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Violent Premonition Involving My Chicken


It sounds weird either way I put it, but basically I had a dream or "premonition" that my pet chicken was attacked and killed. The weird part of the story is that what killed my chicken. It didn't look like anything I've ever seen before, like it was some kind of black cloud with glowing yellow/blue eyes. And to make it weirder, in this dream, it was like I was processed by some sort of spirit or demon.

From my dream journal:

I started to breathe harshly like I was frightened or running away from something. It was dark and I could feel the ice-cold floor press against my feet as I started climbing out of the comfort of my bed. As I gained control and stability of my legs, I stared to ease my way over to the kitchen. I look out the large kitchen window, into the darkness, and I felt a burning sensation of adrenaline rush through me, hard to explain. As I could feel a mixture of emotions rush through me, I opened the screen door, stepping out on to the patio and listening to an awkward silence. A few minutes after, I heard a high-pitch noise that was ear-shattering, like screaming, or nails on a chalk board, but it made my hair on my neck rise and I blanked in a uncontrollable range that was somewhat painful.

In a flash, I was running full speed down the side of the hill. * The image was clear in the center, but blurred on all other sides*. I was heading towards the area where we keep our chickens. As I approached the fencing near an old tree, I look to see where the dreadful noise was coming from and there, I stared into the eyes of some sort of creature. It was like a cloud of black fog with two glowing eyes of blue/yellow. It was ripping and mangling my chicken, tearing its limbs and ripping it through the fence. I saw this, and I felt a shark pain in my head like if I were to have been shot in the eye. Then the sense to kill over rode everything else and so I sprinted after it.

I was on its level now, like I was running on all fours. I chased the creature for a short time for it didn't take long before I had it cornered. It was snarling and growling high-pitched noises at me, and I snarled right back, like I was some kind of animal. Then, I attacked it will full forced, knocking it to the ground, and piercing its neck with my teeth. We fought for a long time, biting and scratching, drawing blood and weakening each other. Finally, the creature gave in, and I took in by the neck, dragging in back to one of our barns. I was tired and weary, so I placed the creature on the ground, thinking it was dead but I was wrong, as soon as I put it down, it fled into the darkness. As I watched I felt myself grow tired and I drifted off.

The next day, I woke up thinking it was some wild dream, little did I know that some pieces of it were true. Most of my dreams feel real, so I don't always look at them as premonitions until they come true*. After a long day at school, I usually go outside to do my chores like feed the animals and clean. When I got outside, I realize there was a long trail of blood leading towards the barn. I followed the trail, leading up to where my chickens are, and where the dream took place. I looked at the fence and the tree, and fell to the ground crying, for I couldn't believe what I saw. There, wedged between the wire was a mangled body of a chicken, and all around was large trails of blood and body parts from the chicken. In horror, remembering my dream, I looked at my hands. I was scratched and brushed all up my hands and arms, and on my legs the same thing. I even have the scars to prove it.

This dream traumatized me. I was so scared to tell anyone, thinking that people might look at me like I'm crazy. I honestly don't care how people view me anymore. Violent dreams like this one have increased and are continuing to get worse. If anyone has any advice, I'm more that willing to listen to similar experiences or things I can do to understand theses dreams more clearly.

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snapdickenson (2 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-23)
One more thing about your chicken premonition in regards to whether you were doing the attacking, or you were possessed by something else. My sense is that was JUST YOU in the dream, fighting off what killed your pet. I'm sure it felt very strange to experience yourself as a wild animal, but you have your whole life ahead of you to get to know yourself, and strange dreams are an outlet to do so. Instinct is a powerful thing, especially PROTECTIVE instinct, and it can compel one to all sorts of things. I think you underwent a sort of energetic shapeshifting within the dream in order to take on your opponent properly, since how could you, a 14 year old girl, realistically fight off a wild beast!?!?

I'm sure somewhere, your chicken is aware of your efforts:)
snapdickenson (2 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-23)
I've never had an experience quite like yours, but I've experienced similar things for a long time now. It's an oddity that you learn to live with. I joined this site specifically so I could respond to you.

