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My Best Friend Is Born


I just want to know what my story makes me. (I was 12 years old) but one morning I heard my mom getting a call from my uncle (who has been expecting a litter of pups that I was going to get for Christmas). I wasn't close even to hear what he said. Though I heard him anyway, "The Puppies have been born. The puppies have been born!" My mom replied with, "Really?" And my uncle said, "YES! There's three!"

Somehow I don't remember waking up, but I was up and waiting for my mom to tell me about the puppies because she didn't know I knew. Though she went on that morning getting ready for work anyway, and before she went out the door I asked, "Mom? Have you heard anything about the puppies?" She gave me the strangest look and replied, "Ummm no, why?" I began to say, "Because I heard you on the phone with uncle and-" I stopped, because my mom looked scared. She looked at me really serious like and said, "Nonsense, that didn't happen."

I was taken aback and was halfway spaced out as she said 'goodbye'.

(Now skipping through the rest of the day and stopping on that afternoon). My dad and mom were back from work and we were getting ready to go get pizza. Mom didn't want to go, but dad didn't want go alone, so I said I'd go because my sister said she was staying (I didn't get along with my sister). When we came back my sister ran out to us saying that the puppies were born this morning. I was shocked frozen still. I didn't know what happened. When I got inside I asked my mom who called (our aunt or uncle: was usually aunt) And she said, "Your uncle."

*In my dream it was dark outside

*That time it was dark outside

*In my dream the dining room light and bathroom light were the only things on

*That day only the dining room light and bathroom light were on.

*In my dream my mom was called on her cell.

*That day my mom was called by her cell.

Since then and before then I had always had deja'vu about what would happen at school the next day or something dramatic would happen to my friends.

What does this mean? Am I psychic or something?

PS I always to seem to know when something bad or really good is going to happen. Is that weird?

Thank you, gentalcarrier

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gentlecarrier (4 stories) (13 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-05)
Thanks Jolene (Itabu),
I will follow your advise right now. Thanks again!

Itabu (5 stories) (11 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-03)
I would say you are a bit psychic, Yes. My mother dreams her days often, she says at least once a month before they happen. Apparently it was more often as a child and teenager, but since she didn't appreciate her gift it faded. She still has premonitions about big experiences in her life, both bad and good. Usually negative because they come as warnings in her dreams. Many people have different types of premonitions, which is what you are having. My friend Siva dreams pregnancies before they happen. It's all just different types of gifts. Maybe you have that gift for a reason and if I were you I would go on Google and find out the best ways to nurture and improve it so maybe you can use it to your advantage or for a greater good. Blessed Be. 😊

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