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I have seen things that I can't really explain and other stuff has happened which I will mention below.

When I was little, maybe 8-9 years old me and a few mates went out and into a little forest not far from a house where a family lived. We saw an old rotten tree but it was still standing, as evil small children can be sometimes, we decided to make this tree fall by kicking the rotten part of the tree. After a few minutes of kicking, the tree finally fell down, our way. We ran away from it and suddenly I saw the whole event from above. I saw how the tree fell towards one of my neighbor's called Daniel so in all haste I screamed, "DANIEL WATCH OUT!" I did not really take any notice of the details from up there, all I wanted was to save Daniel and I can't really remember seeing myself at all on the ground. In a normal state you would see some of your body parts if you look down but I did not see any of this when I suddenly was up in the air observing the event. I would estimate I was about 5 meters above ground. I was near the top of the trees because I can remember seeing green leaves near my location through my "split vision". I can't really remember seeing the tree hit the ground, suddenly I was back on the ground together with my friends and I told them something in the lines of "I just saw you guys running, I saw it all from above", my friends were like "Okay." "So where should we go and play now?" So I guess I've experienced an out of body experience for 3-4 seconds and I find it really fascinating! I went back after a day or two to the same spot to look for the tree we forced down to the ground and it was lying there, so it could not have been a dream, I'm sure it all happened after all.

Even in my earlier age I saw something I can't really explain and which I think could be a possible imagination. I was about the age of 5 and I was looking out the living room window and suddenly there is a lightning strike right in front of me on the pavement outside, the "lightning strike" had a mixed color of pink and purple and gave no sound. I did not get scared of it, I felt protected since I was inside the house and there was no sound to make it even more intimidating. Not sure how many days, weeks or months after that, I had the same experience again but this time I was on the playground and I was going to walk away from the playground and I remember walking in the grass and ZAP, that pink/purple lightning strike striked right in front of me again, still no sound and about 10 meters away from me. It surprised me a bit so I freezed and watched where it hit for a moment, nothing really happened so I just carried on. I can make no heads or tails of this, what are these bright pink/purple lightning strikes, if anyone finds it familiar or have any idea of what it could be, please tell me:)!

When I was little, I was afraid of the dark and I always slept with my bed lamp on. One night I woke up and it was completely dark, it was in the middle of a power surge. I started crying and then I saw a light, it was my mother that came in with a candle stick in her hand, she told me that it was okay, I have nothing to be afraid of and that I should go back to sleep. And then she just left me, and she was walking very slowly. I can't recall that she gave me any hugs or kisses that night, she just turned around looking spooky and then left. There was one thing though; my mother looked older than usual. The day after I tried to talk to my mother about last night, when she came into my room with a candle stick etc., she told me she had no idea what I was talking about, she had not been in my room with a candle stick that night. I found it really odd but I did not think of that anymore. I'm very sure it was not a dream. What is so interesting with this event is that my mother looked to be the age she was when she died from lung cancer many years later, I don't know if that makes any sense. Quite possible she just looked older in the dark though, but it was something that I noticed.

When I was younger, about the age of 8-9, I had two specific dreams for two different diseases. If I was going to get a fever I would dream a dream I can't really explain, the dream is black and white and there are shapes (rectangles, squares) that are pretty close but yet feels so far and they are going farther away and sometimes they are closing in. Well I tried my best in explaining that.

The other dream I always had was when I was going to get stomach flu, I always dreamt seeing a tree in the autumn and I see the leaves falling from the tree, the whole dream is quite orange/yellow. I find these dreams very odd and they occurred many times at that age but importunely stopped after some time.

