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Orange Orb


It was late at night and I went to bed. I always notice shadows moving around in my room, but they are harmless. They would either knock something down every once in a while and wake me up. I had a dream where I was in my bed and an invisible spirit was trying to wake me up. I think it wants my attention, but I was scared. I don't know why I couldn't see it in my dream. There was another night where I saw a orange orb for a second, but it was gone. I also saw a white orb as well in my room. I only saw them once and I really have no clue what they want from me. I know spirits need help but they are not saying much. I used to get an uneasy feeling about this dark spot in my room next to my shelf.

I was also wondering if numbers have any significance in dreams. Someone told me that there room number was 3795535. I know it's not a room number, but I thought it might be a date. I tried to do this 3/7/9. I don't know... I only say this because I don't dream of numbers and especially when someone says it to me directly. I also remembered them.

When I was 8 or 9 I went outside bike riding and there was this scary part of the forest. I saw something invisible and it had yellow eyes. I remember hearing it running towards us making a growling sound. My friend was screaming and we both ran out of there and we rode away on our bikes. I know this sounds crazy cause I never saw anything like that before. No one would dare go in that part of the forest. I remember hearing stories about it and from other kids. I never saw it since. It is a deep forest and there is a military and an air force base by.

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