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Dreams Of The Next Day


I have other stories about having dreams coming true the very next day but lately it's been picking up. It comes and goes though. See, for three nights in a row, my dreams will come true and then disappear for about 2 or 3 months then come back again.

I had a dream about this program I was volunteering for the night before I started (last night, July 12). I had a dream about what my Little Buddy looked like and how my friends Little Buddy looked like and today when I started to volunteer they look practically exactly like my dream (my buddy did and my friends buddy had the same eyes hair and a couple other things)

My first dream that came true was in Grade 9 Mid-School year on a trip to San Francisco which that story is posted on this website (I am now heading into Grade 11). It died down after that and didn't come up until Mid Grade 10 a year later.

I have had many other dreams about little things coming true but nothing major like someone getting hurt or anything. Like, I had a dream about a house and the next day I turned on the TV and there was the house in a cartoon but the exact same.

I went to this website for people to help me but no one has been too helpful. If you have had similar experiences such as seeing ghosts (from my first story The Tall Friendly Man) or having your dreams coming true please comment on what worked for you to strengthen your abilities. I would really like to work on seeing ghost more than seeing the future cause that has always been a bit better and stronger for me.

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epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-25)
We share some things in common. Just use your ability for the common good. Good day 😊 😉 ❤
TimeTraveler (3 stories) (30 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-21)
I've been working on this as well for the last couple decades. I've done a variant of looking for ghosts, but instead I just go and see them.
After my grandma died in 1987 I started missing her so I went up for a visit. She showed me her raspberry garden and told me a few things about how they operate up there. We had a bowl of ice and raspberries and she told me I wouldn't remember anything about my visit. I told her I was different.
On my second visit, as we were talking, she realized that I was aware of where I was and expressed that there were rules about visiting just for fun. I expressed that I don't like rules and 'free will' trumps all. I've been back a few times since to check on my grandpa, my dad and some other friends that have passed. She always cooks a big Thanksgiving Day meal and I like to go visit around that time of the year; even though she has stated that "You don't get hungry in Heaven, but you can eat if you want to."
I still visit but it is not a goal of mine to develop.
As far as having dreams of the future, that is what I do mostly. I've written at least one story on that topic at this website.
Right now my main focus is seeing what is coming in the near future- the next 4 years. I've repeatedly been as far 2034 and I've seen myself go bald. I go to 2012 a lot, seems like I visit the same half dozen places frequently. I talk to my wife of the time (who is my current wife) and ask her what is going on in that time period. She has told me things like; we have people living with us (probably due to the economy), we own many homes (we only have 1 right now), by mid 2012 we are starting to come out of the depression, and lots of other stuff.
I dream past, present and future stuff.
For example, when Flight 800 was happening, the people onboard got so excited that it drew me right to them at that moment. I was on the plane when it exploded; as it did I asked how this came about. Then I was shown the previous couple of days that led up to the event.
I have also found lost property for the law enforcement that took place in the past.

Getting around to how to do it...
First, I'd like to caution that you will probably be better off keeping this stuff to yourself. If you develop these abilities you will have access to information that not everyone will be comfortable with you having. I also suggest not bothering law enforcement, they are professionals and don't want to be shown to be anything less than capable. (even if its about a 9/11 size event)

The way I do it:
There are two ways to travel; physical and nonphysical.
Nonphysical is the easiest. It involves only having to take your mind (spirit) along for the ride.
Prerequisites for travel include
1. Believing that it is possible
2. Believing that you can
3. Eliminating the fear of the unknown

When I go to bed at night, I let my body fall asleep. I leave a fan running or a radio on that I can listen to. I find that hearing is the last thing to go before sleep comes. Once I can't hear the radio anymore I know my body is falling asleep. Sleep as you may know has about 5 levels and you stair-step down to deep sleep. As you go down, keep your mind 'focused'. You will find that you go down, come back up, go down deeper, come back up many times during the night. By morning you are going down to the deepest sleep and coming back up to 'REM' sleep where dreams happen. This is when it gets fun. Learn to recognize when you are in a dream and that you can take control of it. If you have been able to remain focused, you should be totally unaware of your physical body and able to separate from it. If you have a favorite place or person focus on that and you should be taken there. There are a lot of places out there and many of them resemble earth here and now but as you travel you will learn that there also parallels to us here and now, so don't be misled if something you see doesn't happen exactly as you see it. We all have filters and tend to change the way we see things. For example when I was on flight 800 I thought it was a bus at first-until I saw the wings.

With practice I have been able to learn how to fall asleep, lose sensation and go somewhere within about 30 seconds. I do also admit that I have psychic abilities that allow me to do things in other ways which has helped me with this, but I think that anyone is capable of learning how to do this.

Robert Monroe also did this very well and wrote several books about it along with founding the Monroe Institute.
I would suggest you google him or his institute for a lot info than I can write here.

Sorry for rambling on...
Good luck in your travels,
pegs_deborah (3 stories) (112 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-14)
I have dreams come true all the time. Everyday happens that is something I dreamt before. However, I've never had a dream that would happen the very next day. I wish I could. I usually dream my life up 2 months to 2 years in advance. Sometimes more.
My precognitive abilities come and go. I'm not sure why. I have found meditation to be helpful.
I'm afraid I can't be too helpful to you. I would like to learn how to control this ability so that I could dream things on purpose and dream things that happen within a few days of the dreams. Do you keep a dream journal? I do and it's been somewhat helpful though it is something I just recently started doing.

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