When I was a teenager I did not really experience any weird stuff that I can remember other than that I was extremely good at "feeling" other people. I can look at a person and then I "feel" how that person is, positive, negative, that person likes this and dislikes that. I could also predict numbers very well, for instance a friend of mine threw one of those heavy metal balls on the gym lesson and before he measured how far he had thrown I looked at the ball and "felt" that it was 20. 5 meters away from us (don't remember if it was those numbers but I believe so). I told him "20.5 meters" and he started measuring and it was exactly 20. 5 meters and my friend asked me in a surprising way "How the hell did you do that?!". Under this time I experienced something odd, which I found extremely annoying and that I wanted to go away. Every damn time I looked at the clock, the hour was equal to minutes. In Sweden we use military time (no PM/AM), so every time I felt the need to know the time, the time could be 16:16, 17:17, 21:21, 22:22 etc. This happened for a longer period of time, two weeks and then eventually disappeared as I wished. I found it very interesting, a bit scary and annoying at the same time. My friend also played this strip poker game on my computer, you had to guess a number between 1 - 10 I think, and I told him to guess on the numbers I told him and I gave him 6-7 correct numbers in a row, luck?

A few years later, I could suddenly think of something, and then that something would happen in my life, from 30 minutes to a few days. For example, one evening I suddenly thought of a six pack coca-cola and then I continued on that thought and I expanded that thought and thought that my dad had bought me a six pack of coca-cola. He have never done that, he always buys me bottles of coca-cola. When my dad comes home, he had bought me a six pack of coca-cola. I was very surprised to say the least! These things happen to me from time to time, very random and they still happen. At the age of 20 I had just sat down on a bus and I looked out the window and put myself into "relax mode", so I could enjoy the bus ride home and just look out and think as I always do. Almost immediately after I had sat down, I thought of the meat "pork". It struck me that my dad is going to fry pork tomorrow. This might sound silly but my dad have never fried pork before, only mom did that and she died when I was 13 from lung cancer. The next day, my dad is frying pork in the kitchen. This stuff happens from time to time as I said, I tell myself it's probably just pure luck but it has happened so many times now I don't think it's luck anymore. I can wake up a morning and think of a certain song. I turn on the radio a bit later and that song plays, yes I could imagine this happens to a lot of people but when they play a really old song that they have not played for over 10 years on the radio it's a bit different in my opinion. There are a lot of other examples but I'll try to write as little as possible.

I also noticed the ESP tests on this site. I actually did similar tests on my own when I was younger. I used to have a deck of cards and I used to try to guess the color or symbol on the next card, sometimes both symbol and number at the same time. It's a fun thing and I like that sort of thing, I don't know why but guessing on a deck of cards is somehow intriguing for some reason, and if there is a deck of cards nearby I can't help but to try to start guessing symbols and numbers. That reminds me, I really need to buy a deck of cards.

It might sound weird or you might hear it often but I feel special, I just don't know what is special with me and I am still trying to find that out. I feel that I am often being helped by someone, or something. Despite the two family member deaths I still feel that I am a very lucky guy, when things are starting to go really bad it feels like that someone or something is helping me by giving me exactly what I want or need, many so called miracles has happened to me and I have not even had to lift a finger and I am very grateful for that!

So today, I can at random (sometimes) think of something I'm going to experience that I've not experienced in a long time and will experience. I can look at people (also photographs, though more than one really helps) and "read" them, I can tell you very accurate information about someone and I have actually conducted a few tests over the internet by letting a few people send me photographs of them and then I tell them what kind of person they are and what they like, dislike etc., I gave each one of them 10 attributes, on two of these people I was 100% accurate on. On the third one I failed once so that makes it 90% accurate. After trying to read all these people I got very exhausted and put that test to a halt and I have not tried reading on anyone after that. I don't know if it's a "psychic" ability or if it's just me that is very good at analyzing people by their looks. What do you guys think?

