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Events And A Visitor From A Tribe


It was an odd day. I looked around and saw a beautiful sight. A sort of man-made placein the middle of no where with waterfalls and vines. Water was overflowing everywhere, the place was filled with the sound of happy people and water pouring. The sunshine would shine from the other side entering partially slanted from the center opening of the top of the place. The place was huge. Suddenly, a little girl called me. She wanted to play. I enjoyed playing with her. The place had such a bright and joyful outburst of an atmosphere. There was this young man, as young as I was. He had beautiful long hair of dark ochre brown. He was happily playing with me and the little girl. I had to call someone nearby, an old classmate. She had her camera and took pictures of the three of us. The little girl loved to smile I lot.

After a while, I talked with this young man. His parents were there as well. It seemed as though they were Native American Indians.

There was a time he touch my hand or my shoulder as a gesture, and I felt Mother Nature flow inside of me, but I guess I was a bit frightened and ran away. Everything was so confusing though. I felt answers lurked everywhere.

There was this stage at some part and a band was playing music. While my classmate went for more pictures, I was running to the far side of the place. The middle covered a large area for a pool, to where the flowing waters end up. The young man could easily catch up to me. As I kept running away, I saw a guy. I was surprised because I had cut connections with him. So I was hiding from him as well. But without even completing a whole lap, I see him again. The Indian youth was tailing behind me without a sweat. He was faster than the cold wind that blew. I decided to swim for it to the other side, thinking perhaps he would only have such speed on land. I knew how to swim. But not competetively. Before I knew it, the times he tapped my shoulder when catching up to me in pursuit gave me a light feeling, yet helpless.

An anklet and a bracelet appeared on my hands and feet and I suddenly couldn't swim. A sunny day and the very thing I remember is the feeling of his presence. I recognized him.

After the remaining blurred events, I woke up and became aware that it was only a dream. I also recognized him from a past dream, though he looked a bit older then.

This dream came to me again after 3 months or so and as things went along, I began to have feeling that the month would be filled with the same elements of the dream. Strangely, that same classmate of mine with the camera has been making more and more photos, though the worst part was that I had to be in them too. I thought it was funny that way.

In a week, I was informed that I was to become a godmother for the Baptisim of a baby girl. Last week, I had just attended the event. Only to find out that the baby girl loved cameras. She would smile when a camera would be place in front of her. Unlike most of the babies on that day, she was the only one who kept smiling and giggling. A playful and cheerful child. Lastly, I had been chased again by that guy with e-mails and text messages, trying to make me feel pity or guilt. Over and over again, day and night, up until now, he is still set out to carry annoyance or perhaps brought on by boredom. I've been told by my friends (getting together after long months) that the guy had been doing the same to them and they couldn't bear it. Just before I thought I could complete a year without any occurence of him, I am proven wrong just a text message away. It has been raining a lot during those months as well (which gave me bad fevers during the school days). Everything made sense of the dream.

I still wonder about that Indian youth because in the past dream, I was supposed to be wed to him. The smile he gives me is such a mystery. Still, nothing about him has appeared.

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revsilverson (guest)
14 years ago (2009-04-21)
i believe this to be a premonition dream. They are always quite vivid to me and I can even smell things in them like wet leaves in the fall. When the time is right everything will come together in reality and it will feel very much like an intense deja vu experience. I hope things turn out for you and the indian guy.

Love and Light
bluefire301175 (3 stories) (20 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-30)
Please Dont listen to bladerunner. To me it sounds like you had a premonition.

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