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I Saw A Black Shadow With Red Eyes


I was 6 at the time, and it all started out when I was sleeping in my parents room. I was scared to sleep in my own room that night, so I just slept with my mom. I know I was dreaming on this part. The closet door was opening slowly, and I was frightened at first. All of a sudden I got very angry and jumped out of my bed to shut the closet door, since I had a gut feeling it wanted to hurt my mom. I was leaning against it, and something in the closet was trying to open it violently, but I kept it shut. When I turned around I noticed a black shadow that had a human form shape standing next to my mom's side of the bed. I was yelling at my mom to wake up, but she kept on sleeping. It looked at me and was heading towards me slowly, but I couldn't really move since I was keeping the closet door shut from whatever was in there.

Once it was getting closer to me, I felt like I was being choked, and then I remember my eyes closing like I was fainting. I woke up all sweating and looked over towards my mom and saw the shadow figure standing there! It was walking over to stand in front of my bed, it looked at me for a few seconds with those red eyes. Then it disappeared in thin air. I don't know how my dream could connect with the waking world, but I couldn't sleep the rest of the night.

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B_M_P (1 posts)
1 year ago (2019-04-14)
So I may have screwed up I summoned a demon named charlie as a experiment to protect what I think is a void of evil because its changed the mood of anyone who sleeps in the room and I have since then been having flashes of the demon with red eyes except he had a blurry body with makeshift horns.
booboobmabos (6 posts)
4 years ago (2016-11-23)
I use to feel someone watching over me a lot a few years ago when my mom died: (and I have seen her twice walking dowm the stairs not straight in front of my eyes but in the reflection of a glass window so it reflects anything infront of it like mirror... That was ok no problems then after the 30 days when the spirit leaves to go to heaven...:) after that I was hearing things droping seing ghosts like a girl in while black hair standing next to my bed dog was growling wierd stuff then I asked a priest to come to the house... You know holy water and etc and now thank god is all gone but having that dream last night about that black shadow hope it doesn't start the ghost things again I am psycic and clervoyant to I can see things happen before they do happen and I get guided from the highest spirits using pendulum and angel cards sometimes only if I feel I need to be guided:) I'm not afraid of the dead its just sometimes I get some wierd dreams and I don't know what they mean:)
booboobmabos (6 posts)
4 years ago (2016-11-23)
Hi there I'm here because I have been searching on the web conserning these subject because its similar to my situation that has happened to me last night... I was dreams suddently I could feel and see a presence of a demond. Ghost. Spirit or djinn. Dont know anyway behind me it was a black shadow looking like a person with red eyes when I woke up it dissapierd... Reason why I am telling this is because I would really like to know the meaning of the presence that I have seen in my dream because searching on the web it mostly doesn't give you the right answer so I thought to try this site thank and hope someone can tell me there opinion all my best wishes to all and god bless... Bye
Ayumi_H (3 stories) (27 posts)
6 years ago (2014-09-30)
Can't say that I would have been brave enough to do that as a kid, but when I was younger I use to feel like something was watching me a lot in my old house. I kept seeing these black shadows wondering around. Reading this reminded me of when I use to babysit this little boy who would freak out in my house saying their was a scary shadow with freaky eyes that use to watch him sleep. He was maybe about 3 at the time but told me when he was a lot bigger. I use to sense something in the room he use to sleep in. It may not be helpful, but I thought I would share to let you know that these kinds of things happen to everyone.:)
snowjohnson (2 posts)
6 years ago (2014-09-29)
The choking sensation, is a spirit trying to enter your body. If you have a weak mind, it can't. Watchers are only present during the presence of other spirits, mostly bad. Watchers are neither good-nor bad.