There are also a few images in my head, I don't know where they are from and why I feel they are very special. Each image represents a place which makes me feel very bonded to each place. One image I stand on an ice cliff, everything is ice, I can see what appears to be a sea or lake and there is an ice cave nearby below the cliff. Another image is where I am standing on a trail in a forest, it's autumn and I sense that the time is a few hundred years back, 16th century. A knight nearby which I can't see. Another image is a large beautiful green field next to a forest and there is a really peaceful looking mill on a small hill in this field, very beautiful and colorful - just wow. The last image is a grain field, late summer, partly surrounded by a forest. In this field there is an old barn, the doors are always open. One of these can sometimes pop into my head and when it does I feel very good, I feel at peace, the feeling is so unexplainable. These images don't appear in my mind very often, several years can go by. I don't know what they mean, maybe someone has a clue?

Sorry for writing such a long story, I've probably bored you all by now. Thanks for reading, and I really hope you don't think I'm crazy. If you got any questions you could just e-mail me, you can find my e-mail address if you are a registered user and click my name. I rather not publicize it in here to prevent spam!

Thanks once again!

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MarciSt (3 stories) (9 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-15)
Hi Rob,

I have read both of your stories.
I feel like I have a lot in common with you but we are here like-minded people so that is not surprising.

I believe you could see it everything like from the sky because you were meant to see it and save him. In the moment when your friend was in danger you left your body (unconsciously) or you could have fast premonition, picture of that event on your mind. I can't really tell how this all works but it somehow works and different people call things differently and also have different perceptions. You have the power over yourself and it and you can develop it. It was once there, it is there. Or rather - you've realised that it is.:) It is also interesting that we all remember every tiny detail from Our Life Changing Moments, because those are the moments to remember and 'build up' on them.

Your story when you were a kid and you woke up in the dark reminded me of something. I am still afraid of the dark and I am not a little girl anymore. I have a fear of the sudden darkness like blackouts. I can even now shout for my nearest to help, to bring the light or come to me; and be very scared. I usually grab quickly my mobile to have a tiny bit of light or instinctively hastily undoing curtains. It is really weird. I have tried to analyse it many times, but it almost seems like some phobia. I would definitely blame some of my past lives. But there is something about the darkness, though; it is scary and fascinating at the same time. I work with people with learning difficulties in one care home, they are adults and many of them sleep with the lamp on. It is like we are released in the dark from the knowing we are having the physical body and released from the seeing the well-known world which usually provides us with the reassurance. What we see is real, seems to be. It is some aid for our rational minds. When we can't see, we are like lost and then almost everything what is on our mind or what our mind allows could happen and be 'real' instead.

I can easily imagine it could be the 'image' of your mum from the future. I read Einstein's biography ages ago, I am not a scientist, and I usually don't remember very well everything, just what is important to me and what makes me feel somehow; but something stayed in me because of that book. I too believe that there is not just one Now. All the time concepts and especially in paranormal perceptions are relative. I think it is indeed possible to perceive or get through some special gaps/windows the information from the past, future, etc. Only we have to time everything. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, some security and order for our rational minds. I think it just IS, There, all at our disposal. That goes very well with the Akashic records "place".
And I need to point out I have read The Power of Now and I loved it, but That I perceive as an aid to help you stay focused and grounded in every day living.

I know I need the other people and interact with them to get the information about myself and life. Everything and everyone is around us to be there... The law of synchronicity. In order to move everything ahead, it keeps it stirring. Everything is evolving.
I can see you posted your stories in 2008 and now you would perhaps admit you are somehow different. All those people and experiences in our everyday life helped to shape us into what we are supposed to be here (our initial goal) or shape us into something which we feel we are not and fighting against it/against ourselves.

