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The Tall Friendly Man


I never believed in ghosts or spirits at all but one day, as I sat on the computer all alone in my new house, I saw in the corner of the screen a very tall man standing behind me. I turned around to see nothing there. I freaked out, got off the computer, started watching T.V. and told myself I was seeing things as I have a very vivid imagination.

That same night I came home from shopping and I saw a black figure at the top of the stairs turn down the hall and into my parents' bedroom. Again I told myself I'm seeing things. I went to bed and it took me 2 hours to get to sleep, I was so paranoid. That night I woke up suddenly to see a grey figure walk into the bedroom and disappear in front of my eyes. I was about to get up and run out of my room when I got this feeling that it was okay. He was trying to just show me he was there. I just didn't feel any fear instead I felt it was all going to be okay. I turned over and got right back to sleep.

The next day I asked my mother if she believed in ghosts or spirits she said "of course honey", then I asked her if she believed there is something in this house. Again she said of course. Then I told her what I saw and she totally believed me! She told me it could even be my step-grandmother as she used to live in this house, but I insisted that it was a tall, lean man. (Her friends also used to live in this house and they said they could feel people watching them.) She told my step dad and he believed me too, but we didn't tell my younger sister because we didn't want to scare her and my older sister didn't believe me.

One night I was babysitting and my uncle's dog sat straight up out of nowhere and started growling at me sitting on the couch. I told her to be quiet and not to wake Nikki (my younger sister), she wouldn't shut up, I told her to come and I patted the couch (which means I give her permission to come up and sit beside me) when it was crazy cold beside me. Then my dog luke got up and tilted his head and started whining at the spot beside me. Now, we had a really old chandelier right about our front door every time we (my mom or I) were about to leave, it would flicker like crazy, my mom would say "okay okay we'll be back" and it would stop in a snap.

I thought it was ridiculous that she was talking to the spirit and that she thought it talked to us through the chandelier but one day as I was alone and leaving, it was flickering and wouldn't stop, I took a deep breath and said "Okay I'll be back I'm just going down the road" and it stopped. My step dad didn't believe that spirits could do stuff like that, he said that it was a shortage in the lighting.

About two months had past and I finally got use to seeing "him" run past me. I came home from my (biological) father's home one day and the chandelier was gone, it was replaced with a fan. I saw "him" at the top of the stairs looking at me then he disappear. That was the last time I ever saw him. I believe that he was emotionally attached to the chandelier and also I knew he was there so he finally left. I have no idea where he went but I know he's gone. I can just tell. The chandelier now resides in our backyard hooked on our fence, but he's gone and I know it. My parents can tell to that he's gone, they just recently asked me if I still see him. I told my mom no and that he's gone and she said she thought so.

I never believed in these kind of things before but I do now.

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Michaela I wrote the story (guest)
17 years ago (2007-09-01)
Thanks Katie for your suggestions but he has left the house now and at first I was terrified but when I saw him in the night in my room I didn't feel scared at all, he was friendly like my title. But I enjoyed reading your comment.
Katie (guest)
17 years ago (2007-09-01)
hi yeah I never believed in them until one showed up on my mobile screen I thought I was imagining it and I freaked out like no please tell me its not there was a teen boy standing in my bath. I knew that he wasn't real because I walked into the bathroom first and nothing was there and I shut the door after then I was taking a picture and this ghost came into thin air it was so scary I have a picture of him and I know what your going through it affects me so much now I'm scared of being alone I'm only 16 and I think of the world not normal because we shouldn't be having ghosts we shouldn't be scared. I think you should get some house hunters and they can check it out. I would say you house is like mine our houses are haunted. It says on the internet your surpose to say to the ghost leave please and this is my house and they go it worked for me but its only been 8 days since it happened 2 nights ago I felt something poking me ear and the same with my sister we also saw something black flying around and I know my sister wasn't imagining it because it happened to me as well and she also saw what I saw on the very same night. Also someone turns the heating on at 4 am its none of us.

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