Here's a few tips to help you get by a little easier: If you put a lot of energy into thinking about the dark nasties, you WILL get their attention. They are an organic energetic component to the energy field of human/animal/life experience that surrounds earth. Being discarnate (without a body) gets very dull, so they like to "play" with anyone who will let them. Because you are the way you are (I think it is hereditary), you will always get their attention, so it's really a matter of cloaking your "gift." Don't invite them if you don't want to play. By "inviting" I mean talking about them, being afraid of them, looking for them to confirm them, etc... Just do your best to ignore them (sometimes I even pretend they aren't real at all), and you will not encounter them as much. In other words, don't give them any energy. Make them a non-issue in your life, if you know what I mean. But by all means, don't challenge their existence if you know it to be true. That just pisses them off and makes them want to prove it to you, so it's best to remain humble.

That being said, some are stronger and more persistent than others, and every once in a while, one will come along thirsty for some action. In those instances you must protect yourself. If you're at all like me, you can sense when they enter the room. When this happens, envision yourself within a glowing, protective magnetic white egg of pure white light. See it in your imagination all around you, imagining it shining out to fill the whole room with light. Breath deep, relax, and rest assured that you are totally safe within your egg. Relaxing and not being afraid is a big part of this, because fear is their channel into you and their favorite sort of emotion to feed on.

In moments of paralysis (if it ever happens to you), I find it helpful to focus on mundane sounds in the room (like the hum of the fridge in the other room, the ticking of the clock, the neighbor's TV), practice deep relaxed breathing, and even do silly things like whistle and talk/sing to myself out loud (or in your head if you can't speak). Monty Python's "always look on the bright, side of life" is a favorite -- trust me, they hate that one. Then find any part of your body to move (even if only your fingertips) and move it, however little. I even say my name over and over again to maintain my identity, all the while relaxing into the comfort of my white egg. If you take solace in any sort of spirit guide or master, like buddha, or jesus, or osho, or mary, etc... (or a loved one like a grandparent or friend ALIVE OR DEAD), you might ask them to protect you. Envision yourself swirled in love and joy, comforted by those you care about, fill your mind with beautiful white light, and watch in amazement at how quickly it repels the darkness.

It may sound corny, but burning white sage in your living space has some effect (I think because the Native Americans here in the US have imbued it with medicinal white magic powers for generations). Similarly, I've found that having a cat is also a great deterrent to these sort of critters, maybe because the cat offers loyalty and can sense them, sort of like a spiritual guard dog. They much prefer to catch you unawares.

As far as the scratched up arms and legs go, my best guess is that you left your body and engaged in energetic battle with the nasty that killed your pet chicken. Most likely the nasty was operating through another creature like a fox or a wolf (the body that killed the chicken), OR, it could have just been a plain old wolf or fox -- which is why it's energy looked different to you. Either way, you sensed the threat of its presence because you're tuned to these things, and because you felt protective about your pet, you went after it! That's fierce, young one. Energy and the physical form are two sides of the same coin. The scratches on your arms and legs are reflections of scratches on your energy field (made in defense by whatever you attacked), but they'll heal. You have a powerful energy and your whole life to learn how to channel your uniqueness. However much this dream disturbed you, I think you scared it more than it scared you!

Dreaming about the future - trust yourself. If you feel like you are walking into a dream that you had before, use the preview you've been given to negotiate it and AVOID what you don't want to happen (like with the drowning, you didn't trust your premonition). Cultivate trust in what you're experiencing. Personally I think time is relative, and that it happens a lot faster than we experience it. Some people are able to expand beyond their frame by frame experience of daily life and get glimpses of the whole movie. You're not alone, it happens to me too as well as many others. In the next 100 years "science" will validate many of our experiences, and everything you know will all at once be more mundane and more magical than you ever imagined.

Life is amazing. Have faith. Share love. Protect yourself. Hope this helps. Good Luck.

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