask you and your family heal and get through this. Take care
ManiTalent (10 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-27)
Ive never had a nightmare come true, but I have had a fem dreams that came true. I one time had a dream of my Friend an his girlfriend breaking up, and a week later they did. This has happened a few times
Chasealexander (12 posts)
13 years ago (2008-07-29)
OMG that is soo scary... I had a dream a friend went missing then the next day he did go missing and it was on the news and everything then I had a dream of seeing him dead at a river near my house so next day I went there and found him there... Soooooooo saaaaaaaddddd...
mystical2 (16 stories) (483 posts)
13 years ago (2008-07-29)
there are some who sense there time of death is near. They do the same as your Aunt, calling everyone vice versa. We had the same experience with my grandfather. He even changed his will right before he passed. He called and let everyone know that he changed it and loved them. Even wanted to give me his car. He died shortly after. Had no illnesses or anything either. Sudden.
I'm sorry for your loss.

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