That time thing... I think it is really funny how it works.
One day I was finally reading the information about the astral projection on It was 12.11.2010. I was just through the second sentence in the fear paragraph. I got through other stuff and now I am was on my (BIG) issue topic. I needed to go shopping, thinking, shall I go now, or later, appeared on my mind? Quick look on my mobile and it was 14:14. Smile.
Shall I check out the angels' numbers I wrote down in my tiny diary with the quotes and other help about two years ago, I thought? Or let it go as usually? An impulsive act, I opened that tiny diary. 'The one' meant I should watch my thoughts and only think of my desires instead of my fears (!) because I will attract what I am thinking about and four meant that the angels are assisting me with that situation. I felt blessed. Yeah, I think I knew that already, but I was gently reminded of it in the way which made me happy.
I could have chosen anything else (numerology) but at that moment I was like pulled by my subconscious to grab that little diary. I don't usually look up all those numbers I can see around, I usually just leave it and smile and feel connected.

I am 'trained' - better world may be 'attuned' - as an Angelic Reiki therapist, although I don't do it. Three years ago I felt I want to do Reiki but I was strongly drawn towards the Angelic Reiki. Before I really decided between those two I could see the signs and strange coincidences every day. Everywhere were angels when I looked carefully, in the pictures, in the books, in the shops, Angelic Reiki master had a leaflets at hairdressers etc. The feather is supposed to be the symbolic sign they are here. Well, I live in the seaside town and there is a lot of seagulls, so obviously there are the feathers all around. But when you feel sad, you walk through the park and there is one just near your foot it feels good. Or you are opening the door and one is just falling down from the sky, following the other cute coincidences of that day. My mum lives in the middle of Europe (no sea) but since then she notices feathers on unusual places. Surely it can be just - what you concentrate on you are getting sort of things but isn't all our life about this? What you want you are getting. What you are thinking about you are getting. For instance the books like The Secret, The Cosmic Ordering, The Law of Attraction, etc. When you are thinking about feeling endangered during those altered lucid dreams states, you are getting it. And so on. I feel like I know how it works but still not ready to get further, if you know what I mean.

During my writing my friend entered the room and was exactly 11:11, because I asked him if he goes to sleep, he was tired after the night shift and I checked what time was. We are best friends and at that moment, within a few seconds, I just tuned in and was suddenly surrounded by his weird mood, although I felt great before he appeared. Being an empath in action!
Back to topic. When I got attuned to Angelic Reiki I was more open towards the angelic presence.
Those colourful flashes can be your guardian angels or their messages for you. I think what you are more open towards to will be more manifested in your life. That is just the way how I would feel about those colourful flashes. But my beliefs can be entirely different from yours, so is my history. One way forward is - get to know your Self!

The radio songs... A few times as youngster I was laying on the sofa in the kitchen switched off radio near my head and I thought I heard the song, very quietly. But it was off! When I turned the radio on there was that song. I had an explanation in that time that there is something wrong with the radio and it didn't turn off properly. Now I know that everything has its own vibes and we can get attuned to it. Like when you could hear what your girlfriend was thinking when she slept and you were in the altered state next to her.

Those images in your head, special places, etc. Could be the images from your past lives. I have them as well.

We know only what we are meant to know. I wanted to discover the cure for cancer when I was a kid; I remember I heard someone talking about this dis-ease in the radio and I was deeply affected by it, because those people were talking about it and the sadness in their voices was almost touchable. I was in our garden collecting some herbs (I could be maybe 8, but kids are purer and wiser than the adults) and was thinking I will help. Sometimes it seems that people who live (family or nearest people) suffer more emotional pain than those who were/are dying. I wanted to heal, but I somehow work as a receiver at the moment rather then a giver if it makes sense. I don't know why.
I also believe that only you can heal yourself and if on some level you don't want to be healed, you haven't gone through some life lesson, you can't be helped. I strongly believe we can cure ourselves from everything if we really truly want. And on more physical level I think that the right food, herbs, water, meditation and mindful exercise works miraculously too. But un/fortunately there is the mind in action,too.
Sorry I indeed don't know where to stop when I start to write.

Have a nice day xxxx

PS I really didn't want to look at my laptop to see what time is, when I finished writing it, maybe because I was afraid there will be the different number than I expected, but there it was... 12:22. I love my life!
Now I really feel like back on track after many years spent in coma.