Now, can someone direct me to the adults, whom I can have an actual conversation with, without wanting to stab myself in the face? Open a book kids. Learn English.
snowjohnson (2 posts)
6 years ago (2014-09-29)
Can't any of you spell, or are you all children? This figure is not a demon. It's actually referred to as a watcher, by many nationalities across the world. It in fact, means you zero harm.
lee9317 (1 posts)
7 years ago (2013-11-08)
i saw the same figure but I was awake and was leaning out of my sis bedroom doorits been there my entire life as far as I know terrorrizing me in my sleep and while I was awake I don't know what it wants or who it is
Cory2731 (1 posts)
8 years ago (2012-05-25)
i have an older brother who has had a similar dream he told me that when he was in elementary he said that he had a dream about seeing a very dark figure and it had red eyes he said that the figure floated or something very fast and it was face to face with my brother and then my brother woke up sweating and crying. He believes it was a demon so maybe yours was...
Kheilenn (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2011-11-24)
It's a demon. But I think the mistake you made was challenging it. Never,Ever, think you can stand up to a demon alone. The one you described was a very evil entity. I would know. Consider yourself lucky.
blahdoo (2 posts)
10 years ago (2010-03-28)
Seeing shawdow people is not a dream when your a little kid your mind is able to see ghosts a lot better cause your mind isn't formed to what societys want you the believe. Its open, open to seeing more than an adult ever could hope to as you grow older your subconsious blocks outs things such as shadow figures weird noises and other things that happen daily and night around everyone in the world. I have learned 2 things from the medicine woman I met one is ghosts are very real and can be made angry or set free (depending if its a demon or not) and that Death is constantly beside once made known of this I could start to understand better and and am now at peace with death I am his to take whenever he pleases you can't escape him or reason with him if its your time he takes you and you can feel it beside you watching you, every day while you eat sleep relax if you have an open enough mind you can feel him sometimes catch glimps of his devious actions where ever somone dies if you look closley at that area you will always see sum sort of a shawdow swoop by or hanging around until the time is right I have seen this as for I watched somone get hit by a drag bike and I noticed a shawdow that no one was making it wus itsself waiting watching for that right moment its creepy but I have to learn to make peace with death if you want to live a more normal life
blahdoo (2 posts)
10 years ago (2010-03-23)
...this shadow is a demon a shadow man most common demom worldwide my frineds mom is a Native Elder known to her tribe around here as the person of knowlegde when I told he my story she explain what I did was eaither very dumb or smart... Ever had an outter body experience? Or realized you were dreaming and came to a sudden realization you could infact enter the real world in a dreaming state (dreaming body) or as ancients medicine people know as Neguals A very power spiritual version of urself. I was dreaming one night and got a terrible feeling ofmy brother wus in great trouble normally ide wake up and think it was a dream but I didnt... I stayed in my dream trying to tell myself to wake up so I could call my brother I couldnt. I came to a sudden realization that I could infact go to where he is now and check on him I did I left my house and suddenly was standing infront of my brothers house I wus me but I wasn't I felt I was really there but I wasnt... I wus bigger felt different I knew I wus dreaming but I also knew sumthing else wus happening. As I entered the house and walked towards my brothers room I felt a presents holding me back I felt weakend I felt deeply intimadated. I then got a surge of sumthing that felt like great power or courage I had a realized I wusnt myself I wus more powerful and that my fear wus holding me back from helping my brother. I entered the room to see a black figure 10 feet tall leaning over my brother gettin closer to his I felt deeply disturbed I wanted to run but I knew I couldn't I stepped towards and said hey as it turned its head its red glowing eyes... That's the most frieghtning part it looked into me it wus looking for my fears I felt this... I stopped thinking and took a step towards it at that point I felt that it wus gettin intimadated confused I stepped closser and the closwr I got the smaller it got but the closer to my brother I made a finaly jump towards it and it made a jump backwards but tryed grabbing sumthing out of my brother then tryed to jump at him again I had a feeling I could not let it touch my brother I didn't do it out of my own actions from what I remember it wus automatic I grew in spiritual strength I felt it it wus the most awsome thing ever and blocked it off form my brother its came into my face and screamed pushed me back and as it went out of sight I fell backwards into what seemed myself and woke up... Ever since then my brother has had no sleeping problems or anxiety problems? Could what the old woman said have been true did I really save my brother form being spiritually drained by a common shadow demon? I have seen this shadow 5-6 time after this but it wusnt over my brother it wus standing over me but never close to me never trys to touch me and when ever its there somehow I am watching it, I am a very spiritual person and have encountered ghosts befor my uncles played the weegie board on multiple occasions and we still have it in our walls the board just won't burn so my grandfather drywalled it into the house and long since forgot about it.
Liam (3 stories) (13 posts)
10 years ago (2010-02-17)
WOWA that's pretty intense dood. You must have been a very brave little kid back then I would have wet myself. When I was younger I had some pretty bad things standing all around my bed and would never let me sleep couse they would always watch and poke me. Long story short I slept in my mums bed until I was 8 XD

But iv never had anything that bad happen it seems like that particular spirit was obviously very bad and would not have wanted to harm you or your mother but would have wanted to harm the "figure" of a mother. Such as he/she was jealous of you for having a mother, or he/she was jealous of your mother for still having a child. I would say it was nothing personal tho
Rina_aka_karina (1 posts)
10 years ago (2010-02-02)
Hey there I'm new on here and I came across your exsperience and it hit home I remember when I was really young I'd have this dream about the same figger you discribed my Aunty who I lived with when I was younger she said I usta sleep walk all the time to the foot of her bed pritty much every night and I was all was havin what seemed to me a dream I remember feeling scared but at the same time I knew once it's over il be safe I'm sorry I didn't really help I'm as lost as you right now I'm karina bye that way LOL I'm glade if found this site ihave so many things I can now make sence of

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