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Introduction To Ghost Experiences And Mediumship


Many of you at one time or another have read or, watched a program on the subject of life after death. Well in this book you're going to experience just that only this time you might know the person to be your friend, neighbor, lover, or a family member. Now I say this because I have been privileged to meet these spirits, and ghosts between the years of 1996 and 2008, coming to me to tell me their story. Some of these stories were scary, some were unsolved murders, some were very tragic, but all of them became very dear to me. You'll be surprised to know that I have spoken to some people in the 911 tragedy. I've also met quite a few people from the New Orleans flood. Maybe one of their stories will answer someone's questions. All I know is these men women, and children have all told me their life until the moment of death experience in a kind of interview format. So as you read each one I hope and also they hope that some one out there will find closure, or get the message that they have left for them. Some were quite amusing.

Just to get off subject for a moment, this book would not be possible with out the help of my cousin Sandra, and my daughter Shawna. They were a big part of all this, you see all three of us are blessed with some sort of psychic ability. Sandra and my daughter are able to see and hear ghost's they can also let the ghosts enter their bodies as a way of communicating with me directly. Now I am only able to feel or sense a ghostly presence by means of temperature, or feeling them touch me. There have been times that I would see them in my minds eye. With that being said you now see how important my daughter and my cosine were for communicating with the dead. All three of us together are like the charmed one's, things seem to happen in a more increased manner when ever we are together, as you will find out in reading this book. So without further delay, turn the page to chapter one and maybe you will have a whole new appreciation on the subject of life after death, or maybe you'll read the words of a lost love one. What ever your reason may be I do hope you enjoy the journey, I know I did!


Hello my name is Julie-Ann. I'm from Ottawa Ontario. I'm the second of three siblings my mother and father have been divorced since I was very young. My father is no longer with us he died of a heart attack when I was 19. My mother on the other hand is still alive at the rightful age of 73. Growing up for me was hard I was the kid that just didn't seem to totally fit in. Oh I had friends, I just mean that I was a very deep thinker you know more mature for my age. Life at home wasn't the greatest either you see I had your typical step father that hated everyone but himself. Let's just say he was a real self esteem booster. Any way at the age of 22 I met a guy at work named Daren Russ our first date was Halloween, how ironic is that. We moved in with each other and lived together for about 2 years. Then I asked him to marry me. So here we are now 20 years later still married with two children, and a dog. Married life for us was a struggle we were poor through most of it but we survived it all some how I think it's because we both came from broken homes and dealt with a lot of the same family circumstances. So we were each others best friend.

Now through little life's ups and downs I was noticing that my gifts were getting more in tuned and my daughter Shawna was also developing gifts of her own at the tender age of two. The first evidence of this was for one week straight she kept having night mares of a mans head that would come towards her and try to say something to her because she said his mouth would open and close like he was talking. Well after going into the second week of her running to my room at night frightened I got down to the bottom of it by trying to get her to describe the man's face to me. For some reason though I thought to show her a picture of my father when he was about 19, it happened to be a head and chest shot of him. Well sure enough she pointed to it and said yes mommy that's him. That would be the start of my father visiting his grandchild and having conversations with her. He still visits us to this day you see my father is also a large part of this book because after his death he became my daughter's guardian angle and one of god's top helpers. Now that doesn't mean that we would get all the answers to life's mysteries because even heaven has its rules. But what it dose mean is my father is a great comfort to me and my family just knowing that he's around watching over us. Plus you will see in this book how important he is when dealing with some of the ghosts we encounter. It's kind of weird but I feel like I'm getting a chance to get to know my dad since I never had the chance when he was alive. Now I don't want you to think my dad was an ass, because he wasn't he was just a man with low self esteem and made a few wrong choices that lead him to his divorce with my mother, and later the end of his life. But he never hurt anyone physically and from what I remember about him he was very funny kind of like a class clown. Gerry is his name and even though he's crossed over he's still my dad and I love him very much.

So as you can see we can live life comfortably with the living and the deceased. The only thing that's sad about the way things are for us is that it can be very lonely. Because there aren't many people out there that you can talk to about the subject with out them going into hysterics like it's some kind of horror movie. But on the other hand it can be so fulfilling knowing you have a purpose in this life that is beyond life or death, it's really hard to describe the feeling I get when I meet, greet, and befriend a lost soul then help them reach heaven at last. All I can say it fills my soul to do so to bad we all couldn't feel the same way about death it would make grieving a lot easier for all of us.

There's another subject that I would like to talk about and that is Wicca you know white magic. Now don't go crazy and think that I have a bunch of upside down pentagrams on the wall, and I sacrifice chickens. I said white magic not black magic. Now the practice of this ancient craft is just to enhance your way of life, with out harming anyone along the way, because if you have intent to harm someone it will come back to you 3x worse. An example on how you can enhance your life are little spells for instance, to get the job you applied for, or to get someone your interested in to notice you, or a spell that will help with some of the obstacles you might have in tour life. You see stuff that will make your life a little easier, and safer, and believe me it does work. With that being said I hope you have a better understanding of what Wicca is. But sometimes there were situations were my family and I had to do a little more than just a simple spell.

Ok I'm getting a little ahead of myself let's get back to me telling you how all this communicating with the dead really became a reality for us. Now like I've said before we were just getting by in life living in an apartment, until one day we got on subsidized housing and were able to move into a condominium house out around Cyrville Road. The children were now two and 1/2 and four and 1/2, and our dog Shadow was 6 months old. Well I can't tell you how excited we were to move into a more spacious place. October of 1996 was the moving in day and this place would be come our home for the next 10 years.

Julie Ann

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