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There has always been a strange something going on with me. I've always had strange feelings about things, and only recently maybe a year ago I found out I was physic. I can sense something and if I am stuck in a horrible situation I do one thing, protect/help myself. My mom had this older truck that didn't run so good. I always was scared it would break down. Once we were heading down to a place I really wanted to go and we where driving in a place I sure didn't want to be stuck in so I started meditating in the truck imagining the engine and a blue magic flowing around it, fixing it and after doing that I would feel MUCH better and the truck would run.

Then I have feelings about things. Sensing things before it happens and sensing everything, sometimes thing I don't want to sense. I also just realized today that the things I have been seeing around objects, animals, and people have been auras. I also sense energy sometimes but very rarely.

All this has been kept to myself. Nobody knows this about me and I don't share it. Everybody knows me for being normal, and no disorders or anything, but really I have something that changes my life. Also I noticed something, some people it is easier to sense their aura' other are harder to. Like my dad is easy to sense when he is working, but when my sister is hyper and doing lots of activity it is hard to sense hers.

Since I started exercising my aura ability I have been able to tell what the person's mood is. But although I have all this, it doesn't make my life that simple, and sometimes I feel just a tiny bit bad when I 'cheat' on my tests using my ability. I try and keep back all of it when I am socializing with people because I rather have them tell me about themselves, and they might think it's creepy if I bring up stuff about them they didn't tell me. But no matter what I will keep using my abilities because I wasn't suppose to have them if I wasn't suppose to use them;)

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Br1tt4ny (3 stories) (28 posts)
14 years ago (2009-05-06)
These feelings grow so much more as you try to stay in tune with them. Stick with it. It really is a gift.
xshatteredxmemoryx (2 stories) (11 posts)
14 years ago (2009-02-05)
i think you may be an empath as well as your auras, if you can feel a person's mood and such.
The reason you probably get the energies easier is when your dad is exerting energy so you can pick up on it easier. I don't see auras but I'm empathic so I know how the energies work.
Best of luck =]

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