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I am a teenager, and I have had many paranormal experiences. I have not mentioned them to anyone yet, but I have shared some of my stories online, like now. My name is Alyssa, my nickname is Aly, and that is what the ghosts call me. For instance, I work at some horse stables, and a horse named Stacy had died there. She, of course, did not talk to me, but when I was putting the horses into the fields, I could see her standing there, waiting for her best friend, Dusty. Well, I put Dusty in there, and he ran right to where Stacy was standing, and they started grazing together. Stacy then looked at me, neighed, and disappeared as it started to drizzle.

On another incident, I was at my Grandmother's house, and someone called on the phone, she was telling my grandma that she felt a presence in the room where my great grandma pauline had died, now, mind you, that this was a stranger calling us, so... But, on the other end of the line -my grandma's phone has a loud volume- I heard unmistakably, my grandma pauline's voice, whispering, I don't know what, but, I thought I heard my name, later that same day, I found a necklace downstairs that she had left me in her will, that my parents didn't have a chance to give to me, for a few years, yeah right. Later on, I heard scampering in the basement of our own house, and I called my dog, I thought it was him, Skunky, dog, was at the foot of my bed, and the cats were locked up in my moms room. I got out of bed, and my dog followed me. I grabbed a knife out of the kitchen, and made my way cautiously downstairs, silently. I opened our basement door, and my dog darted through it. He started running in circles around the basement, my dog is a trained guard dog, just so you know, and he was growling crazily. I gave him the command to retreat, and he reluctantly did so. I held the knife, ready, in my left hand, I am lefty, and I inspected the basement. Then, my dog growled menacingly, and I heard something whisper quietly, "get out of my way, I won't hurt you, I just want to play, aly..." it sounded like a small boys voice, and I remembered that this was the same night that my 2 year old cousin, michael, had died 15 years ago. He had been suffocated by a water bed. My dog stopped growling, and started chasing the thing again, but this time, the way he chases me, playfully. I called my dog back, and said, "keep it down michael, people are trying to sleep..." I pulled on Skunky's collar, and got hi upstairs, I put the knife back, and went to my bedroom, I heard giggling downstairs. Michael never came back after that. Nobody else in my family has ever experienced paranormal experiences except for my cousins, who had disabled ghost kids in their house.

There was a hyper little boy, who, if you looked carefully, you could see swinging on the curtains, pulling toilet paper off the roll, and opening chests and drawers, I believe his name was christian. Then there was a teenage girl, kayla, I think, who would take my cousin's guitar and would strum it. She was in a wheelchair. My parents tell me that I used to play with the little boy, and that when I was in first grade, I was teaching him to read, with my imaginary friend, a dog, named penny, who just so happened to be the name of my dog that died when I was a baby, I cannot remember if it was a ghost or my imagination. My parents laughed at what me and christian did together. They truly believed that I was playing with a ghost, but they did not mind, he was just a little kid.

Later, my cousins moved out of that house, and I never saw kayla or christian again. I hope you believe me, for every word in this story is true, right down to the descriptions of the ghosts. I still have a dream every now and then that tells me that something will happen, it is usually a young child who shows up in the dream, I don't know who this child is, and I am not entirely asleep when this happens, but he tells me things like what grade I'll get on my test, whether my dad is in a bad mood or not today, and whether or not it will rain, stuff that's useful to me, not anyone else, so, that is why I don't share these stories with my family, I don't want them to hire an exorcist to get rid of the ghosts, they are friendly.

As for michael, my aunt says that she feels his presence between her and her husband every now and then in their bed, as if the small boy had a nightmare, and was sleeping with them, she says that she likes the feeling. Well, that is about it. Thanks for listening, sorry this is so long.

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ConfusedHaley (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-09)
Wow that was a very good story. You're so lucky you have ghost friends, I'm very happy for you. Your story sounds like it came out of a book, which is a compliment:)

Hope you see Kayla and Christian again!
Katie (guest)
17 years ago (2007-08-25)
AND I saw a lad in the bath standing flat out then he started to cross his arms and stare he was tall he had a dark blue polo shirt on with a little label thing of a bird seagull on it he had trackie pants he was pale with brown hair he had rockport boots on. I got a picture on my phone so I couldn't of imagined it . I saw a lad in a black tracksuit at my boyfriends old house. In my bedroom I was taking pictures of myself and a girl was in it my age she had blonde hair aged 13-16 year olds she was pretty. I saw a man he had jeans on and a brown leather jacket on he had grey hair maybe wearing trainers had a big belly he looked and walked past. I saw a boy sat at the end of my bed.
Katie (guest)
17 years ago (2007-08-25)
same here I see ghosts teenage ghost don't worry your not the only one I see them too. They don't harm its kind of funny They get in my pictures most of the time. I just feel sorry for them don't you. I start crying not being scared just wondering what its like for them. They move my stuff most of the time especially my teddies I have a picture of one of them in my picture. There only young they need your help that's why there coming to you!
Sam (guest)
17 years ago (2007-04-29)
Oh! Your so lucky! I, sadly, don't have such an ability, and if I did I would probably be more haunted then entertained. My ghosts are sort of...demonic... Like I said, your lucky!
psychic13 (3 stories) (29 posts)
17 years ago (2007-04-25)
wow that is really interesting? Do you just suddenly remember who they could be or does it just come to you all of a sudden in an unexplainable way? That is how it haoppens to me. Like you I am only a teenager (14). Recently it has been going away(the premonitions and the ghosts). Is that happening to you or is it just me?

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