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Is It Me, Or Is It Something Else?


One night I was spending the night with my friend. As a sleepover at her new house. Her house is big, and kind of empty, only her mom and her live there. Well, my mom had passed away about a month or so ago, and I was still upset. My friend suggested summoning our Spirit Guides. I thought that would be helpful. I asked her what they where about and my friend said that one of her old friends told her to clear her head, and then a voice would appear, and tell you all about things. Though it was a different voice each time. My sister, was also there, and suggested we not do it, because it seemed freaky. I didn't really get nervous, or care. We where just about to do it, before I got really frantic. A tiny voice in my head screamed "NOOOOO!", and I told my friend I couldn't do it. Then information started pouring from my mouth, like I didn't even control it. I was telling my friend that it was dangerous to let anyone inside your head, and those where not spirit guides, but just random souls wanting to get in your head. I told her to never do it again, and that your head is private TO YOU, and to never let anyone know you thoughts. I also told her to never tell her old friend I said that, because I knew her old friend would say that I am an evil person or something.

Then the rest of the night, she said she felt an angry presences. I told her that it was probably because I told her the truth about them, and they where mad at me. But then I thought over again (to myself), that maybe I was the wrong one. Maybe I was really evil, and the spirit guides where trying to protect her from me. I have always had a Psychic ability. But the sick thing is 27 is my favorite number, and my mother died on the 27th. What is wrong with me?

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MindfulOfTheEye (guest)
9 years ago (2015-04-04)
Nothing is wrong with you! That type of channeling can be very dangerous since your directly letting any spirits, positive or negative, into your head where they can mess with you and influence you to remember negative things, et cetera. The number 27 is a symbolic meaning for you. I reccomend looking up the angel number 27 and seeing how it relates to your life. I'm under the impression that tiny voice was your spirit guide warning you of the negative spirits around you and their intentions. The safest type of channeling I have come across is going to a pyschic medium. As for channeling on your own the safest one I have come across is through writing or typing. The entities only can use your hands when you do this. Your friend had the right idea just had some holes to their information: nothing wrong with that. If your friend or your friend's friend does the direct channeling then I strongly reccomend submerging themselves in the thought of a pure white light to protect them from anything out to harm or anything negative.
Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-04)
You were right to be scared to call on spirit guides, because they ARE just random spirits. Who or what are they? Would you leave your front and back door open 24/7, all day and night? NO! Same thing! God sais: don't communicate with/channel spirits... TEST THE SPIRITS, whether they be of God! It's safer to pray and fast from food, whenever you want to speak to Jesus, Mary, the Angels or saints. With prayer, YOU KNOW what spirit you're talking to, or inviting to come to you! See my PROPHILE for more info. Good luck. God bless!
Stark (2 stories) (52 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-03)

Interesting predicament. Perhaps you have a deep anger hidden deep within you sub-conscious mind from when your mother died and that anger is manifesting causing evil souls to be attracted to ya.

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