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Cold Air, A Kick And The Door Opens


I have experienced spirits before. My first encounter is told in The Tall Friendly Man and occasionally I see or hear the future but that is very very rare for me. I see spirits all the time passing me and such but they usually don't bother me. But in this story I will tell you, you can tell he enjoyed playing a good prank on teenagers.

You see, I was in musical theatre class. My school has a theater where we rehearse and block (I am in grade 10). On this one day, they were blocking a scene that needed around 20 kids and the rest was sitting in the house (the audience) except for me and some of my friends.

There were five of us sitting in the corner of the wings offstage. Taylor and I were leaning against the loading bay door. It's the door that leads to the room where all the sets are kept and it is really big and heavy to get huge sets in and out. When we were all talking about random things when Taylor suddenly blurts out, "Did you guys feel that cold air come under the door?" Which I did as well as one other girl sitting near it. Right after she says that, the door jerked suddenly as if someone had kicked it and it swung open. Cathleen screamed and ran because she gets scared easily.

We all shrugged it off joking about it being a ghost and continued our conversation, giggling, when about 15 minutes later it happened again. Cold air, BAM, and the door swings open. We decided to take a look inside. We looked around quickly but nothing was there. Then my friend Jackie started joking saying, "Oh silly Bert stop joking around" we all laughed and started telling scary stories. When about 20 minutes later it happened again.

Then we were joking and calling the ghost Bert when this other girl walked over. She asked why we were screaming and we explained what was happening. So Taylor and I leave the door and sit facing it like the other 3 girls were before. When it wouldn't happen! We kept yelling Bert stop playing games show yourself and stuff but nothing happened. Other girls went and tried to open the door to go inside but it was locked! So other people were leaning against the door and nothing was happening.

So other people left and we had around seven girls including me just waiting. I suddenly realized every time it opened it was Taylor and I leaning against the door so when Taylor and I leaned against it again and we starting talking about random things and forgot about it, it happened! The other two girls didn't believe us before but when it happened one of them ran!

But then the lunch bell rang right then. So at lunch I eat around where the outside entrance is to the loading bay. When I tried to get in it was locked. The this guy came up behind me and asked me what I was doing (because I know him) I explained that I thought a friend was playing tricks on me and wanted to see if the door was open. He responded with "No, we were in band class the whole time" Him and the other kid and two teachers have keys to that theatre and it was locked the whole time so no one could have gotten in there.

That night at work we started talking about creepy things when I said to this guy who graduated from my school last year. "Guess what happened to me today. I was in the theatre leaning against the loading bay door..." he cut me of and finished my sentence. "When cold air comes under the door it shakes like someone pushed it and swung open but when you try to get in it's locked?" When I said, "Oh my God Yeah!" he said "I know that happened to me last year with Rico. Supposedly it's happened to a couple other students and to some teachers. There's a ghost in there no doubt about it!"

Creepy huh? I have has other experiences with ghosts before but nothing like them purposely bothering me. Usually I can see them but this time I couldn't! But what I wanted to ask was Why did he only open the door when My friend Taylor and I were leaning against it? Any certain reason? And do you think he could tell I can usually see them so he didn't show himself? Please explain. I am not an expert even though I see them often this is the first time they have physically moved or opened things in front of me.

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lrkmedium101 (7 stories) (105 posts)
13 years ago (2008-12-10)
i think it's atracted to you and the other girls aura, your a medium, or it's just playing tricks.
Best of luck
❤ Leah
Oracle101 (2 stories) (506 posts)
13 years ago (2008-12-08)
It is possible the ghost felt your energy as you leaned against the door, so the ghost tried to communicate.

You might not have been able to see the ghost but the ghost might be able to hear you if you ask it questions.

1. First offer to help it.
2. Second ask it's name (first and last).
3. Third ask what it wants, and how you can help.

I recommend the TV series "Ghost Whisperer".
xobabygirlxo (1 posts)
13 years ago (2008-12-07)
That is a very interesting story.
I would be scared if that hapened to me-

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