2PS One day later, I am just about to post this under your story and there it is, again 12:22:)
We are all in sync...
rob (2 stories) (4 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-12)
Thank you for your comment spooked! I greatly appreciate your feedback. It seems we do have something in common, though I've not experienced any shaking lightbulbs yet;). "Weak" street lights can go off in my presence though, not sure if it's just me or if I'm walking on bad power lines underneath the road/pavement. The street lights turns back on a bit later, can't confirm if they only turn back on if I leave the area, I've not tried to stick around. Thank you for mentioning these books, I want to take a look at them but I'm unfortunely afraid of ordering them because I don't know how people will react around me - my girlfriend for example. She is not really a believer when it comes to psychic powers, on the contrary, she believes they are just acting. So you can see I have small dilemma there:/. I know I shouldn't act after what people think but I just can't help it. Hopefully some day I or someone else can convince my girlfriend that psychic powers actually exists. In the mean time, I'll try to get some more information and use that information to hopefully boost my powers (if I even have any). Once again, thank you!
spooked (1 stories) (1 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-11)
Hi Rob,
I recently sent in some of the strange experiences I've been having throughout my life. This is less than two months ago - since then an awareness of many things have been happening to me at an incredible speed. I have since found out my Angels who have been with me constantly (I too have felt a loving presence surrounding me at all times and happy coincidences taking place when I've needed them most - I have also had an out of body experience when about six years old where I felt myself looking down on myself) I believe you like me are at a stage in your life where you need to know your not going crazy. I have since been 'led' to many books on personal development including one by Louise Hay - How to heal your life, the 'secret' which has already changed my outlook on life for good and Angel Cards by Doreen Virtue which have given me incredible comfort in the few weeks I've consulted them. I am on a spiritual growth trail which shows no signs of slowing as I would like to use my healing powers for better good. I meditate daily - breathing in a white loving light and exhaling negative thought patterns and only realise now how toxic my thinking had been. I am still nervous of what is happening since tuning into my third sight and have had a few scares such as today arranging to meet my husband and child at a local shop, as I pulled up to my husbands car I saw him entering the shop across the road and then saw the door of the car opening and what looked just like my 8yr old son going to cross the road after him. As I got closer the door closed quickly and I pulled in behind the car and sent my daughter (who had also seen the door open and what looked like the back of my sons head appear) to tell him not to think about crossing the road. She came back and said there was nobody in the car - I told her to look again he must be hiding on the floor again she came back and said there was no-one in the car, I was so certain I got out to see for myself - there was definately no-one in the car. I then waited until my husband came out of the shop - followed by my son! My husband thinks I'm bonkers by now with taps coming on - lightbulbs shattering and many other strange phenomenon happening. Thank God my daughter witness the car door opening as well as he probably would have me committed by now - Does anybody know what this could have been? Anyway I do feel you are a special person and would encourage you to continue your spiritual growth, as long as it is God and love you pursue your angels will protect and surround you continuously.
rob (2 stories) (4 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-11)
Thank you for your comment Glenda. I'm sorry that I can't write much more, I just visited this site in haste since I am very busy right now but should have more time on wednesday! I'll make sure to read all your experiences too!

GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-10)
Rob - thanks for the experience! Sorry I overlooked it earlier, but I've had a busy time lately. It does help to describe yourself so I'm not trying see your age and circumstances in my head. I don't want details, just basics.

"I've had other stuff since I was two, no offense. That's when I could talk about it and got in trouble for the first time though. Perhaps you are starting on a journey - that's my feeling. Perhaps some start at 30 and move a thousand years and some start at 2 and move ten. Time is not a biggie. I hope you always help others and that you are patient. I'm not great at either, but hopefully you are better. Let us know! My advice, continue to do your job, live here, and try to find logical answers that don't sound too wild. That's about what I do.

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